The Galaxy Watch Active is light, lithe, and looks like quite the promising smartwatch, but once you decide to buy one, the question then becomes which one? There are four color options for the Galaxy Watch Active's body right now, and each one has its own charm and appeal. Samsung also says there are eight strap color options, however those other colors seem to be additional bands rather than ones you can include with the watch in-box, so we'll stick to the main watch colors at this time.

A cool chameleon: 40mm Galaxy Watch Active Green

Green is more of a deep teal and it is both the most mesmerizing and most unique of the Galaxy Watch Active colors available. This is the kind of color that will pop when paired with any cool-colored — cool on the color wheel: green, blue, and purple — band or outfit. This is the color I want myself.

$200 at Amazon

Bright and classy: 40mm Galaxy Watch Active Rose Gold

Rose Gold has become something of a standard in the wearables market, but the shades chosen for the band and housing on the Rose Gold model of the Galaxy Watch Active are quite tastefully done. The housing has a stronger hint of bronze in it, and the strap is slightly lighter for a nice contrast.

$200 at Amazon

Everything goes with black: 40mm Galaxy Watch Active Black

My opinions on Black are quite clear: life's too short for boring tech, and black is a pretty boring color for a smartwatch, especially when its held up next to outlandish colors like that teal-ish Green. That said, Black goes with everything and tends to hide scratches and scuffs well.

$200 at Amazon

Best for band-swappers: 40mm Galaxy Watch Active Silver

The band that comes with the Silver model is a dull, boring grey, but thanks to the simple silver/black look of the watch itself, the Silver model goes with just about any third-party 20mm band you throw at it. Silver is the only Galaxy Active color not available on Amazon at this time, but it is available direct from Samsung.

$200 at Samsung

Again, it's hard to go wrong with any of the colors here, but given the four shades we have to choose from, the Galaxy Watch Active Green is my hands-down favorite. Then again, the Silver and Rose Gold are good choices, too. Whatever your color, all Galaxy Watch Active models are 40mm and can swap out their silicone bands for any 20mm watch band you like to jazz things up.

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