Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Now that we've tackled which phones we think will (or at least should) get updates to Ice Cream Sandwich (along with the slightly more obvious tablet contingent), let's take a loook at which carriers you can expect to use the Galaxy Nexus on. While everybody's been freaking out over where exactly you'll be able to use the Galaxy Nexus, the answer is surprisingly calm and simple.

All of them.

Yes. All of them. And, yes, that's kind of a cop-out answer. But that doesn't make it any less true, though we've not seen any official annoucements. We'll break it down after the, erm, break.

Again, folks, none of this is official until it's official.

In the United States

Verizon Wireless

We've said for months that the Galaxy Nexus would be the first Nexus device on Verizon. And while still unofficial, it's coming to Verizon. Period.

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Update: Now official!


Sprint missed out on the Nexus One but dived in head first with the Nexus S 4G. It also marked the start of a fragmented (yes, we said fragmented) Nexus ecosystem, and doubly so since the Nexus S 4G is a CDMA/Wimax device.

It also turned into a very popular device for Sprint, which threw a good a mount of marketing behind it. We'd fully expect Sprint to do the same for the Galaxy Nexus. Subsidies are likely here as well. 


This slipped through and got published before we meant for it to, so allow us to finish our thoughts here.  We think Sprint will be getting the Galaxy Nexus, but unless we start hearing talk about a Wimax version, we think it might be a while.  In the meantime, enjoy the Epic 4G Touch.


The original Nexus carrier, right? The specs sheet lists T-Mobile's AWS 3G/4G radio band along with the usual EDGE capability, so we fully expect to see it on TMo. Yep.


The Nexus One and Nexus S got official U.S. releases with AT&T's 3G frequencies, albeit later than everybody else. Let's hope things don't take this long. And while we fully expect to see an official AT&T release. Or at the very least, the ability to import with AT&T's freqs.


See above. Swap out U.S. carrier names for their respective canuck cousins.

Rest of the world

Isn't it great to live in a proper GSM world, where you can buy a phone and switch carrier with ease? Relax. You're getting the Galaxy Nexus, too. (Not that you didn't know that already.) In the UK, Three, 02 and Vodafone have all said they're good. Congrats.

Seriously, folks, relax. This thing's going to be everywhere.