Which carriers will get the Galaxy Nexus: Our predictions

Now that we've tackled which phones we think will (or at least should) get updates to Ice Cream Sandwich (along with the slightly more obvious tablet contingent), let's take a loook at which carriers you can expect to use the Galaxy Nexus on. While everybody's been freaking out over where exactly you'll be able to use the Galaxy Nexus, the answer is surprisingly calm and simple.

All of them.

Yes. All of them. And, yes, that's kind of a cop-out answer. But that doesn't make it any less true, though we've not seen any official annoucements. We'll break it down after the, erm, break.

Again, folks, none of this is official until it's official.

In the United States

Verizon Wireless

We've said for months that the Galaxy Nexus would be the first Nexus device on Verizon. And while still unofficial, it's coming to Verizon. Period.

Update: Now official!


Sprint missed out on the Nexus One but dived in head first with the Nexus S 4G. It also marked the start of a fragmented (yes, we said fragmented) Nexus ecosystem, and doubly so since the Nexus S 4G is a CDMA/Wimax device.

It also turned into a very popular device for Sprint, which threw a good a mount of marketing behind it. We'd fully expect Sprint to do the same for the Galaxy Nexus. Subsidies are likely here as well. 


This slipped through and got published before we meant for it to, so allow us to finish our thoughts here.  We think Sprint will be getting the Galaxy Nexus, but unless we start hearing talk about a Wimax version, we think it might be a while.  In the meantime, enjoy the Epic 4G Touch.


The original Nexus carrier, right? The specs sheet lists T-Mobile's AWS 3G/4G radio band along with the usual EDGE capability, so we fully expect to see it on TMo. Yep.


The Nexus One and Nexus S got official U.S. releases with AT&T's 3G frequencies, albeit later than everybody else. Let's hope things don't take this long. And while we fully expect to see an official AT&T release. Or at the very least, the ability to import with AT&T's freqs.


See above. Swap out U.S. carrier names for their respective canuck cousins.

Rest of the world

Isn't it great to live in a proper GSM world, where you can buy a phone and switch carrier with ease? Relax. You're getting the Galaxy Nexus, too. (Not that you didn't know that already.) In the UK, Three, 02 and Vodafone have all said they're good. Congrats.

Seriously, folks, relax. This thing's going to be everywhere.

Phil Nickinson
  • TMO...yes!
  • you glad bro?
  • Yeh dawg. Broseph, bronameth, broski.
  • Of course it is - this is the device that's supposed to make the Nexus brand go mainstream. That's the best way to assert control over the UI, after all.
  • Well, if it's going to be everywhere, I don't want it. Don't want to be like everyone else (see iUsers). :p
  • Stay hipster my friend.
  • Just like everyone else! LOL!
  • That reminds me... Can a fat boy wear skinny jeans? (I'm asking for myself of course...)
  • Nah, you DO want to get one. But you want to leave it at home and not use it, then just tell everyone about how you "were into it before it was big and went mainstream".
  • I'm so much of a non conformist that if your not getting it to not conform then I'm getting it just so I don't conform with you!
  • SOUTHPARK!!! YESS! AND BTW its ridiculous that someone wouldn't want a phone that is essentially a pocket tablet with the ability to make calls. Seriously, The GNex is DOPE! And I'm an AVID Nexus S user and constant gloater about how awesome my phone is.
  • now the question is when. I have a couple Palm Pres I want to replace soon on Sprint.
  • Wow I can't believe you've lasted this long with the Palm Pre. I loved webOS, don't get me wrong, but the major lack of app support killed it for me. I bolted the second the EVO 4G hit.
  • must be a masochist or a sadist. or both.
  • Or possibly a lover of beautiful operating systems that cares more about smoothly interacting with a few key apps than having access to hundreds of thousands of apps or cutting edge hardware.
  • sadly for you, the market disagreed.
  • My point is that some people (myself included) are quite happy with webOS. Some of us have been so happy with it that we have foregone newer hardware and access to a great number of apps in order to continue enjoying it. We all have different priorities, and for some of us that means valuing the webOS experience more than having the latest hardware and apps. My Pre 2 is still a fantastic device, and it does nearly everything I could ask for. However, I am a smartphone geek, and with the promise of my wireless carrier getting its first Nexus device, I am finally ready to move on to a bigger screen with a higher resolution and a real Gmail app. That said, webOS will always hold a special place in my heart, and if some company does pick it up and integrate it into new hardware at some point I'll likely be back on board.
  • The market can't decide if its a smooth OS or not, and neither can your jackassic comment. To downplay webos like you are just shows that you are an uninformed fanboy. Many android users reluctantly came from webos, rescuing themselves from a dying platform and moving to the future. But things were sacrificed in that process. Learn to recognize the value of the upsides of your competitors and you can dominate them.
  • Good grief must you and the guy above be so butt hurt? All he said was that the market didn't agree with those that liked the platform. That's the truth. And for those that liked it its unfortunate that the platform died. He didn't say anything bad about it.
  • I three stared you just because you have multiple Pres still, I had mine for about 11 months before I wanted to kill it with fire.
  • Dude, run like hell. Get an iPhone 4S or Epic Touch 4G tomorrow morning.
  • Dude, run like hell. Get an iPhone 4S or Epic Touch 4G tomorrow morning.
  • Oh, Lord, please don't let the Galaxy Nexus suffer the same fate as the Palm Pre. *knocks on wood*
  • Cannot wait fro my VZW GNex
  • Cmon Sprint I need this before the year ends.
  • Go sprint
  • You answered the easy question. How about the hard one? "When?"
  • 2015
  • the question was never IF or WHO but WHEN. the WHEN for each carrier is the real prediction.
  • I'd say they're all launching before Xmas 2012. Google won't miss that Xmas rush for phones.
  • I bit the bullet and bought an Epic Touch 4G on Sprint. Google has 13 days to tell me when the Galaxy Prime's coming out on Sprint. Otherwise, it's the Epic Touch for the next 2 years for me.
  • Just bitch a lot about LOS (to sprint) and you should be allowed to return it
  • Didn't even know what LOS was, so I googled it.
    Haven't seen this issue in the 24 hours I've had my phone, but if I do see it, I'm definitely taking it back.
  • What does the Legion of Superheroes have to do with anything we are talking about?
    Wait did you mean Level of Service?
    My bad, continue on...
  • I just wanna know if sprint is gonna release this thing with lte. I hope not cause if so that means they will probably hold off on the release till they're ready to flip the first switch. Who knows when that would be. To long for me to wait.
  • I was wondering that same thing. Given that they're finally cannibalizing their iden spectrum and getting ready to implement LTE in '12 (sometime before the second half of the year, I hope), it would sure be cool if the GalNex came out with a latent LTE antenna. But unless it had a Wimax antenna as well, they wouldn't be able to call it the Galaxy Nexus 4G at launch. I just hope it doesn't only come out as a 3G phone on Sprint, one way or the other.
  • This has me perplexed as well. Does sprint offer a CDMA/WiMax version of the Galaxy Nexus; OR begin making amends with a CDMA/LTE version? I want the LTE version. As someone who never received ONE data bit of WiMax in my area, having LTE on board the Galaxy Nexus would make me feel much better about that new two year contract. :)
  • Still speculation, rumors and "now" predictions....?!?!? I would like to have a solid confirmation on this. For a device that in theory will be lunched in a couple of weeks, it is very disappointing to not have a clear idea on what network/s will have them available and when.
  • i can't wait
  • Thanks for restoring my faith and giving me hope....Please be coming to Sprint, please be coming to Sprint....
  • sprint has too many good phones. i dnt think they will be getting this. plus they already have the Galaxy S2'
  • 'too many good phones' does not compute.
  • AT&T, T-mobile, and many international carriers also have the GS2. By your logic that means none of them will be getting the Nexus. I think your logic is flawed...
  • Sprint ASAP... and release it before the year ends.
  • Agreed. They need to be on this just like how they wanted the iPhone on their network. And better should be on it by Thxgiving 2011 or at latest Xmas period. That's end of q4 after that.
  • for all of you who think you want the new Nexus on Sprint - i predict an HTC EVO HD 4.5-5" display superphone with ICS around Thanksgiving that will blow away the Nexus just like the original EVO did. HTC is very competitive, they have the resources, and they do not want to lose!
  • I've done the EVO dance for a while. I want the Galaxy Nexus, not a comparable phone.
  • comparable? the EVO HD might be better. i think the EVO 4G was better than the Nexus S. HTC could come at us hard with a bigger/better display, a bigger battery, microSD card, faster processor, and more RAM. competition is a beautiful thing. we shall see!
  • HTC needs a bigger battery just to be comparable.
  • The only way HTC will have. Better display is if Samsung makes it! I had an EVO for quite a long time, did the rooting flashing and was addicted to that for a while... the EVO and nexus S are for different preferences. I now have a Nexus s active and an EVO on the side to play with. I love the look and light weight of the nexus, as well as knowing it'll be the first phone to be updated to ICS. I love the colors on the amoled screen. Cameras are about equal. Nexus is definitely a bit snappier, also better for gaming due to more powerful gpu and accelerometer sensors. Long way to say, one ain't better than the other, different strokes for different folks. Me personally, I prefer the Nexus.
  • A little birdy informed me that Sprint does not have anymore large phones for Q4. expect an EVO refresh next year.
  • and no big new ice cream sammmmmmmmich phone? OUTRAGEOUS! "Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know."
  • With all this super news of Android 4.0 on the move! They are not going to try to get a part of this ? Sounds foolhardy and lose of business $$ if you ask me!
  • I hope you're right. Still not buying a Samsung phone, Nexus or not.
  • I predict HTC won't hit the scene with an ICS shipped phone until next year, and if they even come close the first HTC phone to get the ICS update will get it at EOY 2011.
  • All of Canada's carriers are GSM, with 3 of the 6 (not including subsidiaries) using AWS bands and the rest using 850/1900. I'm sure they all will be getting the phone. The Nexus S released on all carriers here, within a week of each other. The G-Nexus shouldn't be any different. That day just can't come soon enough though.
  • What does AWS means? Sorry for the dumb question
  • AWS is the name given for 1700Mhz band, ie. what's used by T-Mobile. I think 1900Mhz is referred to as PCS. It's just weird abbreviations given by the industry for certain sections of spectrum.
  • Every time I see this phone I have to stare.
  • Upgrade not till March : (
  • Mine is not till April...so I how that makes you feel better.
  • Complain to your carrier and after a while throw around the term "change of carrier." They'll either say "bye" or let you upgrade immediately
  • Don't feel too bad--aren't quad-core processors coming out in the first quarter of '12? Wait for your Kal El running ICS! You'll be glad you did!
  • "And while we fully expect to see an official AT&T" You didn't finish what you were saying there. Was there more to that partial statement? I'm just wondering. I won't be buying this phone from AT&T anyway. If T-Mobile becomes part of AT&T, I just hope my GN continues to work on their data network.
  • Wonder what it is like to not have to worry about carriers... ...Ahh, to dream. Oh well, go VZW LTE
  • This is a phone that i would love to see come out on metropcs. Till then I'll see what the other carriers have to offer when it comes out.
  • No Thanks.. PenTile Screens are a step back for me and my Droid Charge @ 1300 mhz.. It will take the Galaxy SIII and the next Gen Ex-Nos Chip running at 1,800 mhz ( And it should be Quad or Tri-Core..) to wet my whistle.. We will see in about 75 Days at CES 2012......
  • So, your Galaxy S based phone is a step down compared to a phone based on the hardware of the Galaxy S II? Right. Also, here's food for thought, that AMOLED in your Charge uses PenTile. That is unless, they started sticking Super AMOLED Plus screens in there at some point
  • Droid Charge has always had Super AMOLED Plus.
  • You held the phone right? Seen the display in person? I feel bad for ya because there not even testing quad cores on phones yet...so I would say at least a year for quad phones come out but when they come out you will say I'll wait til octagon core comes out at CES 2014...this phone will beast any phone from now untilnext year.. with the hardware Coming out now it really doesn't matter its all powerful what I'm looking for is software opti ization and skins don't help...so I will take my early upgrades, and opti ized software any day of the week
  • Your Droid Charge is single core @ 1300mhz, the Galaxy Nexus is dual core at 1.2 mhz. I do not really need to explain the difference to you here, do I? Also, my assumption is is the Pentile screen on this phone will not be looking like the past phones we have seen with this technology. If it does, I will be pretty shocked.
  • I fully expect that the TMo and AT&T versions will be the SAME PHONE. For obvious reasons.
  • I hope you're right just in case.
  • Come on TMO...make your announcement!
  • T-Mobile doesn't have to announce it. Google and/or Samsung do. T-Mobile never officially supported the Nexus line so if Samsung releases one in the US with the right frequencies, it should just work. The main reason Google has to partner with Verizon and Sprint is because they can block any phone they don't want on their CDMA networks.
  • No brave stabs at guesses on who could get it that's not the big 4 in the U.S.?
  • There is no WiMax version of GNex, ergo Sprint will not be releasing it until their first LTE market is up and running in May or June 2012. They will release it then, but by that time we'll already be aware of the impending GSIII and I just can't see purchasing the GNex a month before the GSIII is released, especially if the rumors of a quad core Exynos processor on the next Galaxy S are indeed true. I desperately want a Nexus device, but switching to T-Mo means giving up unlimited data and switching to Verizon means paying more. Switching to AT&T is crazy, so unfortunately I think I'll be passing on the GNex in favor of the next gen Evo (assuming they get rid of that ridiculous 3D bs) or the next generation Galaxy S.
  • Someone give this person a medal. I'm so with you on this. My upgrade is in 2012 and I'm not getting any new phone until LTE rolls out. I may have to skip the Nexus as well. I did hear about the rumored specs of the GS3. Hopefully that comes out in mid 2012. Or hopefully the next EVO isn't a let down.
  • Mallengi you make an excellent point. There has been no word of a version of the Samsung Nexus on a WiMax connection , only the LTE & HSPS frequencies. If Sprint customers do have to wait until near to/end of Q2 not just to see the phone,but for Sprint to get the 1st of their LTE network up and running.Verizon is way ahead of them in by that time in even MORE LTE network coverage. Then like you said , somewhere in end of Q2 or Q3 2012 there will be talk of the GSIII - and having that on the Samsung Exynos series of processors will make that phone no slouch at all in terms of its ability. It would be good for Sprint user to get ti , but as you said, you give up the unlimited data they have going for them now; going with T-Mo is just kinda 50/50 b/c they don't have the widespread coverage areas like the other guys; well AT&T - we all know AT&T :P & Verizon will make you cough up the cheddar for the phone @$300 for 2 yrs + 30/mth to be on a "Nationwide access plan" + another $40/mth for a data plan that you MUST get and you only get 2GB of data with that to which if you go over that heaven forbid you better have $$ in your piggy bank saved up to give to them for overages. Waiting for the next gen SGSIII might not be as bad an idea at all for Sprint customers.
  • Phil, can we get a tablet predictions list?
  • I'm betting on a Sprint WiMAX version too. Not because Sprint is a big deal, but because Samsung is a Korean company and Korea has a large nation wide WiMAX network. Samsung builds the WiMAX version for Korean domestic consumption and Sprint gets it too.
  • It may be a disappoint it.
  • (OK, start the ridicule...) Any chance it will be on MetroPCS?
  • Bottomline here is that the Galaxy Nexus is going to be the best device to have TODAY and the only Ice Cream capable device people need to really think this out before making a choice WHY because Ice Cream Sandwich has proved that no longer are skins needed. If you look very closely there are great elements of htc sense in ice cream sandwich that have been in HTC SENSE for some time now and I appreciate that without question. The little ring is sense 3.0 100% and the people's application is sense as well. The integration of google plus into the operating system is nothing but a plus and with the camera as well as the face detection unlocking feature this is the best device on the market hands down. Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 will bring integration to the entire android platform. I am currently a EVO 3D owner and a former evo 4g owner and have always had nothing but a htc device since June 4th 2010 and I love sprint that will always be. But I will have my first pure google android device on Verizon when this Galaxy Nexus lands on launch day. I have always been a early adaptor for devices I did it with my evo 4g on June 4th 2010 and the same thing with my evo 3d on June 24th 2011. I will have the best of both worlds as far as android is concerned my Evo 3d on sprint and my new Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I believe in the best and having those devices both will offer me that opportunity and I can't wait for that. I really hope the Galaxy Nexus arrives on sprint so others can appreciate the goodness of pure android but i won't wait myself I already have a device on sprint and I am awaiting my quadcore evo for 2012 so this Galaxy Nexus and Evo 3D will get me through. There is no way I will pass up ice cream sandwich NO MORE WAITING FOR ME..
  • Can't wait for mine!
  • My prediction is this will be the deacons LTE phone on sprint after an HTC EVO with LTE. Can we say late to the party again
  • OK, so i am a blackberry user and i am going to switch to Android, My targeted android phone is this one the Galaxy Nexus, So i Live in Dominican Republic and I think that this phone will never hit this country since Android phone started to hit this country (Dominican Republic) this year. So I am on Claro and they use the same band as AT&T, my Blackberry was from AT&T unlocked so i have to wait till AT&T release it to use it in my country(Dominican Republic) or there is other way that i can get it faster? Between, hi to all android fans, i am new in here.
  • I went to d.r in the summer and saw the Xperia for Orange, but anyways welcome to the forums, and my guess is you will have to wait for AT&T to release it, and then buy it.
  • Not true =/ unfortunatelly...
    None of the Nexus (One, S..) came to Brazil oficially through carriers.... We almost received Nexus S through Tim but Samsung haven't allowed saying it would affect Galaxy S sales Sad!