Samsung Chromebook Pro

With the two new laptops, Samsung has tossed its hat into the ring to be considered for the best mid-range Chromebooks available today. With a thin-and-light metal frame, brilliant QHD display and a stylus, it's worth taking a look at these machines. Your only decision is whether to buy the $550 "Pro" model with an Intel Core m3 processor, or the $450 "Plus" version with a lower-powered ARM processor.

The more mainstream Chromebook Plus is hitting stores first, with the Chromebook Pro to follow at the end of April. This is everywhere you can pick up the latest Chromebooks from Samsung.

Where to buy the Samsung Chromebook Plus

You'll be able to find the new Chromebook Plus just about anywhere you can find popular laptops, and that's great to see. The MSRP is $449, and many retailers will offer at least six-month no-interest financing as well.

Where to buy the Samsung Chromebook Pro

When Samsung announced its new Chromebooks we knew that the higher-end "Pro" model would lag behind a little, and the only time frame we have is "late April" for its full release. We will update this page when retailers start to make it available.

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