Where to buy the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro

With the two new laptops, Samsung has tossed its hat into the ring to be considered for the best mid-range Chromebooks available today. With a thin-and-light metal frame, brilliant QHD display and a stylus, it's worth taking a look at these machines. Your only decision is whether to buy the $550 "Pro" model with an Intel Core m3 processor, or the $450 "Plus" version with a lower-powered ARM processor.

The more mainstream Chromebook Plus is hitting stores first, with the Chromebook Pro to follow at the end of April. This is everywhere you can pick up the latest Chromebooks from Samsung.

Where to buy the Samsung Chromebook Plus

You'll be able to find the new Chromebook Plus just about anywhere you can find popular laptops, and that's great to see. The MSRP is $449, and many retailers will offer at least six-month no-interest financing as well.

Where to buy the Samsung Chromebook Pro

When Samsung announced its new Chromebooks we knew that the higher-end "Pro" model would lag behind a little, and the only time frame we have is "late April" for its full release. We will update this page when retailers start to make it available.

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Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Amazingly, Best Buy already has some open box models for $30 off.
  • Means nothing.. Every computer has returns.. Some might be from people who didn't do their proper research before buying. Mine is fine and it's not going anywhere. Screen is gorgeous, KB and trackpad are fine and the ARM chip handles everything just fine, including Android apps. The only minor bummer for me (and I knew before buying) is the lack of keyboard lighting..
  • They are going to have another one Thursday when I get home from my work trip. They keyboard is driving me bonkers...so mushy (I'm used to the 2016 Macs). Also, no blue light means it's pretty bad for night use. Overall, the Plus is neat, but just doesn't warranty nearly half a grand after tax IMO. And on another point. I'd bet there will be many day 1 returns. There were ZERO reviews of the Plus, no demo units, nothing. Everyone bought on internet rumors and "quick look" videos. Had they put out more comprehensive reviews (or even allowed them) on the Plus or had store demos, I wouldn't have bought it. Yes, I could have waited, but that's not the point. Sight unseen sales are always risky. Typical botched product launch.
  • I thought the software was still in beta.
  • Kinda. The ChromeOS version is stable, but the Play Store and Android apps are in beta.
  • All software is beta. To pretend otherwise is unwarranted optimism.
  • Where NOT to buy the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro: EUROPE. All of it. If Google wants Chromebooks to take off outside the US, they have to do better than this...
  • I feel like Samsung has neglected the European market these past couple years.
  • Maybe it has something to do with regulatory approval? Or maybe they are putting all of their initial stock into the US...once initial demand has died down a bit, they launch in other markets? I am sure there is a good reason.
  • It's poor, UK support also doesn't have a clue when it may come out. If ASUS get the new flip out before Samsung even make an announcement I'm just going to get one of those.
  • https://chromeunboxed.com/samsung-chromebook-plus-will-ship-to-the-u-k-f... This is their solution?! Pitiful, Asus can have my money then
  • I took the plunge yesterday...ordered online from Best Buy and picked up in store. Here are my thoughts: Build quality is, in a word, EXCELLENT. Full metal chassis, Gorilla Glass 3 AMOLED screen, nice pixel density. Keyboard is a bit cramped, but has a decent feel and touch typing isn't a chore. The touchpad is EXCELLENT. FAR better than the touchpad on my cheap Asus Windows notebook. It recognizes two fingers for scrolling EVERY TIME, not just some of the time, and has a distinct "click" when you press down to simulate a mouse click. It is extremely lightweight...under 2.5 lbs! This WILL be giving the Macbook Air some competition for those looking for a lightweight, basic computer! The complaints you may have read about Android apps running sluggishly seems to only apply to the (x86 based) Pro version. What use is a "more powerful" CPU if all of the apps you are running are optimized for RISC architecture? The ARM processor in the "Plus" seems to run ALL of my Android apps just fine, with no lag, even on demanding games like "XCOM"! I do find that SOMETIMES it's better to just use Chrome than a dedicated app. Facebook is a great example. I dont WANT the app infesting every corner of my device...I can run it just fine in the browser, without any loss of functionality. Marvel Unlimited was another that runs better in chrome than on the dedicated app. With the device in tablet mode and portrait orientation, I would get a "widescreen" view in the app, which did not utilize the entire screen. It works MUCH better through the browser. My banking apps probably work just as good in the browser as well...but I have the apps just to make it convenient for me to access...although I guess a bookmark or two would do the same thing. I am able to run Android versions of MS Office, which was the real kicker for me. I can do everything with the Android versions of these apps that I do on my Windows machine, online or OFFLINE! Bottom line, though, everything that you want to run will run just fine on this...note that the CPU is more powerful than most cell phones. I find myself using it 50% of the time in tablet mode and 50% in laptop mode. It works very well either way...it's light weight makes it comfortable to hold one handed...reading comics on this is a dream! It's also very nice for reading "regular" books as well. While it doesnt fit in my back pocket like my old 2013 Nexus 7, I will live with a slight decrease in portability for the MUCH larger screen! If I had one complaint, it's the inclusion of USB-C and the EXCLUSION of regular USB ports. I have to get an adaptor for anything I want to plug into. But that is a pretty minor gripe. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is looking for a NICE cheap(ish) laptop! ESPECIALLY if you are sick of Microsoft and Windows! While I AM looking forward to resizable windows in the future, the functionality out of the box is excellent and with the ability to run Android apps, there should be ZERO need for most home users to buy anything else!
  • Hmm, I ordered both the Samsung and Asus C302. I primarily need the device to take notes on a PDF for class lectures until May. I've been playing with the Asus since Saturday and I think I'll keep it over the Samsung. INKpad Pro has pretty nice palm rejection and writing works well. Although I am a bit interested in what the screen is like in tablet mode on the Samsung. The Asus is a tad long but nothing that makes me think it's not worth having. I am absolutely in love with the Asus aluminum body/build. Google is headed down the right path with Chrome OS + Android Apps. You're absolutely correct about using some apps. I tried Instagram and Facebook and found both to be unsuitable. It's still early in the Chrome + Android usage so I can wait. Tomorrow I'll start playing a few Android games I downloaded just because the device can handle it well (as my testing yesterday showed)!
  • Nice review I fill the same as you on all accounts ^^^loving the chrome plus
  • Thanks for the detailed review!
  • Have you actually succeeded in downloading MS Word on the Chromebook Plus? The Play store just says it is incompatible with my device. I have been able to install a couple other MS apps, onedrive, and onenote, but Word seems to be off limits.
  • Haven't tried it yet...if not, I will be a bit upset, as I REALLY want Office on my device! I will try when I get home and see what happens! (I may be able to sideload it too...will check XDA developers. EDIT: I just checked and a subscription to Office 365 is required for devices with screens over 10.1 inches.
  • You need an actual computer. My Plus is going back and I'm returning to my 2nd gen M5 Macbook 512 for travel needs. I got the Macbook for $900 (open box $1,599, negotiated down) vs. the Plus for $500. Easy decision for ME.
  • No. Side-loading doesn't work either. It's clear Microsoft doesn't want it's Office suite on this device. And nobody would pay for it if it was available.
  • I'm glad you like it. It's pretty neat, but not worth the asking price IMO. IMO, read it again.
  • While you can certainly get a Windows machine with more power for that price it won't have a QHD display on it. You'll be lucky if it even has a 1080p display. I can live with lesser specs while getting that gorgeous display. Besides this isn't my everyday workhouse laptop (15" MBP with Touchbar). It's for use while on the road and coffee shops basically replacing my iPad. Very happy with it.
  • Good point. I have a 15 inch with Touch Bar as well and it is definitely too big to carry every day. The problem is I've grown to love that new style keyboard making the chrome book plus feel extremely mushy and pretty terrible. I actually dread typing on it.
  • Preordered one myself. First Chromebook and I'm happy with it. Slight correction though . . . it's not an AMOLED display. It's an IPS display (LCD) still very nice though. Gorgeous bright display with QHD resolution. Octane 2.0 scores are only around 10,000 but don't let that fool you. Web page rendering and scrolling is very smooth. 1080p YouTube video plays flawlessly (1440p will play to but you need a fast internet connection). Google's Android apps run fine (YouTube, Gmail, Maps, etc.) and smoothly. Just be aware some app windows don't allow manual resizing. You either get the app sized window or you can go full screen with it. Nothing in between. Not a problem for me. I made it a point to use it all weekend. If felt odd to use my MBP today. Apple really needs to get over their stubborness about not using touch displays on their laptops. The only tricky issue I've encountered so far was getting Google Print up and running. Fortunately I have an HP ePrint printer so all I had to do was use the email address assigned to the printer to get it working. Doubt I ever use the builtin stylus but it's nice to know it's there. I bought this one with the intention of returning it (if I liked it) for the Pro model, But honestly performance has been just fine so I'll be keeping it.
  • Just wondering by what you mean by X-Com. Are you referring to an android game of X-COM or possibly X-COM 2? I was interested in buying this computer since I love Chromebooks for school but was worried about the battery life. Does it last at least 9-10 hours of usage for a day?
  • 24 hours in and the Samsung plus is a keeper. Man the build quality and screen ,keyboard . I my never pick up my Lenovo ThinkPad again haha and that's saying something
  • "Where to buy the Chromebook Pro" Oooohhh, is it up for preorder? "We actually have zero information on this, but you read the article to find that out!" Click-bait me once.....
  • You could buy one easily after midnight this past Saturday night/Sunday morning. Best Buy's webpage went live and could do in-store pickup. Took me seconds, picked up at 11:30am Sunday morning. Sadly I don't love it to the tune of $500 so it's getting returned in a few days when I get home.
  • Do you mean the plus? I was talking about the pro.
  • Sorry, yes the Plus. The Pro isn't released yet (which makes all the reviews for the Pro confusing).
  • What's happened to the Chromebook Pro?
    It's not listed yet at all at Samsung's site