The Moto Z family started out with a single phone, but quickly expanded to three and then beyond with different models for different regions. You have the regular Moto Z, but also a "Droid Edition" of the phone for Verizon. You then have the Moto Z Force Droid Edition, exclusive to Verizon. And now we also have the lower-end Moto Z Play, and again it has a Droid Edition variant.

No matter what one you're looking for, or where you want to buy it, we have you covered right here.

Moto Z

The Moto Z is the base model, with the slimmest body and the full experience in terms of specs and features. It's available from Verizon as a Droid Edition, but now also available in the U.S. and UK unlocked. Pricing ranges from $624 for the Droid Edition up to $699 (or equivalent) for the unlocked model.

Moto Z Force

The Moto Z Force is primarily identical to the standard Moto Z, but packs a larger battery and a shatterproof display. You pay extra for the privilege in terms of price but also extra thickness and weight. The Moto Z Force is exclusive to Verizon as a Droid Edition. $720 is the damage for this one.

Moto Z Play

Announced later, we have the Moto Z Play. It's a much more affordable handset than the Z and Z Force, but retains all of the high marks of those devices, including support for Moto Mods. You can pick it up from Verizon as a Droid Edition for $408.

Moto Z, Moto Z Force and Moto Z Play