What modules are available for the LG G5

With the LG G5 they introduced an interesting new design feature. The G5 could become the most customizable smartphone available thanks to its modular design. This will allow you to swap in more advanced parts to your phone for specialized functions like photography or playing music. Will there be an upcoming module you will fall in love with?

What are modules?

Modules are attachments which add new or expanded capabilities to your LG G5. LG has created an accessories category for the G5 called "Friends." Every module is a Friend; however, not every Friend is a module. The tech accessories for the G5 include modular devices that can be swapped on and off of the phone and non-modular companions like the LG Rolling Bot (a 360 degree camera) and the LG 360 VR headset.

If you're looking for current, first-party modules available for your LG G5, your options are limited at this point.

What modules are available now?

Currently there is only one LG G5 module available.


The LG G5 CAM PLUS module makes your phone feel and function more like a professional, dedicated camera. The module snaps into place on the bottom of the G5 and introduces physical keys for functions like shooting, recording, and focusing, as well as a zoom wheel. The camera module is very lightweight, adding just under two ounces to your phone, and has a specially designed back to improve your grip while snapping photos. While this module won't actually improve the already great camera on the G5, it will make it easier to manage functions when taking photos.

Which modules will be available soon?

Being able to add function to your phone is something that LG and third party developers will likely expand on. At the moment the most popular additional module is an audio enhancement one from Bang and Olufsen to bring Hi-Fi audio to your G5.

LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play

The Hi-Fi Plus module was designed in collaboration with Bang and Olufsen (B&O) to add high quality audio playing capabilities to the LG G5. While the G5 has great speakers out of the box, the B&O module delivers audio with less background noise and less interference from environmental factors. No release date for North America is known at the moment, but we recently got our hands on the European model for in-depth testing. At the end of the day, this module is meant for audiophiles. If you like the current sound of your G5 or stream music over bluetooth, this is a module you can do without.

LG 360 VR and the LG 360 CAM

LG is providing an introduction to VR with two upcoming accessories: the LG 360 VR and the LG 360 CAM.

The LG 360 VR is a lightweight VR visor with built-in screens allowing you to enjoy VR by connecting to your G5 for processing via USB-C cable. This is meant to be an entry-level point into VR (closer to the Samsung VR than the HTC Vive but is a neat way to experience VR on a budget if you already own the phone.

The LG 360 CAM allows you to capture images or video in 360 degrees to view on VR devices. Like the LG VR visor, this is an entry-level camera, so you can expect smartphone-quality video and audio to be recorded to your microSD card. Pricing and release date aren't known yet, so until then, check out our review of the LG 360 VR and CAM.

Should you invest in modules?

Overall the modules are nice to have, but not essential. Your G5 will work awesome right out of the box. The above-mentioned modules and other soon to be released Friends like the Rolling Bot home monitoring system and Tone Platinum headphones could give you new ways to use your phone, but are not essential for every G5 owner. If you are looking to pick up the latest modules, you can find a retailer based on your location through the LG website.

Drew Kozub