This is what the first Chrome OS tablet looks like

When Google released the Pixelbook last fall, the company proved that Chrome OS can be an excellent operating system whether you want to use it in the fashion of a laptop or tablet. There have been plenty of 2-in-1 Chromebooks that allow you to use Chrome OS in both fashions, but it looks like Acer is working on the world's first standalone Chrome OS tablet.

During the BETT convention in London this week, one user on Twitter snapped and shared (the tweet has since been deleted) a picture of a tablet from Acer. That might not sound exciting at first, but that quickly changes when you take a look at what's on the screen – Chrome OS.

This marks the first time we've ever seen a tablet in the real-world that's natively running Chrome OS instead of Android, and while Acer wasn't publically showing the tablet at BETT, it's apparent that this is something the company is working on.

The ability to run Android apps makes Chrome OS a much more viable tablet option than it was just a few years ago, and features like being able to run multiple apps side-by-side even make it possible to get some real productivity work done.

We aren't sure when this tablet will be released or how much it'll cost, but even so, I'd bet that 2018 is the year a Chrome OS tablet finally comes to market.

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  • I can't wait to see what this brings us! I'm hoping a pixelbook with detachable keyboard is in the works!
  • I've been hoping for a tablet-only Chrome OS device for a couple of years. I'm less concerned about a keyboard, though, as I rarely use my BT keyboard with my Android tablet.
  • I recently replaced my aging laptop and aging android tablet with a 2017 Surface Pro, and while it's an amazing laptop, it's a poor replacement for my tablet. As soon as someone makes a Surface clone that runs ChromeOS, I'll be buying that $***! I miss apps like Harmony remote, or a decent Kindle experience that aren't available on PC, despite the many tablet form-factor devices running Windows10.
  • OK JaylnPHNX, this is similar to my next move. Got a SurfaceBook and tots love it - BUT - my Nexus 7 is really slowing down. I was questioning getting a 2 in 1 chromebook but wondered about running Android apps. That would be the real reason for the next purchase. So someone help me here, would a chromebook, of a tablet running chrome OS, run all those Android apps? If not, I have a problem. Thanks IA
  • Had the first generation Chromebook Flip and just got the second gen model ASUS C101PA. Portable and very well built. Does exactly what you are looking for and unlike some of the more expensive models (Pixel and Samsung) it has usable speakers.
  • Same boat here, love my Surface Pro 3 but the lack of good apps kills the tablet experience. No way was I going the iPad route and could not justify the Samsung costs for their higher end tablets. I ended up getting a Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 10" and for now, it meets my tablet needs. It's pretty peppy and the battery life is great. I only wish it had more RAM (2GB), but otherwise, a great tablet that won't break the bank. The Atmos powered speakers are better than I expected, has a fingerprint sensor, has a SIM slot, it is running on Nougat 7.1.1. Will see where the Chrome OS goes later this year but do not regret getting the Tab.
  • What you describe is exactly why I bought an Android tablet. As a tablet, the Surface really isn't that great unless all you want to do is web browse or use pen apps. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options for premium Android tablets.
  • Agreed Jaylan, The exact reason I got rid of my surfaces. Lack of good apps, and the keyboard was a flexy mess. I think if they make a surface bookesque pixelbook, Im in like Flynn for one of those.
  • Could we just get a Samsung-DeX-like dock where docking releases Chrome OS?
  • Cool, I'm with it..
  • Yes! Been waiting for something like this!
  • Would it port to the Pixel C or would the hardware be too dated?