What to do if you forgot your Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen password

Uh-oh. You've recently set up a lock screen backup password on your Samsung Galaxy S6, but you've plumb forgot it. Luckily there are two simple ways to reset your passcode and get back into your phone, provided you have some other critical knowledge to prove you deserve back in. Let us show you how to get back into that phone.

Option 1: Unlock with your Google Account

Unlock with your Google Account

  1. If you enter an incorrect password, pattern, PIN or fingerprint enough times (usually 20+) on the lock screen, you'll be prompted to enter your Google Account credentials, which will unlock your phone.
  2. If you're using two-step authentication, you'll need to visit Google's security site on your computer and generate a one-time password to enter on your phone.

Unfortunately if you don't know your Google Account password either, you're out of luck with this method (and you probably have bigger problems).

Option 2: Unlocking via Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung Unlock My Phone

Alternatively, Samsung also has its own remote device management service. Among doing plenty of other things, it can also unlock your phone.

  1. You'll have to have registered for a Samsung account already when you first set up the device for this to work. Here's what that process would have looked like.
  2. Visit Samsung Find My Mobile website (opens in new tab) on your computer browser and log in with your Samsung Account credentials.
  3. Click Unlock my Device on the left side bar.

Your phone will communicate with the website and unlock.

When you're back in

Changing the lock screen on the Galaxy S6

Once you're back in, you'll want to make sure your next unlock code is a little easier to remember.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to bring down the notification tray.
  2. Tap the gear icon in the top-right to enter Settings.
  3. Tap Lock screen and Security.
  4. Tap Lock Screen Type at the top, and chose a new unlock style. Consider a fingerprint for convenience and security.

That's it! If you're having any trouble getting back into your phone, shout out in the comments and we'll try to help you out.

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  • "What to do if you forget your Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen password".......panic! LoL Android All Day Everyday!
  • On the real, I know a lot of people who don't even know their Google account passwords. Sometimes I forget that the average user just let's the store associate set up their phone and once they leave the store they just forget about it. Android All Day Everyday!
  • Yeah, that's the sad part :-/
  • I love Android tech and sometimes I think it would be cool to sell smartphones but I don't think I have the patients to deal with a constant influx of customers who don't even know what the cache is. It would probably drive me to drinking LoL Android All Day Everyday!
  • Yeah. That's why I drink so much. You'd be surprised the kind of people retail deals with. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I worked auto-parts (AutoZone, Checker, Oriellys) for a few years. Probably the hardest years of my life. The customers that think they have the right to berate low wage earners have a special place in hell waiting for them (at least I hope). Android All Day Everyday!
  • What's a Google account? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Keep trying
  • So, I'd lost my phone for a good three months (I have 3 phone, 2 for work, so it wasn't that big of a deal to me), but I recently found it and I forgot the password! I tried the second method you listed, but it stil wont unlock it, even though the lock turns green on my desktop. is there something else I need to do ? and I've tried to unlock my phone a bunch of times, and now have to wait an hour each time I want to try to unlock it. Please help!
  • I need to know how I can get into my Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen, as I have forgotten my password......panic , please help me. ?
  • i have a samsung galaxy s6 and i dont know how do back up and i need you guys help.
  • Factory reset, sell, buy G4... I'm going with marshmallow via AC app.
  • Lol. G4. Good one. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why spend money on nothing that is better or worse when you have a great phone in your hand? You cannot go wrong with either. Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • How about pass on g4 save yourself $$$ get the g3 same damn phone Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not the same phone.
    If I wanted a LG G4, but money was a concern, I'd probably look for a refurbished LG G2 or Nexus 5.
  • My wife is that person...drives me nuts.
  • if i forget lockscreen password. I go to android device manager and lock and rest password. Done
  • Problem is that really isn't a sure-fire way to get back into your phone. Android Device Manager can't handle resetting the lock screen on many phones, and in my experience it has never been able to reset my GS6's lock screen. Samsung's tool works.
  • Gotta love bloat! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not really sure that falls under the "bloat" category. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Andrew. Can anyone do a definitive article on unlocking with ADM. It still worked on a Note 3 recently but not on some newer devices last 3 months, as you say.
    Why did it change. "Hoping this finds you well in the 3 months since this blog!
    Yours Sincerely... " :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • So will this work with the note 4... Posted via the Android Central App
  • You throw it in the garbage because it was a piece of junk to start with.
    Two bombs in row for Samsung, maybe they should stick to tv's. However, I don't like their tv's either.
    Posted via the Android Central App on my old Galaxy S4
  • Not sure how you can call the GS6 a bomb. It seems to be pretty generally enjoyed by folks and selling at least decently well.
  • @Zedd, come on man that's crazy. The only problem with the S6 is it's over priced (which flagship isn't). Other than that it has the best camera on the market and it runs like a champ. Android All Day Everyday!
  • Cute dog but, BS on hating on Samsung.
  • S6 is the best android phone on the market. S4 is a lag-tastic plastic POS.
  • Throw it and buy a G4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • What keyboard is that in the screenshot? *nevermind, I see the Swiftkey logo now...I like that theme
  • swiftkey, but the default S6 Samsung keyboard blows it away.
  • So many articles lately, asides from Google I/O, seem to be focused only on Samsung and Cyanogenmod. "Reset a S6; backup a S6" "Cyanogenmod Gallery; Cyanogenmod Camera" I've heard a lot about this but haven't really heard much from Android Central on other OEMs though. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Must've missed all of the HTC M9 coverage, the LG G4 coverage, the ASUS and NVIDIA device reviews, the Android Wear coverage, Android Auto... We do a lot around here.
  • I think I get where the OP is coming from, and he's not the first to comment like this. This article would be more helpful to newbies if it was pitched at Android in general. I'm guessing it's angled at the S6 for nothing more than current popularity and SEO...to get more page visits. I get that, bills need to be paid. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Perhaps things have improved recently but back in the S3 days the Samsung 'Find my mobile' feature didn't even work for Verizon customers.
  • I love mine... Alot
  • Samsung phone's are the bomb. Only since recently tho. I love my Note 4. I also love the looks of the Galaxy S6/Edge. And wait til the Note 5 comes out. 4K display, 4Gigs of Ram. Snapdragon 820 SOC... Blow us away!
  • In the last couple of month, Keen Team has developed best rooting tool for the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. It supports most of the ROM versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6. We can http://www.pingpongroot.co root Samsung Galaxy S6 without wiping the data. You can root the device without tripping Knox warranty. It will automatically download the SuperSU version.
  • Pride of the Republic of Korea Technology
  • Thank you so much for the tip you gave. I am on holliday in Portugal and accidentely locked my phone with a pincode I couldn't remember. Even the live chat of Samsung gave me the only option on their mind : reset!
    I refused to delete all my pictures and info. Through find my phone, I was able to unclock my screen. My husband was amazed That it worked. Keep on the work, I am a fan!!
  • I got back into my phone with Google account, but how do I reset my backup password? I am getting in with my fingerprint.
  • I just bought my s6 edge and did not set google & samsung account..i was setting fingerprint sensor and nw i forget the backup password.
    Pls help
  • Factory reset. Posted via the Android Central App
  • happy you're here and help is on the way
  • How do I change my back up password I forgot it samsung s6
  • i have s6 and I am locked out. How do I get the phone to give me the option to use gmail to unlock???? doesn't matter how many times I try it nvr gives me the optuion please help ??????????
  • Ok here's my problem - my Galaxy 6 didn't like my fingerprints and it asked for my backup password. Tried using the same one that I've used all of the other 100 times it didn't like my fingerprint but it wouldn't work. Ok, so after trying many times I was given the option to log in with my Google account. Boom, it worked. Got in and all was fine until it locked again. It didn't want my fingerprint this time, it wants that stupid password. Tried a hundred times and it wouldn't give me the Google account option. Went online, found the Samsung site. Sent a 4 digit code. Boom, unlocked again. Went straight to settings and reset my backup password. Locked again. Wouldn't take new password. Unlocked with Samsung site again. Went straight to settings to change lock screen type back to fingerprints because somehow it changed itself to password login. Guess what, it wants that freakin password to change it back to fingerprints. Decided fine, I'll do a factory reset. Went and did the backup. Clicked on factory reset and guess what..it wants that password!!!!!! NOW WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO! I set my screen lock time to an hour - the longest option, and just keep making sure I keep it unlocked. I know I can get back in again on the Samsung site, but I'm not always at a computer to be able to do that. HELP!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO??????
  • Hi, how did you get a code from samsung?! I have been trying to unlock my phone for 24 hours now and nothing works. I had the exact same issue as you did, every detail up until the part you were able to unlock it on your samsung account. I have bene on my samsung account and can't find where to find a code to unlock my phone. Can you please help me?! I'm desperate!!
  • Is it only me or does anyone else find this phone to be easily hackable?
  • I have an S6 and was locked out after 4 fingerprint attempts. Since this site says 20+, that confirms my thoughts that it's a problem with the phone. I've tried logging in via google, the same exact password I just put in my computer and am staring at my account, however it says it's incorrect. It also says my backup password is wrong. I was told to try and factory reset but that's a dead end as well. This phone is less than 6 months old.
  • no
  • Okayyy- the problem here is that I don't remember setting a strictly number PIN for my phone. It's been locked out of my pattern lock (which I knew very well, it was locked out because of a friend trying to guess it too many times).
    I go into my GMAIL and ADM, I can call my phone with it and send it a thing to call my phone. But when I try to send a temporary password, it tells me "Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered won't be needed."
    How can I have it use the temporary password from Android Device Manager?? I don't want to lose all my data! :c
  • Simon, that's a very useful article! I've sent it over to my parents. Since they now use smartphones, I often receive calls for assistance and troubleshooting from them :) I advised them to bookmark this article and use your instructions if this happens again - which most probably will :)
  • My galaxy 6 edge decided not to recognize my fingerprint, and it wouldn't take my password, so I did a hard reset only for it to nor remember my password for my gmail account, I try to sign in over and over again. Please help!
  • Guys, I've been on iOS since iPhone 3, change two weeks ago because work asked to Samsung S6.. HATE IT! Apple all the way for me??
  • Guys I spent around 15 hours trying to unlock my samsung galaxy s6, and found a solution. You're welcome. You need google acc+dont need a connection turned on already for this to work (worst case scenario).
    It didnt recongnize my fingerprints, and my backup password didnt work. I couldnt sign in to my google account since my wifi and mobile data was turned off before the device locked.
    This is the solution i found AFTER 15 hours of this madness, you need to be quick:
    1) enter wrong backup password 5 times
    2) wait 30 secounds countdown
    3) enter wrong backup password 5 times
    4) wait 30 secounds countdown
    5) select sign in with google account
    6) enter google account credentials (DONT SIGN IN YET)
    7) hold 'wake up button' (home button)
    8) press emergency mode and go thru with aggreeing to all it asks you to
    9) press TURN ON, and after that press 'sign in' with your google account (where step 6 left off)
    If you were quick enough, you will enter emergency mode and you will pass the lock screen, now quit the emergency mode the same way and change your backup password, and write it down this time so this doesnt happen again. You are wellcome.
  • Hi mine is at 29secs how long until I get to 30secs? Im locked out of my phone it's doing my head in im going to smash it
  • I'm not getting any Google sign in option. When does that happen???
  • how did you change the backuppassword if you don't remember it - I am stuck there.
  • i have been locked out from my screen on my samsung galaxy s6 how
    to bypass that to reset it?
  • I'm locked out of my phone for 1 day now... every 60 min it asks me to re-enter my password. I'm not getting any Google reset option please help me asap. I don't want to factory reset the phone
  • Do you get password option every 60 min?
  • ??
  • I have been locked out of my galaxy 6 since Thursday - 3 days so far. It never gave me an option of using Google and will not accept my password which I know is correct. Now it only lets me attempt every 60 minutes!,, does anyone have any suggestions, l remember reading once there is some method with multiple finger swipes anyone know anything to help
  • did you ever get an answer - mine is doing that too
  • hi cmmeier1954,
    Did you ever got an answer? i have the same problem you did :(
    please let me know if you know the answer???. thanks LLary
  • Hi, may u have a solution what to do..... i've forgotten my backup password on EDGE S6 plus.
  • I am still being prompted for my password when going into "screen lock type". Is there a way to wipe the last password?
  • I have the same problem as lkushner1. I am in my phone but still get prompted for my password when going to "screen lock type". How do I wipe out this password or reset it somehow?
  • I am having the same problem! so basically everytime it locks, I am locked out all over again!
  • Is there a way to skip to the Google login? I have been entering the wrong password since yesterday and it still hasn't gotten to the point of asking for that information. Samsung and my phone carrier both said they couldn't help me except with a factory reset.
  • Hey all, I just unlocked my phone with Samsungs "find my phone"!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so pumped!! It only took me 2 hours of researching to figure it out and figured I'd pass it on. Supposedly when you set up your phone the very first time, you have to turn on the "find my phone" app so anyone who set their phone up should be able to do this and get passed the unlock screen like I just did. When you open find my phone page scroll to the right and down and click on "unlock my device" and let it run for about 10 seconds and then swipe the screen and your in! PUMPED I tell you, I'm freakin' PUMPED!!!!! Good luck all!
  • Hello, My GF just bought a Galaxy S6 EDGE and somehow she forgot her password. The device is locked using password and fingerprint. Now she must be careful not to restart her phone or let the battery "die" because it requires the password. Every time she must unlock her phone via Samsung - Find my mobile.
    The problem is that she can not change her lock screen type because every time she tries to access Lock Screen and Security sub-menu from Setting, the device automatically requires the password instead the fingerprint. Can you please guys help her with this problem? Is getting really annoying.
  • Will these methods work with Samsung Galaxy S6 Active?
  • easily remove screen lock on Samsung Galaxy mobiles youtube.com/watch?v=rXADgwgVk_Y
  • Please notice:
    Don't click on "LOCK MY DEVICE"
    Find the "UNLOCK MY DEVICE"
  • I just pattern lock my s6 and totally forget the pattern