What DirecTV bundles are available with AT&T?

Since DirecTV is a subsidiary of AT&T, it seems only fitting that you should be able to bundle your wireless service with your TV service. You can stream DirecTV on any of your mobile devices and now you don't even have to rely on Wi-Fi.

What's in the bundle?

AT&T Unlimited Plan gets you "unlimited" data when you have DirecTV and AT&T wireless at the same time. "Unlimited" in quotes, because you get 22GB of LTE, but if you go over AT&T might throttle your download/upload speeds.

So, it is truly unlimited, but you may be slowed to 3G speeds if you go over 22GB of usage during your billing month.

How do I qualify?

According the AT&T's site, you just need to have an active account in good standing on both residential DirecTV or U-verse TV service and the AT&T Unlimited Plan.

Then, you just have to sign on for 24 months with DirecTV, since all their packages require a two-year commitment.

Anything I should watch out for?

When you first sign up, you get premium movie channels with your DirecTV service but only for three months. After the three months, you'll be charged $53.99, per month, if you don't change or cancel those channels.

Watch your data usage, since streaming video eats up a ton of data. If you're streaming DirecTV for a few hours a day, you may find yourself hitting 22GB by the middle of the month. You'll still have data, but you'll likely notice a dip in picture quality and lagging video.

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