Best answer: 5Ge is the same thing as 4G LTE Advanced and has almost nothing to do with true 5G. True 5G uses new, more efficient technology to improve the speed and consistency of a wireless network.

Good 4G is not 5G

5Ge is short for 5G Evolution, which AT&T insists is the first step in its plan to roll out full 5G service. While marketing this technology under the 5G umbrella has lead to criticism for confusing customers and even legal action from Sprint, the fact of the matter is that 5Ge is really a type of 4G most providers refer to as LTE Advanced. It's also a technology that all of the other major US carriers are already using.

A strong 4G LTE signal can provide all the speed most people will need on a smartphone, and as AT&T is trying to prove, there is still life left in LTE technology. AT&T has been upgrading its LTE network with not only new towers and faster fiber connections but also more advanced antenna setups. This includes using carrier aggregation and additional antennas in newer devices to take full advantage of LTE. If you have a phone that supports these improvements and you are in an area that has been updated, you will get access to 5Ge.

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The true next generation connection we call 5G has a lot more going for it than 5Ge. From a technology standpoint, it makes more efficient use of the available bandwidth to keep speeds high and consistent even with congestion. A more efficient connection also leads to lower response times, often called ping, which can make apps and web pages feel snappier. True 5G also makes chatting and video calls feel more immediate making conversation feel more natural.

We've already seen speeds up to 1.4Gbps on Verizon's 5G service and 5Ge won't come close to that. In fact, aside from heavy workloads like video production or remote computing, most of 5G's capabilities aren't all that important to the average user today. Over time that will change as new the new technology paves the way for new applications. Remember, 2Mbps on 3G didn't feel that slow until developers started to take advantage of 4G speeds.

Bringing it back to AT&T's 5Ge, this is the best of 4G LTE technology and it works well. 5Ge can be faster than older types of LTE but buying a 5Ge capable phone will not get you 5G when it's available. If you are a loyal AT&T customer and want the newest tech available, wait a bit longer for true 5G devices. 5Ge is a pretty good 4G LTE Advanced signal but not really anything more.

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