Weekend fun: 5 great Android icon packs

If you're going to take the time to get creative with your home screens, you'll probably want to finish things off with a set of custom icons. They give things that little bit of extra in the looks department, and with so many custom icon choices available in Google Play, you're sure to find the right ones. We're going to get the party started with a few favorites.

Remember, you'll probably need to install a custom Launcher that allows you to edit icons, either via a theme or individually. Or both. Something like Nova Launcher will do the trick, but there are other great options out there as well. If you can't decide, dive into the forums and see what some of those verified homescreen wizards have to say.

READ NOW: Five great Android icon packs

Moonshine Icon Pack

Moonshine Icon Pack

With over 925 custom icons in 192 x 192 px format and 28 exclusive wallpapers, Moonshine is a crowd favorite.

Moonshine doesn't aim to mimic Google's Material Design guidelines as much as it tries to use them and be something different. Loaded with beautiful icons that actually resemble the things they are supposed to represent, Moonshine adds a nice touch to any home screen. The colors pop, the shadows and layers are done very well, and it's a great all-around choice.

Download: Moonshine Icon Pack (Free)

Polycon Icon Pack (Beta)

Polycon Icon Pack

If you want flat and material, you want to try Polycon. Using the Google Material Design color palette and guidelines, Polycon delivers crisp and beautiful icons that mesh perfectly with one another to bring a complete new look.

Polycon is a new icon pack (it's still in beta but don't be afraid to try it) so the selection isn't quite as complete as some of the others. Chances are you'll find suitable icons for all your apps, and you'll love the bundled custom wallpapers, too.

Download: Polycon Icon Pack (Beta) (Free)

Rondo Icon Pack

Rondo Icon Pack

The Rondo Icon Pack brings circles to the mix, with over 1,750 192 x 192 px icons to choose from. Flat design, material colors and wonderful long shadows and gradients make Rondo one of my favorites.

If you have an app that isn't included in the pack, you can request an addition right from the app. In the meantime, there are blank icon masks — circles with material colors — you can use while you wait. 19 custom wallpapers and Muzei support round things out.

Download: Rondo Icon Pack (Free)

Silhouette Icon Pack

Silhouette Icon Pack

Silhouette looks like nothing you've seen before. Using the familiar base shapes for the icons we all recognize, shadows and depth effects have been added to make the icons look like they are ready to pop out of your screen. These floating icons look great with any Material inspired design, and Silhouette shows how to make the flat look less flat but still blend with the rest of your own creation.

Silhouette also includes blank masks for any icons that may not be included among the 800+ designs, as well as a great mix of complimentary custom wallpapers.

Download: Silhouette Icon Pack (Free)

Velur Icon Pack

Velur Icon Pack

With over 3,230 192 x 192 px icons, 44 HD wallpapers, and icon masks for the few apps that aren't yet included Velur is the biggest icon pack on our list. The circular designs and long shadows make for an excellent material-inspired look, and multiple icon choices for many of your go-to apps make Velur well worth the (as of this writing) 99-cent price tag.

There is a reason Velur rates 4.8 stars in Google Play, and with weekly content updates we imagine that rating isn't going to drop anytime soon.

Download: Velur Icon Pack (99 cents)

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