Google could finally give the Pixel Watch a highly-requested makeover

Google Pixel Watch 2 review
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What you need to know

  • The Pixel Watch 3 might come in two sizes, ready to tackle chonky wrists and large battery desires.
  • While details on the sizes remain unconfirmed, there's speculation that the larger variant might feature a slightly larger battery, with no other expected functional distinctions.
  • A larger size could mean more display real estate for your fitness tracking, notification needs, and fancy watch faces.

People often gripe about the Pixel Watch having a small display, but Google is reportedly ready to launch not one but two Pixel Watch 3 sizes this year.

Google must have been taking design advice from a rock for the first two generations of the Pixel Watch because, let's be real, it's like they copied and pasted the same look. If you slap them side by side, good luck spotting the changes—unless you turn them over and notice the OG Pixel Watch has fewer sensors on its backside.

According to a new report from 9to5Google, which cites sources privy to the matter, Google is preparing the Pixel Watch 3 in two sizes. It's a big shift in design, and it looks like the search giant is finally taking on one of the major gripes we had with the first two generations.

Right now, if you want a Pixel Watch, you're stuck with the 41mm size. Meanwhile, the top Android smartwatches, like the Apple Watch Series 9 (with 41mm and 45mm options) and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (offering 40mm and 44mm), give you choices, including a bigger version for those who like a little more wrist real estate.

The report does not spill all the beans on the Pixel Watch 3 sizes, but it's a safe bet that the second version might have a larger size. If so, we might consider a slightly beefier battery for the larger two sizes.

If Google goes for a larger option, it could use the extra room to throw in new health sensors for top-notch health tracking.

Meanwhile, don't get your hopes up for a showdown of features between the smaller and larger Pixel Watch 3 versions. But going big might also mean going heavy on the wallet.

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  • SvenJ
    Not only does the Pixel Watch 2 have more sensors on the back, it also has metal charging contacts on the dirty and sweaty side of the watch. Yea.