An affordable Galaxy Watch FE could be on the way, according to new leak

Galaxy Watch 4 on wrist
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What you need to know

  • Samsung's upcoming affordable smartwatch is tentatively named Galaxy Watch FE.
  • It is most likely a revamped version of the Galaxy Watch 4, indicates a new leak based on model numbers.
  • The Galaxy Watch FE is expected to release alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 later this year.

It is rumored that Samsung will bring a Fan Edition Galaxy Watch for the first time this year. While there have been minimal details about that till now, new information heavily suggests it is indeed happening.

We first heard about the Fan Edition Galaxy Watch, tentatively named Galaxy Watch FE, earlier this year, implying that it would come on the likes of the Galaxy Watch 4. Android Headlines corroborates the same with new information. It is seemingly a new version of Galaxy Watch 4, which will be renamed the Galaxy Watch FE.

Galaxy Watch FE leak

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Android Headlines further notes that the Galaxy Watch FE will be seen in the global, U.S., and Korean markets with corresponding model numbers bearing SM-R866F, SM-R866U, and SM-R866N, respectively. For the unaware, the Galaxy Watch 4 also featured the SM-R860F model number — the similarities between these numbers further establish that the Galaxy Watch FE is most likely a revamped version of the Galaxy Watch 4.

If the previous Fan Edition products from Samsung are any indication, with the upcoming Galaxy Watch FE, we can expect some of the goodies from the then flagship smartwatch model.

Meanwhile, we have also recently seen the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2024) refresh after two years of launch, dubbed Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022). While most of the parameters between both tablets remained the same, the 2024 model came with a new chipset underneath.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Hands On

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Likewise, alongside bringing some highlights from the Galaxy Watch 4, the upcoming Galaxy Watch FE is expected to have a new, rumored Exynos chipset for better performance.

The fact that it's an FE model also means it will be an affordable offering, and the previous rumor indicates that the Galaxy Watch FE will cater to the mid-range, competing against the best affordable smartwatches, something that Wear OS hasn't really tapped into when it comes to new model releases. As for the Galaxy Watch FE release, it is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 series (which may include Pro and Classic models) later in the year, presumably next to the Galaxy foldable phones.

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