Poll: Would you buy the Pixel Watch if this were the final design?

Google Pixel Watch leaked with the bands on
(Image credit: u/tagtech414 on Reddit)

Leaks of the Pixel Watch have been ramping up recently after Android Central broke the news of the device being left at a Chicago restaurant. The device appears to look just like previous renders, with a circular chassis, a display that blends with the bezels, and what appear to be proprietary watch bands. Meanwhile, we have yet to see the device running Wear OS just yet.

Based on what you've seen so far, do you think you'd buy the Pixel Watch if this were the final design?

The Google Pixel Watch has been rumored for many years, and it seems like it might finally be on the way. While it was easy to be somewhat skeptical of previously leaked renders from Jon Prosser, it seems he was quite on the nose in terms of the overall design.

The alleged Pixel Watch features a sleek, circular, rounded chassis with a single protruding crown. A bit below the bezel and to either side of the crown, there are two additional buttons that will likely be used for shortcuts, switching between apps, and other navigation functions. This particular model appears to have a 40mm diameter, 14-mm thickness, and weighs 36g.

The person who originally sent us the photos managed to post additional images of the watch, this time with the bands attached and while worn on their wrist. They describe the watch as feeling much thinner than it actually is and weighing less than a Galaxy Watch. According to their description, the bands are comfortable and very secure. They say that the alleged Pixel Watch is "without a doubt a gorgeous and comfortable watch."

As far as looks go, the device would give many of the best Android smartwatches a run for their money. Of course, we don't really have much information on specs like the processor and battery life, but it will likely run up against other high-end wearables from Apple and Samsung. That said, we may have to wait until Google I/O to hear anything official about the device.

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