More images of the alleged Pixel Watch emerge, and it all comes together (almost)

google pixel watch live images
(Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • An alleged Pixel Watch was recently left at a Chicago restaurant.
  • New images of the device show what the watch looks like with the bands attached.
  • The leaker describes it as "a gorgeous and comfortable watch."

Over the weekend, we leaked images of an alleged Google Pixel Watch that was "accidentally" left at a restaurant in Chicago. While we received photos of both the watch and the bands, we didn't get a chance to see the bands attached to the watch... until now.

The same person who provided Android Central with the original images has posted new photos on Reddit wearing the alleged Pixel Watch. From the images, the smartwatch looks incredibly sleek as the bands seamlessly curve into its chassis.

According to the Reddit post, the silicon bands are apparently 20mm bands and were initially tricky to attach to the device, something they expect could change as they become more accustomed to the device. However, once attached, the bands are "extremely secure and don't feel like they will easily release." Additionally, the chassis apparently feels much thinner than it looks on the wrist when wearing the watch. Comparing it to a Galaxy Watch, "this feels like it's not even there."

The leaker also touches on the crown, which is the most protruding part of the watch chassis. But despite that, it doesn't hit the back of the wearer's hand when bending their wrist, something many users complain about with some of the best Android smartwatches from Fossil.

All in all, the alleged Pixel Watch in its full physical glory is described as "without a doubt a gorgeous and comfortable watch," which is already a good sign for Google's first smartwatch. Of course, the watch is likely a prototype or pre-production unit, so things may change between now and whenever it officially reaches the market.

The only missing piece is Wear OS 3 since we've yet to see what the new OS looks like running on the actual device. Still, we can't help but get pumped to try the watch out for ourselves.

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