Pixel Watch users start receiving long-awaited fall detection feature

Google Pixel Watch hazel/gold colorway with the Pacific watch face
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What you need to know

  • The Pixel Watch's Fall Detection feature has surfaced for a user that restarted their device.
  • With the device running the latest software, it prompted them to set up their Fall Detection feature while offering information about how it operates.
  • Google has not yet properly launched or rolled out the feature, however, it is stated to come this winter.

Google's personal safety feature for its first smartwatch can't seem to wait for its debut.

9to5Google received a tip about the Google Pixel Watch's Fall Detection feature, which made a surprise appearance after a user restarted the device. This has apparently been found off the latest RWD9.220429.070 build the Pixel Watch received in December. Once the watch fully booted up, it prompted the user to set up their Fall Detection, followed by the description which read "get help quickly after a hard fall by allowing your watch to call your primary contact."

The new feature then appeared in the Pixel Watch phone app in Watch Preferences > Safety & Emergency > Fall Detection. From within this setting, the app notified the user that the feature and international emergency calls are not available in all areas. The app then explains that the "international emergency calling feature requires Google Pixel Watch with 4G LTE," along with the disclaimer that the watch is unable to detect all falls.

Some additional information states that the Pixel Watch's fall detection can catch a fall up to 32 g-forces.

The Google Pixel Watch's window to receive this Fall Detection feature is set for sometime this winter, which we learned during launch. While the company has yet to properly roll out or launch the feature, the watch's app did send the user over to a personal safety support page. The support information only reiterates the feature's winter launch, with those in Australia and Germany missing out on the ability for their watch to auto-dial emergency services.

Currently, the Pixel Watch does have one form of personal safety, alerting an emergency contact or emergency services if your life is threatened. Users can send out an Emergency SOS by pressing the device's crown five times, as well. Also, from within the Safety and Emergency settings on the watch itself, users can send find out how to send their current location to their local emergency services.

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