New Galaxy Watch 5 rumor may address a nagging Wear OS issue

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Watch 4 Classic
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  • The battery for the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 passed through a regulatory filing in March. 
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 has a 247mAh battery, and the new cell comes in at 276mAh. 
  • Rumors point to the Galaxy Watch 5 launching in August 2022. 

One common trait amongst almost all smartwatches on the market is their short battery life. Owning a full-fledged smartwatch means charging it daily or day and a half. If rumors about an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 are true, then the latest regulatory filing for its new battery should help alleviate some of the charging frustrations.

SamMobile found a certification filing for a new battery cell that carries a part number pointing towards an unannounced Samsung smartwatch — presumably the Galaxy Watch 5. The recently found filing shows a battery with a 276mAh capacity, which puts it nearly 30mah over the one used inside the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4. The size indicates that this cell would be slated to power a new watch of similar size, as the larger Galaxy Watch 4 has a cell that is 361mAh.

Rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery

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The increase in battery size should lead to better battery life overall. It could come in handy to help power all health sensors Samsung packs its watches — including the purported temperature sensor in the Galaxy Watch 5. Improved battery life is only one of the five things we’d like to see in the Galaxy Watch 5 should Samsung decide to release the device.

It’s no secret that Samsung has been making some of the best Android smartwatches for years now, and if recent rumors of the Galaxy Watch 5 are true, the company shows no signs of relinquishing that distinction. Recent reports have pointed to August 2022 as a potential date that Samsung could release the smartwatch, but if the leaks keep coming, we may all know what to expect long before that time. 

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