The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is rumored to feature a unique health sensor

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
(Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

 What you need to know 

  • The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is rumored to feature an infrared thermometer.
  • Samsung is also considering adding the feature to a future pair of wireless earbuds.
  • Reports indicate that a Galaxy Watch 5 is due for an August release.

The idea of using a wristwatch for simply telling time has long been gone with the rise of smartwatches. Samsung has been at the forefront of this category, and recent reports indicate that it will announce its latest efforts, the Galaxy Watch 5, in August of this year.

According to a report from ETNews, Samsung is rumored to launch its successor to the Galaxy Watch 4 this fall. While we have yet to see any changes to the watch’s design, the report tells us that Samsung will continue pushing the capabilities of a smartwatch by adding in an infrared temperature sensor. 

Skin sensors can be affected by external factors such as ambient temperature and extra heat generated by exercise. Samsung isn’t the first watch manufacturer to put a temperature sensor on our wrist, but it might be one of the most accurate by forgoing the more common skin thermometer in favor of the infrared option. ETNews also notes that Samsung has completed a prototype of the Galaxy Buds that includes an infrared sensor as well.

Monitoring body temperature can be a useful way to get a clearer picture of a person’s overall health and indicate oncoming ovulation cycles, colds, and other causes of fever. Pairing this new feature with the BIA sensor in the current Galaxy Watch 4 could make the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 an even more impressive health companion. It will be interesting to see what we officially get from Samsung in August and if there will be any other changes to the Galaxy Watch 5

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