Best Fitbit Charge 6 bands 2024

The Fitbit Charge 6 includes quite a few improvements and new features in comparison to its predecessor. However, one thing that thankfully hasn't changed is band compatibility, as Fitbit's new activity tracker works flawlessly with all the bands intended for the last-gen Fitbit Charge 5 model.

This means that if you're planning to buy the new Fitbit wearable, you'll have a whole lot of the best Fitbit Charge 6 bands from which to choose. Here are some great options (both official and third-party) that we've rounded up to make things easier for you!

Check out the best Fitbit Charge 6 bands you can get

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Spruce up your Fitbit Charge 6 with these bands

As we found in our review of the Fitbit Charge 6, the fitness tracker is a worthy upgrade to the previous-generation model. In fact, it even ranks as one of the new best fitness trackers available in the market. 

Although it doesn't look too different from 2021's Fitbit Charge 5, there are changes both on the inside and the outside. The Charge 6 comes with a physical side button for easier navigation, as well as advanced sensors that should allow for much more accurate readings. Since Fitbit has been a part of Google for quite some time, we also get features such as YouTube Music Controls and turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps. 

These are all exciting upgrades, so if you're planning on buying Fitbit's latest activity tracker, we suggest checking out these best Fitbit Charge 6 bands to go along with it.

Our top vote goes to Maledan's excellent sports bands, which are available in packs of three at a very reasonable price. They're made from a skin-friendly elastomer TPU material and come with a double metal buckle for a secure fit. You also get sweat and water resistance and a variety of funky color options.

If you're a fan of official accessories, we recommend taking a look at Fitbit's Horween leather band. No doubt it's expensive, but then, it's also a handcrafted product that'll continue to look great even after it ages over time. We also like Haveda's offerings a lot, as they're immensely comfortable. The braided nylon material and velcro straps make for a snug fit, while also being easier to clean and maintain.

For all its new improvements, Fitbit Charge 6 remains backward-compatible with the last-gen model's bands. So, if you want even more choice, we suggest checking out the best Fitbit Charge 5 bands as well.

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