Vizio's 65-inch 4K HDR Smart TV has dropped to a new low at $648 at Walmart

Vizio TV
Vizio TV (Image credit: Vizio)

We just shared a deal on the Vizio 65-inch M Series Quantum 4K Smart TV when it dropped to $698 about a week ago. That was a great price considering it normally sells for $778. Right now you can get it for $50 less than that as it's going for $648 at Walmart. Now that's a huge deal and great savings on this TV that's very quickly going out of stock as Vizio prepares for its 2021 lineup.

Includes active full-array backlighting with Vizio's Quantum Color, 90 local dimming zones, and 800 nits of brightness for cinematic images. Supports Dolby Vision HDR and has the IQ Active Processor for superior processing and 4K upscaling.

The Vizio really hits a sweet spot for price and features. You're paying less than $700 and getting 4K with local dimming zones, a solid smart platform, and even tech like Chromecast built into it. Those extra features like Chromecast and such are one of the reasons we consider the M Series Quantum a great TV series for streaming from programs like Disney Plus.

For image quality, the Vizio has a ton of different features to enhance it. For one thing, you start with Vizio's IQ Active processor. This thing is super fast and delivers superior picture processing. You can upscale non-4K content to 4K and ensure everything you watch is in that different resolution. You'll also get 90 local dimming zones with active full array backlighting, and dimming zones are essential so your TV can adjust and match lighting to watch's on screen.

For more cinematic imagery, the TV supports Dolby Vision HDR and has UltraBright 800 tech for 800 nits of brightness. You need good brightness to really make use of HDR in the first place, and this TV is fantastically bright. Dolby Vision and the other HDR supported, including HDR10+ and HLG, heighten contrasts and enhance dramatic imagery for you.

With the ProGaming Engine and AMD FreeSync technology, the Vizio is also a great option for gamers. FreeSync helps keep your gameplay smooth, and the engine automatically optimizes your settings when you switch to an Xbox or PlayStation.

The TV has Chromecast and Apple AirPlay compatibility built in. You can stream from any mobile device straight to the TV to watch on the big screen. The TV remote also comes with a voice-activated search button. If that's not enough for you, adding this TV as a skill to Alexa's app or something similar could enhance your productivity.

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