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What you need to know

  • Visible is announcing updates to its early-upgrade plan for both Apple and Android devices.
  • Subscribers can upgrade their smartphones with no fee after paying off just half their device.
  • The new upgrade plan will start on May 3.

One of the best MVNO carriers is making it easier for subscribers to get the latest and greatest smartphones sooner. Visible subscribers will soon be able to upgrade to some of the best Android phones of the year thanks to Visible's early upgrade plan.

Subscribers financing a new phone through Affirm will not only benefit from 0% APR but will soon be able to upgrade to a new device after at least 50% is paid off. This includes iPhones, devices made by Samsung and Google, and select devices from Motorola, ZTE, and OnePlus. Subscribers will have to send in the old device within 14 days of receiving the new one, which Visible notes must be the same "make" of the one being traded in.

That means if you've got the Google Pixel 5, you can upgrade to the Google Pixel 6 whenever it gets released, so long as the device is at least 50% paid off and most likely in good condition as well.

The program is not unlike what's offered by carriers like T-Mobile, which lets subscribers upgrade after paying off a certain amount of their device. It would let current Visible subscribers get more out of their service, giving them access to the latest compatible devices. Since Visible is a prepaid carrier, the program may give it a leg-up over other prepaid services and be an incentive to switch over.

Visible's new upgrade plan will start on May 3.

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Google Pixel 5 Sorta Sage Render

Google Pixel 5

Basically Android.

The Google Pixel 5 is Google's best smartphone, offering fast performance and even faster updates. If you want access to the latest versions of Android before anyone else, Pixel 5 is the phone to get. And Visible customers will be happy to know that it's compatible with the network so you can have access to one of the most affordable prepaid services.

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