Demeo teases new Serpent Lord expansion and custom model painter

Demeo Curse of the Serpent Lord campaign art
(Image credit: Resolution Games)

What you need to know

  • Demeo's next free campaign is called Curse of the Serpent Lord and will be arriving on June 16 for all major platforms.
  • Resolution Games also teased the next update to Demeo's Heroes' Hangout which appears to include a custom model painter.
  • It's not yet known if these custom painted characters and models can be used in the main game just yet.

Resolution Games debuted the first sneak peek of Demeo's next free campaign update entitled 'Curse of the Serpent Lord' on social media this week. As with other campaigns, Resolution Games just teased the cover art for the campaign itself and offered no additional details beyond the free nature and the June 16 release date for all platforms Demeo can be found on.

In a separate post on Twitter, Resolution Games also highlighted a major new feature for the game's Heroes' Hangout mode which, based on the screenshot, appears to include the ability to add custom paint jobs to the game's models. It's not yet known if these custom models can be used in multiplayer campaigns, but it certainly helps add to the authenticity this amazing Quest 2 game already exhudes.

Demeo custom model painter

(Image credit: Resolution Games)

It's possible that this Heroes' Hangout update could land alongside the new Curse of the Serpent Lord campaign on June 16, but we'll need to wait for more details before we know for sure. Heroes' Hangout is already a great way to shoot the breeze with other Quest 2 and PC players, alike, and this could be an even more amazing way to get friends together for a virtual night at the table.

Previously, Demeo made the non-VR PC version free for all players who own the game, helping to include more than just VR players in its tabletop adventure title. Demeo is $30 on the Oculus and Steam stores, can be played cross-platform with friends or strangers, and is one of the most authentic social VR experiences you'll find anywhere.

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