Views update brings comments and +1s to photo sphere shares on Google Maps

Google announced that it updated the views inside Google Maps to make it more interactive for viewers who love to see photo spheres. Now, with the update, you can add your +1 and comments to a photo sphere to let the photographer know how much you appreciate their images.

Google Maps product manager Evan Rapoport is promoting this new feature as a way fro photographers to engage with their audiences and for photo enthusiasts to be able to travel with and interact directly with their photographer friends.

"We've seen amazing engagement with photo spheres that people published to Google Maps from +Android ( or their DSLR," Rapoport said. "By sharing your images of interesting places, we hope you'll see solid engagement and help you find an audience for your passion."

If you want to learn how to take a photo sphere with your Android phone, be sure to watch Google's tutorial video.

To view photo spheres, you can go to Google Maps views.

Source: Evan Rapoport

Chuong H Nguyen