Verizon website currently letting users upgrade and keep unlimited data plans

A curious thing is happening over at Verizon's online store right now that is letting customers buy subsidized phones on-contract and keep their unlimited data plans. Folks that have headed over to the Verizon website are buying and pre-ordering devices on-contract at subsidized prices and not being nagged asked to drop their unlimited data plans to a new tiered option. Numerous reports are showing the error in their favor, of which we have a few to show after the break.

If you've been holding onto an upgrade for fear of losing your unlimited plan and have your heart set on picking up a subsidized phone — say, a Galaxy Note 3 — now may be your chance. We certainly can't guarantee that this situation will stand for much longer nor can we say what Verizon will do when it finally fixes the error, so go ahead with it at your own risk.

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Here's one upgrade:

And another upgrade:

Andrew Martonik

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