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Verizon website currently letting users upgrade and keep unlimited data plans

A curious thing is happening over at Verizon's online store right now that is letting customers buy subsidized phones on-contract and keep their unlimited data plans. Folks that have headed over to the Verizon website are buying and pre-ordering devices on-contract at subsidized prices and not being nagged asked to drop their unlimited data plans to a new tiered option. Numerous reports are showing the error in their favor, of which we have a few to show after the break.

If you've been holding onto an upgrade for fear of losing your unlimited plan and have your heart set on picking up a subsidized phone — say, a Galaxy Note 3 — now may be your chance. We certainly can't guarantee that this situation will stand for much longer nor can we say what Verizon will do when it finally fixes the error, so go ahead with it at your own risk.

More: Verizon Carrier Forums; Thanks, Derek!

Here's one upgrade:

And another upgrade:

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  • Thanks for the head's up!
  • Just did it! I ordered the Moto X for 169.99 after verizon30 promotional code. My unlimited data plan did not change. I just bought a full price HTC One. I will be selling one or the other. I thought about adding a line, but the website says I have an order pending and would not let me. Wish I had tried that first. Anybody try adding a line?
  • Quick, which phone should I upgrade from my Gal Nex to before they fix this.....
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Okay, convince me on the Note 3 instead of the G2. GO!!!...
  • You have until the 10th till the Note 3 to come out. If your not risking on losing your unlimited data then I recommend waiting. If not I'll upgrade soon before they patch this glitch. I just upgraded to a Moto X. I'm happy with the Device.
  • The question is how will you upgrade before the glitch gets patched if you dont know when that will be?
  • ya blew it
  • I'm a Moto X owner now. On-contract. Unlimited data intact. Posted via Android Central App
  • Grats! How are you liking the upgrade? XT1060 via Android Central App
  • I want to know if Verizon is letting customers keep their unlimited data plan and upgrade or is the glitch fixed?
  • SOBs pulled a bait and switch. Dammit!
  • And I paid full retail for my G2. Oh well I still come out even in the long run since I only pay $10 a month for unlimited data. Posted via Android Central App
  • Same boat, you and me. Hell, I will never buy a subsidized phone or sign a contract again. Just wish they'd be fair and lower the bill by the appropriate amount. Posted via Android Central App via HTC One Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!
  • I have my whole family still on that plan :). Thinking about ditching to tmo now just to get a Nexus.
  • Honestly, my wife switched to T-Mobile and she is not happy with them. Lost text messages. Incoming phone calls that do not ring. Incoming phone calls that go straight to voice mail for no apparent reason. Strange clicks and beeps, general voice and sound quality is much worse than on Verizon. From my side, as I have stayed with Verizon. Calling her T-Mobile line creates a long silent pause with nothing apparently going, only to start getting a ringing tone 30 seconds later as if nothing happened. In general T-Mobile has a lot to improve.
    This is not in any way exaggerated, it is what it is. Wife actually wants back on Verizon! Posted via Android Central App via HTC One Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!
  • Sounds like a bad phone. They aren't perfect, but I've never had those issues in the 4 years I've been with them. Posted via the Windowz Phone App
  • Bad phone. I've been on T-Mobile with 5 different Android phones over 8 years and have had none of those issues. Posted via Android Central App
  • *Might* be a bad phone, but it could also just be the area he lives in. The "who has a better network" argument is often *very* dependent on where you live. Personally, I have Sprint and, despite how many people genuinely have *horrible* service on Sprint's network, I've been very happy with my coverage and data speeds here in Houston, TX. And I've noticed coverage keeps getting better. Except for my parent's house that is. I can stand outside their back door and get 4 bars, but step foot in the house and my phone alerts me that I'm roaming. A couple of times, it's even popped out and warned me that I was in international roaming. And before you make any jokes about Sprint on that one, it happens with my dad's iPhone and my mother's GS3 on Verizon. They've also gone through AT&T and TMo in the past with the same result. I think their house is just channeling dark energy, like that tower in Ghost Busters or something ;) But, yeah, coverage and service is very individual. They might just live in an area where TMo doesn't have good towers.
  • My Rezound has that same thing on Verizon. Just happened as I logged in. Calls go straight to voicemail. Coworkers showing me their phone log and showing they called me but I never got a call. I've called VZW callers and get the same pause
  • You can keep the $10 unlimited data even if you upgrade so you still paid way more than you had to Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, but only one of my lines is still on a contract and it ends on December 15th so after that I'll have no restrictions and I like the thought of that. Posted via Android Central App
  • o.o everyone quick take advantage before they close it
  • Maybe, they're bringing unlimited data back!!! /s Posted via Android Central App
  • I upgraded 2 lines to Note 3's. Unlimited still in tact!
  • Somebody at Verizon is going to be in DEEP trouble about this!! Ahahahahaa
  • Am I the only one who feels like vz is going to be like "you knew better" and change those people to tiered data Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm thinking the same. Looking forward to the updated report. Posted via Android Central App
  • They fixed the problem already :-(
  • Are you sure? It seems like, people are still tricking the system. Try again! Good luck! Posted via Android Central App
  • I just did this now and it worked fine.
  • We have 4 lines eligible for upgrades, all with unlimited data. We are on an ancient promotion where we get $20 off the unlimited data, so we only actually pay $9.99 for unlimited data for each line! I tried ordering upgrade again online and I was able to get it to work on 2 of the 4 lines without losing the unlimited data. For some reason the other 2 lines would lose it, even when I called into customer service the lady I talked to saw the same thing happening. She was able to confirm the unlimited data was left in tact on the two lines I got upgraded, and the email confirmation with the contract info even lists UNLIMITED DATA. I am beyond ecstatic!!!!!! So now I at least have 2 new phones coming with unlimited data :-) I guess when any of the other ones finally bite the dust, we will have to buy them at retail.
  • Sweet! Congrats, brother! Posted via Android Central App
  • Im on this plan too :) 3 with data one dummy line. I just keep transferring the upgrades to the dummy line , adding the $30 2gb data package then dropping it when i get the phone. If i wasn't on this amazing plan id drop verizon for att , since verizon has gone way downhill in nyc.
  • Hey steve7410, the other 2 lines you can't get to keep unlimited data, did the phones have 4g or 3g? I had this problem last year just before the unlimited data ended, I also have 4 phone on the old $9.99 plan but it would send 2 of my 3g phones to reg price. I had to phone Verizon at least 10 times before it was fixed. I hope this unlimited is back.
  • Have you tried transferring the upgrade credits from the 2 lines that do not work w/ this upgrade "glitch" to the 2 lines that you had just recently upgraded and then go through the same motion again? Maybe that will work?
  • 4 lines on this plan. I don't do anything that might call attention.
    Still flying under the radar with unlimited on 4 lines for $9.99 each.
    Missed this one though.
    WOuld have gotten an LG G2 for myself. Oh well....
  • Considering Verizon never sent me a letter informing me that if I upgrade I lose my unlimited data I think I'll be ok. Crap forgot we are talking about Verizon
  • That is what held me back from doing it. I feel verizon is going to be like it was a mistake and you have to go to a tiered plan and then when people try to return the phones they will say we cant get you back to your old plan either since it is no longer available, Verizon would be the ones to do something like that. Verizon should just allow those with unlimited to keep it when upgrading. You're making a killing and would still have all the new customers and ones who upgraded before on the tiered plans. There can't be that many left with unlimited data that it would really hurt verizon that much letting those of us left upgrade and keep unlimited. Or jack up the smallest data plan to 4-5 gb for $30
  • I spoke with a verizon rep yesterday about data plans. If you currently have unlimited, they will move you to a 6gb plan for the same $30 a month.
  • If they "allow" new customers to get unlimited I'd leave Sprint faster than a Racoon with a M80 up it's ass. Posted from my HTC One from the Android Central App
  • Ditto.
  • being that price is now similar yo sprint I would too
  • +1!
  • Niiice. I'd be all over this if I was a Verizon customer.
  • This is real and true! On the phone with Verizon now! I have the Samsung Galaxy S 4 here! Bad ass phone too!
  • OK give us more details when done Posted via Android Central App
  • My buddy is gonna be pissed. He just switched 3 unlimited plans to shared data on his family plan so he could get the subsidy on his Droid Maxx. Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button
  • Of you friend did that he needs to visit the forums more often! He could have just lost unlimited on one phone with the work around already being used. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have 2 in my cart now and it shows unlimited e-mail and data on my unlimited line. Can this be legit?
  • I just talked to someone from VZW through their website chat. They said that this is definitely not a thing, and upgrading would kill your unlimited data plan. For what it's worth, I went through the steps on the site (short of actually upgrading) and it does appear to be offering to let me keep my current plan ("NATIONWIDE TALK & TEXT 460 $59.99 0110"), but it doesn't say anything about the data. Like the above commenter mentioned, I'm sure VZW would just say "sorry, you're on a 2 GB a month plan and you can never have your unlimited data plan back" so I'm too scared to go through with it. It sucks, because it's a $400 difference on the phone I want (Galaxy Note 3).
  • Edit: I didn't go far enough. It does say "EMAIL & WEB UNLIMITED $29.99" on the next page.
  • Other people have chatted with online help and they said it would stay unlimited of that's what it showed. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's what they told me at first too, but then I asked what if it's a glitch, and after a few minutes she said "Yes it is a glitch in the system and unless you purchase the phone at full price you will not be able to keep it"
  • It's a contract, just like you can't get out of it neither can they. Posted via Android Central App
  • Have you ever read a phone contract? That can do anything they like. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yup. The contract only really stipulates that they will provide cell service and you will remain a paying customer for 24 months, or face an ETF. It really doesn't limit what they can do, honestly. I suspect if you look at your "contract" that you signed at the store, it probably says "service agreement" or some such, not "contract".
  • This has happened a few times before on the Verizon website. I've actually called them and asked about it before, the rep told me that it was a glitch in their system and that the tech guys were working on it and that if I did do that upgrade I would have been booted to the 2g plan.
    I would say call their support team and verify this information before placing an order.
  • I just got done chatting with a verizon rep on their web site and this is what she said...... "Yes it is a glitch in the system and unless you purchase the phone at full price you will not be able to keep it" (unlimited data). Boy am I glad that i didn't do it. That just isn't right that they can take away your unlimited data without warning you first. That's low, even if it is a glitch.
  • Sweet Posted via Android Central App
  • Sounds like catfish LOL.
  • I can confirm. Just got back from a verizon store (did in store pickup). Rep didn't know how I was able to do it, but she went ahead and processed it. I had to sign another 2-year contract, but the contract clearly states unlimited data for $29.99
  • Just ordered at 9:20 cst and still worked!! Thanks for the heads up!
  • I just got my G2 and kept unlimited data. ..... (spills some for my gnex) Posted via Android Central App
  • Moto x and note 3 ordered. Will see what happens. We all have 14 days to cancel if they try and change the contract. So I'm not worried. Posted via Android Central App
  • This makes me hate Verizon all that much more. Lost mine when the family switched over to a share plan.
  • For those worried a contract is a contract.. you have to accept the new 2 yr and the right before you submit the order you have to verify the order so they cant go back on the deal. Even the email verizon sends you as confirmation shows the unlimited web and email for $29.99. The only thing all you people calling verizon is doing is screwing it for everyone else that finds about this tomorrow and cant do it anymore because you told verizon about it
  • Still letting me do 11:03pm est
  • I can confirm this is working!!! Score!!!
  • Not letting me do it. Is there a certain way u guys initially got to the upgrade page? I'm just signing in and clicking upgrade device in the middle of the home page when u loggin. Help please...
  • Log on click upgrade device in the middle then click what device upgrading on the next screen pick phone and click continue all the way thru it should be defaulted on all your existing features. If it doesnt work anymore thank all the morons above that called verizon to let them know about the glitch.
  • Yea I'm sure they're completely oblivious to what's going on with their site. Not like they would monitor it or anything.
  • Yup no bueno, not working. I get to the confirm page and thats where a pop up appears and tells me that unlimited is no longer available. It does however let me select it on the screen before the confirmation page. Last wall of defense got me lol
  • Try exiting your browser and opening it again.. when I hit the refresh button it chmged the way the page loaded.
  • Going to be hilarious when they fix this and all these people get bumped down to two gigs a month.
  • But its a contract they can't do that without your consent Posted via The Android Central App
  • LOL that what they WANT you to think
  • Could VZW just void the upgrades that took advantage of the glitch though? I wouldn't put it past them: "Dear customer. All sales from the hours of X and Y are invalid. Please visit VerizonWireless and try again. Sorry for the inconvenience."
  • They could always cancel the order. I assume someplace in their fine print they reserve the right to do so in such cases.
  • That's True Posted via The Android Central App
  • Honestly I think thats exactly what VZW is going to do. Cancel the majority of the orders, the few that got through they'll probably leave well enough alone. Of course this is speculatin.
  • It's really not a contract. It's a "service agreement". Subtle legal difference, there. And there's usually language in there about the carrier being able to make changes to your services so long as they notify you first.
  • You would be suprised.. how many orders do you think they process each day.. you think someone manually reviews all those.. verizon thinks the automatedsystem knows what it is doing and when it doesnt gues what.. people call in to cimplain or in this case inform them. My buddy did this the last time there was a glitch when you could switch to the upgraded plan with tethering with unlimited and then drop back down and keep unlimited.. still has unlimited.
  • A. That's not going to happen. B. You're a douche for wanting people to have a bad time in life. Seriously get a life.
  • If his comment bothered you that much, I think you're the one who needs to get a life... Posted via Android Central App
  • That would actually be awesome. Then you could cancel the whole plan since THEY are changing a contract and you can keep and sell the phone.
  • Just did it for the Moto X and got and extra $60 dollar discount using promo code Verizon30 Posted via Android Central App
  • I was on the phone with Verizon around 11 AM this morning (Sat 9/28, finally dropping my Xoom off my account) and asked the rep about a rumor the Costco wireless rep told me that in December all customers still on unlimited data plans would be dropped to tiered plans. The Verizon rep said he had never heard of it, and stated the only time you drop to a tiered plan is when upgrading the phone using a subsidized/discounted price. I knew that but what was news to me is that VZW created a new 6GB data plan for $30 a month for the folks upgrading and coming off the unlimited data plans. I didn't see this online or in the pricing brochures, but he said it's new and designed to make it a little bit easier for unlimited customers to upgrade and stay with VZW. He also said that retailers can't offer this 6GB/$30 plan - it's only available through VZW. I would have loved to take advantage of this little glitch in VZW's site, but I would not count on VZW honoring the plans upgraded tonight...
  • Just got a new Moto X....fwiw here's the chat i had with the rep: "You are now chatting with 'Felicia'
    Felicia: Hi! My name is Felicia with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?
    You: I'm looking to upgrade my phone, I currently have unlimited data, my understanding was if I upgraded I would lose that....but it indicates i can upgrade at the subsidized price and keep my that correct or just a glitch in the system....and if so would it be honored?
    Felicia: Hi! I would be more than happy to assist you with getting your upgrade information.
    Felicia: Yes, if the website allows you to keep it
    Felicia: JUMP ON IT!
    Felicia: It is a glitch..
    Felicia: but if you can keep it, i would.
    You: Thanks....but it will be honored...they aren't gonna tell me next week I lost my unlimited?
    Felicia: Yes, it will be honored. They will not make you change what you are agreeing to. Allow me to stay in chat to ensure it runs smoothly.
    Felicia: Just in case you have any more questions.
    You: ok..
    Felicia: thanks
    Felicia: What page are you on?
    You: selecting device now
    Felicia: Great!
    Felicia: Getting any accessories as well?
    Felicia: Still there?
    Felicia: I'll stay in chat.
    Felicia: How's it going?
    Felicia: Just checking in.
    You: hey sorry, was just reading each page completely and saving the screenshots of them
    You: just in case
    Felicia: Ok, thats fine!
    You: got a Moto X
    Felicia: I'll still be here.
    Felicia: Awesome!
    Felicia: Congrats!
    Felicia: Did you get a confirmation number?
    You: thanks for your time
    You: yes
    Felicia: Great!
    Felicia: Congratulations on your new phone!
    You: awesome :)
    Felicia: Thanks for chatting in!
  • I just tried and the unlimited play was gone, had to select a data plan. So i will wait on my next phone.
  • I just ordered an S4 in white for my wife about a minute ago. I transferred an upgrade from a dump phone and upgraded her S3. Unlimited was the default data package and I kept it! I can probably sell the S3 to pay for the S4 with the discounted price.
  • I wouldn't take advantage of that. They can easily say it was an error and un-grandfather you.
  • It's a contract agreement... once it's done it's done. They can't take anything away or change it. If you're able to do it online, and it stays unlimited... DO IT Posted via Android Central App
  • They can do whatever they like. Lol VZW is shady like that smh. Posted via Android Central App
  • False, how many times have you heard about Verizon taking away somebody's unlimited without them signing a contract doing it. And if they where shady like that the work around that's many many people have used would no longer be in place. People just love to make stuff up about how mean Verizon is. Posted via Android Central App
  • This Posted via Android Central App
  • I just tried it again, on another line (my wifes) but no go (just got the Moto X on my line), they seem to have fixed it. Too bad for her :)
  • Just got iPhone 5s for wife and a G2 for me. Said unlimited data for $29.99 at every step. It did not offer me any point to use the Verizon 30 code. At least not with both phones. Initially I was just going to upgrade myself but then figured they might force us to share everything when my wife upgrades. But when going through with just the g2 it worked. Sadly getting the wife taken care of dropped that option. I may call about that. I blame Apple! :-D But it would appear that all terms and conditions of the contract say unlimited data for 2 more years.
  • I got a G2 for me 30 minutes ago, even though I was going to wait until I found a rooted one down the line since I just got my rooted DNA a few months ago but could't pass this up. And just for the hell of it, then I upgraded my wife's line and still allowed me to keep Unlimited Data, her fairly new rooted Note2 is being replaced by a new Note3. Cool thing about it, LG billed to account. Note3 preordered so selling the DNA will pay for Note3 when it ships on 10/10 and Note2 will easily pay for LG on next months bill plus have extra cash.
  • Just now tried and I was indeed allowed to keep my unlimited data, but I did not finalize the deal....don't have the $400 plus for the iPhone 5S....64gb only way I'd give up my S3! LOL Posted via Android Central App
  • how about just putting it on a credit card and selling it
  • how about just putting it on a credit card and selling it
  • I went through the upgrade process and it worked no problem. I will be picking my device up in the store tomorrow morning/afternoon. Moto X by the way!
  • Did not work for me -- I got: "You currently have an Unlimited Data package on one or more lines on your account. The Unlimited Data package is no longer available. To continue, please select a new Data Option for all of the lines on your plan. You will not be able to go back to your current Unlimited Data package."
  • I got the same :(
  • I also went through the upgrade process and I kept my unlimited data. I had the VWZ rep online chat to confirm it. I did receive a confirmation email from VWZ and took screen shots on each page up till the confirmation page. If you use the promo code VERIZON30 and it brought my price from $199 to $139. I have it delivered and will wait to see my LG G2 in a few days.
  • do not do it Verizon chat says if i do it i will have to change my play upon activation of the device by the way it still says that i can keep my unlimited data but i don't want to get screwed over by them just for trying to save some money on note 3
  • I love you Android Central. You made my night with this post. Just bought 2 new phones. Confirmation email clearly states unlimited data for $29.99. If they go back on this they are dead!
  • Can a new customer get a unlimited data if you order online? Posted via Android Central App
  • I just ordered a new Moto X for $139 after VERIZON30 code. Took screenshots all the way through the checkout process. To the comment asking about new customers getting unlimited... you can't. I checked to see if it was possible. Doesn't seem so - though the $29.99 plan CAN be selected by those of us who already have it.
  • Thank you Posted via Android Central App
  • Also, strangely enough, it's still telling me that I am eligible for an upgrade and letting me go through the whole process again. I'm afraid to click all the way through a second order, though :) Don't want to press my luck any more than I already am!
  • I think itll stick considering I got my unlimited data almost 2 years ago using the unlimited 4g hotspot trick. Ordered a note 3 mulling over upgrading the other 4 lines
  • Just tired and it says I have to change my unlimited plan. Crap was really hoping to get a Moto X through this. Oh well.
  • Just got an LG G2 for $139 + $30 activation, so $169 out the door with unlimited in tact. I would be stupid not to jump on this at! Thanks AC!
  • Just did it! I ordered the Moto X for 169.99 after verizon30 promotional code. My unlimited data plan did not change. I just bought a full price HTC One. I will be selling one or the other. I thought about adding a line, but the website says I have an order pending and would not let me. Wish I had tried that first. Anybody try adding a line?
  • @NewAge-
    How did you get it to $139? I'm here at checkout and it's still reading $199.99 (verizon30 code is invalid).
  • What phone are you ordering?
  • I ordered the MotoX and put in verizon 30 in the promotional code. You have to watch for the promotional code box. $199-$60 discount +$30 upgrade fee. Made the total $169. They allowed billing to my account and is suppose to ship Monday. When I receive the phone on Wednesday, I plan to call before I activate and make sure my plan is not changing. If not, then the phone goes back and I don't see how they can charge me anything for following the website.
  • Never mind, it's working :) (I had an extra space in there)
  • Yup VERIZON30 worked for me. I see you got it :-D
  • Well I decided to order the Note 3 and I was able to keep my unlimited data plan. (I love that the Note 3 has 32GB memory, has a removable battery, supports an SD card, and oh, that screen!) The fine print says I have 14 days to cancel from agreeing to the terms (today, 9/29) so since the phone won't be here until 10/10, I have only a few days to decide if I want to keep it or return it. After ordering it I saw on the main VZW page that anyone upgrading through 9/30 will get free activation, via a $35 credit within 2 billing cycles.
  • you should have 14 days from the time of ACTIVATION of the device..unless they have changed things.
  • Thanks - I went back and re-read the fine print and I think you are right. The terms say I accept the agreement when I activate the service, so I'm much more comfortable now. (The first time I read the terms I zoomed in on cancel with 14 days of accepting the agreement to avoid the termination fee but I thought that meant when I clicked "I agree" I was accepting. So much for my reading comprehension!)
  • I just went to the site and the option was still there for me. I'm too scared to pull the trigger though haha.
  • if you have the option, go for it. I was unsure like you. dont miss the chance!
  • Interesting - i did the $50 HTC One deal through Best Buys website and it did the same thing. I seleced to remain on unlimited data all the way through and is on confirmation email. Its in the mail - ill have to check my account once i activate it.
  • I did this.. and lost unlimited. be ready for a shtfest.
  • if its still going in the morning..i might bite the bullet and get a motox for myself, even though my vzw gnex is working ok after I put a 4.3 rom on it..its still over 2 years old now. and who knows when/if vzw will get another nexus and when they will allow unlimited on contract upgrades again...if ever.
  • Thank you AC. Just picked up the iphone for my wife. Everything along the way and email confirmation says unlimited is intact. Too bad I already bought the G2 for myself at full retail a couple of weeks ago.
  • This was probably planned by Verizon. Unannounced unlimited data upgrades for a few hours and then it will be turned off. Posted via Android Central App
  • For... what reason exactly? They would prefer to keep skewering people for full retail. Posted via Android Central App
  • I mean you hear about this with Verizon from time to time about a 'glitch' in the system to let people keep their unlimited data if they were to upgrade. Probably research on their end to see the interest. That's all I'm saying. Research without necessarily making it a poll or asking people directly. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not only that, but to make people sign another agreement with them. If you allow a "glitch" then they will sign with you again. A lot of these unlimited users aren't in contracts anymore. This is a way to keep them locked in for 2 more years and lot leave for T-Mo or Sprint.
  • did this the other day and lost unlimited data.. even tho it clearly stated no changes to my existing data plan. spent all day getting the phone returned and my unlimited data refunded.
  • ?? Wow so I guess I'm gonna have to do the same thing - damn it ! I just spent 2h fighting w my signal to order it. Posted via Android Central App
  • i guess vzw will have alot of 14 day return/canceled contracts if thats true.
  • MotoX for 139 w Verizon30 promo code ! Nice !
    Just finished the order. Posted via Android Central App
  • Did they charge you a $30 upgrade fee?
  • Yep Subtotal 169
    + 54 tax - total 223
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Glad I seen this.... moto x delivered October 2nd
  • I just did it. Got the note 3 $358.70 with tax and my email says unlimited. I didn't see a place to enter the promo code.
  • You can't place a promo code because its a pre-order page... Had this awesome glitch not been publicly announced... We would be paying about $80 less on launch day with the known 30% discount code. (Which currently still works on the HTC One) hint hint. Posted via Android Central App
  • Who knows though... Maybe they haven't updated this "glitch" on purpose. Posted via Android Central App
  • I just ordered a Note 3. If they cancel my unlimited I'm going to return the phone and cancel my service. I've been wanting to do that anyway.
  • NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU GUYS PUBLICLY POST THISSSSSSSSSSSSSS!?!?!?!?! ::facepalm:: If you have known about this (many people) for a while now (weeks) the last thing you would do is publicly announce a glitch in the (data-nazi) system... Just ordered a note 3. Was hoping to order it on launch day with that sweet 30% discount code (another awesome not-so secret.) Posted via Android Central App
  • Obviously it was bound to be announced eventually... Just a bummer so early. Luckily rockin 20gigs for the price of 10gigs for two more years. :) Posted via Android Central App
  • This has really been in the system this way for WEEKS?
  • Longer. When I was contemplating the HTC One two months ago. I've been waiting for note 3 launch day so I could use the other "glitch"... The discount code. ;) Posted via Android Central App
  • All of you thinking you are getting away with this you are wrong. Once the phone ships and activates on the network is when your plan will kick you back to 2 GB. You all have known for at least a year and a half now that this has been removed. There really isn't anything legally that you can do because you knew if you payed a subsidy that you would loose the unlimited data plan glitch or not. Don't be surprised when it happens. Just saying.
  • I will know for sure tomorrow. I set it up to pick my phone up in a store. I have a feeling that I will still have my unlimited data or I won't take it. Posted via Android Central App
  • You mean 6gigs of LTE and unlimited Edge. Posted via Android Central App
  • Its a Contract that's legally binding. If vzw wants to change the terms agreed to because if a'glitch' then the contract is void. If they do void the contract I'll return the phone right b4 I drop vzw as my carrier. I just assume if vzw voids the contacts most of us will be retuning under the 14 day cancelation policy. I'm 100% ready 2-
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Amen Posted via Android Central App
  • Actually you can keep the phone. If YOU change the contract, then you have to pay off or give back the phone with the return policy, if THEY void the contract, you already paid the subsidiary price and own it.
  • Prove what I know/don't know :)
  • You are full of it. If their system says you keep it, their hands are tied.
  • I ordered while chatting with the rep online. She said her supervisor is aware of it and they are making notes in the accounts of the people they chat with. She said she noted my account that I completed the transaction with unlimited data as an option and that when I get the phone I should still have unlimited data. I also had a copy of the chat transcript, where the rep said I will still have unlimited data, emailed to me.
  • I have been reading these replies and just wondering if in fact VZW is allowing this to happen, there must be some backlash coming behind this move.....all I'm saying is be prepared for some serious throttling to take affect....
  • They can't throttle LTE, per FCC rules.
  • Isn't that what TMo does after 2gB? They advertise "unlimited internet" but their website shows that it's really 2gB of "full speed" data and then throttled after that. Honestly asking the question, here.
  • Seriously?! I just upgraded a couple weeks ago and had to sacrifice my unlimited data. Posted via Android Central App
  • How do I enable an in-store pickup option? I only see the delivery options available to me. I am in NYC, and have many corp. stores with the G2 in stock. And I have an "In-Store Pickup Order Destination" selected. What gives?
  • lmao my buddy told me they will switch them back when they catch the glitch
  • They can't bait and switch. That is illegal.
  • Verizon doesn't care what is legal Posted via The Android Central App
  • Verizon doesn't care what is legal Posted via The Android Central App
  • But your right Posted via The Android Central App
  • But your right Posted via The Android Central App
  • I just ordered two Moto X phones. I chatted with the rep online and she walked me through the process. She stated that even if they switch us to 2gb once the glitch is fixed that I have 14 days to return the phones. Once the phones get returned she said that customer service will be able to revert me back to my old unlimited data plan. I asked her 3 times and I have the transcript. She basically said, that there is no risk in trying if I am willing to just return the phones if I lose my unlimited data.
  • 419 am EST. I was able to put an order in for an iphone 5s and keep my unlimited data. Hopefully it holds for a bit so the rest of my family can upgrade theirs when they wake up.
  • Weird. I walked in the store weeks ago to get a Droid Maxx. The sales lady said I'd be loosing my unlimited plan. I said okay I understand. Since then I checked my account online at the website and it still shows my plan as unlimited. Even my verizon mobile app says I've still got unlimited. Posted via Android Central App
  • I chatted online with a rep and she said just go for it. They know about the glitch and are working on it, but she says if they change it just to return the phone. Plus the 14 day cancel thing will give you a buffer. I ordered my note 3, hopefully it sticks!
  • OK,
    4:52am EST -- deal still seems to work. Let's see what happens when I pick the phone up tomorrow, and activate it. The chat lady said to wait a day or two before activating, to see what happens.
  • DARN!!!!!!!!!! I pre-ordered the GN3 on 9/20, but it doesn't ship until 10/10 AND I paid full retail price for it. Because I have multiple lines on my account, I attempted to upgrade another line to see if I could keep my unlimited data. VZW website give me an error that reads ... unable to upgrade this line. try again later. I contacted VZW via Chat and they told me that customers can only process one upgrade at a time. Next, she told me to call back after 6AM EST to cancel the order and then I should be able to upgrade my line. Hopefully this will work [FINGERS CROSSED].
  • Tough call I gotta make. My chat with Verizon Customer Service: Me: Do you know of any issues with keeping the $29.99/month unlimited data plan while upgrading on the Verizon website? I was suprised to see the option to keep my current unlimited plan. Megan: It is a glitch in the system, if it shows you can keep it then you will but if the glitch is fixed it may default to the 2 GB data package because in the contract it states we can change anything at anytime Me: I understand. What is the amound of time I have after placing my preorder to cancel the order and not be charged (if there is such a thing)? Megan: You have all the time to cancel it before it ships
  • The glitch may be fixed now. I went through the entire ordering process and right when I clicked submit order Verizon kicked me out and made me sign in again, and I was unable to get the upgrade deal right after that. Good luck with those who actually got through.
  • Just placed my order, showed as unlimited data $29.99.
  • I just upgraded my unlimited account and pre-ordered the Note 3. It allowed me to keep my unlimited. If they try to default me to the share everything, I will just threaten to leave. My contract has been up for a while, & I can;t imagine that they would want to lose a long-time customer over a glitch.
    btw, I did the upgrade at 6:00am cst Sunday morning, so it is still in the system.
  • Verizon could care less if they lose a few thousand customers believe me. I told them I was leaving when they screwed up our account and the CSR says OK have a great day anything else I can help you with. Posted via Android Central App
  • If that is their stance, so be it. I can just cancel the pre-order, or return the phone if they try it after I receive it. Not like I am actually losing anything. I have other carriers I can go to. Not locked into a contract at the moment.
  • Technically, you should be able to keep the phone and pay no ETF if they do this, as it constitutes a change to your service. This is why I can't see them dropping us all to a tiered plan. Cancelling orders and allowing us to keep unlimited? I can see that.
  • Where did you find the language that says that you can keep the phone and pay no ETF? All these cell phone "contracts" we sign are really just "Service Agreements" (matters to the legal system) and I have never seen one that doesn't explicitly state that the carrier might change plan conditions at any time.
  • It depends on which rep you get, I had one CSR refuse to give me back my unlimited data after returning a phone I purchased within the first 14 days. I called the next day and threatened to leave and got my plan switched back.
  • Well just ordered a motox 189 after Verizon 30 discount and nj tax. Said unlimited and no prompt that I was being dropped to tiered. We will see on Tuesday after I activate it if it goes back or not. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is this "verizon30" code good for all phones?
    I went thru the whole process to upgrade to the S4, and I never saw a spot to enter a promo code. It allowed me to keep my unlimited data as well.
    I cancelled the transaction as I wanted to find out about the promo code deal.
  • It may only be good on the Moto X and LG G2
  • I guess it worked after all. I do have a confirmation e-mail from VZ for a Note 3 and unlimited data.
  • After seeing all this, I don't know how they can still think people benefit from a share everything plan. I upgraded a dumb phone line just to keep my unlimited. Its obvious people like unlimited better.... Wake up Verizon!!!
  • Why would they bring it back? You and several other people keep giving them extra money (adding lines) just to keep what you have. You (and others) pay them more money to gain nothing else. They make more per month, and don't have to give you anything extra. Seems like they are winning the battle.
  • But they could get new customers if they added unlimited to their plans. Like customers from Sprint or other Unlimited data carriers Posted via The Android Central App
  • Never added an extra line. It's a line we have from when my sister in law was on my account. 3 lines total, mine, my wife's and the extra line. Used the upgrade that was on the extra line put the flip phone back on it and only pay the $10. My wife and my line aren't under a contract at all. Not giving any more money than when I signed up with Verizon 6 years ago other than buying the phones (which I got at best buy for $50). in fact giving them less because my work has a discount through them.
  • I just did this as well. 9:00am EST, and it was still working. I'm not worried about this. Even if they do switch me back, I'll just call up and complain. I've been having call issues with my replacement Nexus phones (yes multiple) since June, and this is going to be my way out of it.
    If you have unlimited and want to keep it, take advantage of this. Worse case, you can always cancel within your 14 days, and you won't be any worse/better off than you are now.
  • I just did it, still working. If they bump me down to 2 gigs it gives me a great excuse to finally drop those assholes
  • I'm starting to think (I got my moto X last night too) that this was on purpose. Either to give a little sales boost (the end of the Q3) - most of the people on unltd data were not willing to upgrade for full price, or they simply wanted to lure in as many people as possible and force them to drop the existing plan - less traffic plus more money per GB sold. Of course leaving the room for those who are persistent to retract.
    I just don't see how n why they kept it available for so long (after numerous reports) on accident. Posted via Android Central App
  • As a web application developer, I can tell you that (depending on how their system works) "fixing" the problem could very easily take a couple of days once you factor in 1) testing the code changes, 2) getting sign off/approval on that testing, 3) scheduling the code to be moved (which usually requires the site to be offline for at least a few minutes, if not longer for more testing), 4) doing the actual code update. It's usually not as simple as just flipping a switch.
  • Maybe it's fixed, but it doesn't work for me. I tried LG G2, GS4, Note 3, all ask me to change my data plan :(
  • Hmm...I just tried about 10 minutes ago and it worked for me with the Note 3. Got the confirmation email showing the same unlimited data plan.
  • I wonder what that's about. I have a monthly discount no mine, wonder if that is messing it up. I tried it again and no luck. Need to select a family share plan, or change my unlimited to a 2gb
  • It shouldn't. I have it too and had no problems Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a discount through work as well. I'm a couple months past the end of my contract so I don't know if that makes a difference.
  • Tried to do it @ 10am. I have a business plan with 8 phones 5 are up for upgrades because I have not used any due to not wanting to loose my unlimited data. Could NOT get it to work. Can only purchase phones with phone call not online. Lady said when she adds the phone to my cart it kicks my unlimited plan. Was worth the try!! Posted via Android Central App
  • I believe I got it to work online. We have a business plan as well (6 phones and 2 had upgrades). It showed unlimited email and web for smartphones listed at $27.59 which was probably our current plan anyway. Just in case you haven't done so, make sure you are signed in under your business account. This is where you can manage all your phones, billing, upgrades etc. Do not sign in under personal account.
  • Its still working. I just got a HTC one. The unlimited data was already highlighted when making decisions. Posted via Android Central App
  • There is a 30% discount code.. Hope you used it. /: Posted via Android Central App
  • Still works - I pre-ordered a GN III and was able to keep all of my existing plan! The promo codes don't work for this phone (there was never an option to enter in any promo codes). Anyways I'm so psyched for this deal and to get my new phone! Thanks AC - YOU ROCK! BTW - this is pure speculation, but I bet VZW is doing this on purpose. With the all the new phones coming out now like Iphone 5S/5C, GN III, LG2, Moto X, .... etc. I bet they are doing everything they can to drive sales now while the market is hot! They also just bought up the rest of their shares from Vodophone, so I'm sure they are eager to cash in on that.
  • Eh, I'm not getting anything having to do with unlimited when I go to the checkout. It only shows the different capped data plans. Trying to do the GN3. We have a business plan with 6 devices. Just trying to upgrade my phone. Any suggestions? Are you all signing in to your account and clicking upgrade device or something?
  • Nevermind I was able to make it work. If you have a business account make sure you sign in under the business account and not as your phone number. They are two separate accounts that perform different functions.
  • Wow, i'm actually mad i'm getting a regular discount now :( I tried it again, and it still doesn't work for my account.
  • Be careful! Here is my chat with online support. Your RealTime session ID is RT27240943834.
    You are now chatting with 'Ber'
    Ber: Welcome to the Verizon Wireless Sales Chat! I'll be helping you today, let's start by introducing ourselves. My name is Ber, can I get your name please?"
    You: Hi, I have an employee line and it appears I can upgrade my phone AND keep my existing employee line/unlimited data. I'm at the final page. Can you verify that I will be keeping my plan before I checkout?
    Ber: Hi there! It's a very nice glitch!
    Ber: They're working to fix it.
    Ber: So I would hurry before they do.
    Ber: It's confirmed that you would be able to keep it if it's offering it to you!
    Ber: Yes.
    You: Will Verizon change my plan without notice IF I decide to update this way?
    Ber: No, they can't change it.
    You: Is there a way I can get a letter in the mail stating my plan will not change if I continue with this upgrade, without my consent?
    Ber: It's in your contract.
    You: I have read in the past that Verizon has changed plans without a person's consent before though.
    Ber: Right, we can change the available plans at any time. But if you don't change your plan to a new plan, then your plan won't change. That's in your contract. If you don't change something, nothing changes on your account.
    You: Ok, fair enough. As I'm at the final stage before I complete the order; I do not see my 50% discount for the unlimited plan. My original plan has 50% discount on the unlimited web.
    Ber: Your discount wouldn't change, you'd still get the same discount as you did before. It just won't show in the order.
    You: Thank you. I will keep record of this conversation.
    Ber: Great! Hey, keep me on the line here. I'm really good at answering questions! Plus may I have the order confirmation number when you get it, so I can make sure your order went through perfectly for you?
    You: Wonderful, I need to contemplate this purchase a moment first.
    Ber: No problem.
    Ber: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?
    You: Just reading over the agreement to make sure things haven't changed.
    Ber: No problem.
    You: This is in the agreement. "We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time, but we'll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service. If you use your Service after the change takes effect, that means you're accepting the change. If you're a Postpay customer and a change to your Plan or this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no early termination fee if we fail to negate the change after you notify us of your objection to it."
    You: Can you clarify for me.
    Ber: It means exactly what it says... That we can change things. At any time like we discussed before. Though as a right as our customer, if you're made to do it, you can cancel or go back to your previous plan.
    You: So if I upgrade today and next week Verizon changes my plan, I can cancel service without a penalty. That is how I am reading it. Can you verify I can reading it correctly?
    Ber: Yes.
    You: Thank you.
    Ber: If you are forced to change it, you can cancel. What page of the order are you on?
    You: Last page, still reading the agreement.
    Ber: Great! Once you're ready continue on. The agreement is also at the bottom of every page on the website under customer agreement.
    You: Can I get your name and employee ID? I would like it in my records.
    Ber: Amber, 669266.
    You: Thank you.
    Ber: You're welcome.
    You: Since I'm looking at the Samsung Note 3 and it doesn't ship until the 10th; does my new contract start on the 10th or today. I only ask because I have 14 days to decide if I wish to keep the equipment and plan.
    Ber: It would start on the 10th when you agree to the terms and conditions. Then your 14 day policy would start.
    You: Well technically I would be agreeing to the terms and conditions today.
    Ber: You are stating that you read them in the order. You actually agree to them when you get the phone.
    Ber: Did you get past the payment page? You're almost done!
    You: No I have not yet. I verify many things before I accept contracts.
    You: Can you verify that you can see my account information?
    Ber: I can not see your account information because you haven't given me information to bring up your account.
    You: Ahh yes, which information do you need. I just want to ensure you can see my account pre and post purchase.
    Ber: For that type of information, I'd advise you to talk to Customer Care. They would have more access abilities then I would. And nothing would actually change on your account until the phone's activated. There would just be one little arrow showing that something had been ordered. It wouldn't even tell me what was ordered.
    You: Interesting. Thank you. I think I will pass then for now. I have always been told if a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
    Ber: No problem. Thank you for your interest in Verizon Wireless! Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    You: No, thank you.
    Ber: Thank you so much for visiting Verizon Wireless sales chat, it's been a pleasure to chat with you today. Appreciate your patience!
  • you have problems.
  • Why do I have problems? If Verizon sales support can't access my account, how can they verify anything? There is no problem with making sure you get what you want.
  • So if the agreement is locked when we activate the phone then we can back out, return the phone if Verizon changes their mind? Anyone knows for certain because I really want a new phone but do not want to lose unlimited. The in advance.
  • I guess they could give you a choice of changing your data plan or cancelling the transaction.
  • thanks for posting this, it's really helpful and it seems you've done your homework. i'm weary of the whole "official date of agreement to terms & conditions" part. it is comforting to know that i could back out if they decide to change my contract, though i anticipate it would be an enormous hassle. i'm thinking i'm going to err on the side of caution like you and sit on this one for a while. if it's still available on the 10th, then i'll probably go for it. otherwise, i'll just walk into a Verizon store and buy one. i think i had honestly come to grips with ditching my unlimited plan but even though it doesn't make a ton of sense, i would be furious if they gave it to me and then took it back after the fact.
  • Ok. I will stay on the safe side and not taking risk at the moment. So if this is still available in store on 10/10, does it mean I can upgrade and lock in the "unlimited" new contract and Verizon can not back out? Any suggestions? Thx much in advance.
  • I am not eligible until October 10th. I guess I'll stick with my S3
  • I let go of my unlimited data but while having trouble activating my phone the tech just assumed I was keeping our data plans separate and adding a small data package for my wife's phone. I said " can I do that" she said "sure! It's a few bucks cheaper if your wife gets a 2gb plan and you keep your unlimited. " we have subsidized phones. Yeah! Posted via Android Central App
  • Just ordered G2. Interesting comment that Verizon chat: "We're not 100% sure if Verizon is piloting a new service or just allowing existing customers to maintain the unlimited to test it's 4G Network bandwidth but, we have been advised to allow customers to make that selection & ensure them that's a valid option during the order process"
  • Hmmmmm.... as always, each time to you talk to someone you get a different answer, but be careful of this
    You are now chatting with 'Dee' Dee: ?Hi! My name is (insert name here) with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. Let me know which device you?re interested in, and I may be able to help you save $50 when you place your order with me when adding a new line, starting new service or upgrading! May I have your name please?? Justin: Justin Justin : Your name is (insert name here)? Dee: Hi Justin, how may I assist you with your online order? Dee: I apologize. Dee Justin : Well I see that a lot of folks are able to sign a new contract today but keep their unlimited data plan. I'm not seeing that option online. Dee: Are you upgrading? Justin : If i could keep my umlimited plan, i was interested in the LG G2 Dee: I do apologize you are going to have to change your data, we do have a ticket open, so when you go through your order you will keep it but when you activate it you will have to change your data plan. Justin: Is that what is happening with all the folks that are buying new phones? It stay unlimited now, but when they get and activate their phone is switches to a new plan? Dee: Yes this is correct! Dee: Dee: It is a glitch in the system on our end.
  • That's horsesh** VZ should honor all of these.
  • Agreed. I'm not saying they won't. This was just one reps comments. But it's worrisome. Id probably do it anyway, and give them hell when the phone came personally...
  • I'm not with Verizon, but my girlfriend is...She just had a chat VERY similar to yours.
  • I'm not doing it. And this is likely not a glitch. And here's why: When you choose a new plan it reads "Unlimited e-mail and web + 500mb data $29.99" As far as I can see, this is a marketing ploy. They're not offering "Unlimited DATA". I'd bet the things that consume the most amount of "DATA" i.e. Netflix and Tethering won't constitute as "WEB". If you lose your Unlimited DATA today, they're never put you back on that plan. Even if you cancel the contract in 14 days! It won't be a "option they can choose on their system". I've lost unlimited texts this way. Lastly, it very clearly states on the contract you're about to agree on, VZ can change or modify the terms of the contract at ANY TIME! Good luck to those who upgraded.
  • Mine just says: "Unlimited e-mail and web for smartphones $29.99"
  • Mine too.
  • Mine said unlimited email and web. No 500mb Posted via Android Central App
  • Go look at my receipt from the store on D-L. Nothing changed at all, except that I now have a contract-end date that is 2-years in the future. Unlimited data still in-tact. Says the same thing for me online. Anyone telling you otherwise is reading way too much into this.
  • It also says that if they change or modify your contract you can cancel without any fee.
  • Same here. No mention of 500mb data.
    BUT I just saw that it ends with "(personal email)" - is that a tricky part or everyone had it before? I can't recall. Posted via Android Central App
  • If this works, it will absolutely be my last two years with the all-talk-no-walk network. I can give you four letters that sum up Verizon... C.D.M.A. Posted via Android Central App
  • I would sell the phone right away as brand new for 450-500 and go to any other carrier. No way to wait 2 yrs. - 5000 in their pockets, no way ! Posted via Android Central App
  • Also... Whoever does there advertising/ marketing... ... Should be incredibly, rezoundingly, struck down by a Thunderbolt... Charred down to their DNA... then turned into a DROID. Then covered to the MAX with 4G LTE logos. Yup... I went there. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just my opinion, but it is never worth signing a contract with a phone carrier anymore, not even in this case.
  • I was dead set on paying full-retail when Moto Maker came to Verizon Wireless to get a custom Moto X and keep my unlimited data. ... I just placed an order for a white Moto X and took screenshots to show my unlimited data stays in tact. Picking up later today.
  • Let us know. I'm picking up mine tomorrow.
    Did it show
    Unltd .... (personal email).
    If so, did you see that ( at the end) before? Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes (personal email etc.) Posted via Android Central App
  • My wife up graded when the iphone 5s came out we thought she was going to have to go with the 6 gig for $30 on the edge plan but when it was all done it showed she was on the edge plan but also got to keep her unlimited. Even the guy at the Verizon store was amazed but the phone was activated and everything went through so I'm not sure what's going on. Posted via Android Central App
  • For people having problems, try this: >Clear/empty cart completely
    >Clear cookies and cache from your browser
    >Restart browser
    >Restart order from the beginning I don't know why, but I was having some problems with certain options appearing (promo code, in store pickup). I did the above, and it worked.
  • Verizon will end up rejecting some of these orders. Keep in mind and agreement is not official until the carrier accepts the order, if you read the original agreement that you signed they reserve the right to cancel any orders at a time. I'm very interested to see some follow up stories and comments to this
  • well i got an email that mkes it look like my order might not go through: "Important Order Information: Internet Order Reference Number: XXXXXXXXXX Order Date: 09/29/2013 07:53:33 Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless. Your order is currently in queue to be processed. In most cases orders are processed within 3 business days. If your order is unable to be processed for any reason you will receive a more detailed e-mail. If your order is completed successfully, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your order has been completed and shipped. If you have any additional questions about this order, please reply to this email or contact us at 866-338-7390 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM Saturday." my parents last night got full confirmation emails with their plan break down and a ship date. I only have an order confirmation with no info but the price i paid and the line its for and that email above.
  • I ordered my Moto X from Verizon on the day it was available with the expectation that I would be moved to a tiered plan. I even got the expected warning informing me so. However, as of right now, I too am still showing an unlimited data plan in my account information. Posted via Android Central App
  • It WORKS !!!! I just upgraded my Note 2 to a Note 3 AND my wife's 5 to a 5s (evil bitch). I'm printing out the detailed confimation emails showing that our unlimited data is still there asa we speak !!!!
  • Tried it and was prompted to pick a new data plan. Cleared cache and all that and logged in again and tried again. Same thing. In a chat window right now and CSR is telling me there was a glitch in the system and it won't work. But I'm trying to upgrade an unlimited line on a tiered plan to an older phone which is only $.99 at the moment.
  • I was prompted as well. However, the new plan never took and I still have unlimited data, according to my account information, that is. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm interested in people that picked up their orders in stores like I read from one person last night, I was planning to pick my LG G2 today but didn't have option to add to bill if I picked it up. I could of probably had the option is store, but didn't want to risk the store to mess something up. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just picked up 2 Droid Maxx, confirmation at store and also in receipt / customer agreement sent to me. From my primary phone:
    EMAIL & WEB UNLIMITED $29.99 29.99 monthly From another phone on my account:
    EMAIL & WEB UNLIMITED $29.99 29.99 monthly
  • Were you able to charge it to your account when you picked them up?
  • I didn't want to do that. Got new AAdvantage credit card that needs $3K in first three months so I can get my 50,000 bonus miles. Plus the card doubles manufacturer warranty so I get 2 years by putting on the card :)
  • Nice ! Posted via Android Central App
  • I ordered online this morning and chose in store pickup, and was out 30min later with unlimited data still in tact! Posted via Android Central App
  • Sweet. Posted via Android Central App
  • Dustin H.: I do understand that the site is currently displaying that as an available option. That is not something we currently offer and our tech teams are working very hard to get the taken down at this time. Choosing that option would not guarantee you that service. When activating your phone, you'd be prompted to switch to one of our currently offered plans. Let's take this time to go ahead and pick out the correct plan for you to save you time later on with activation of the new device.
  • Riiiggghhhttt..... phone already in hand, contract signed that clearly shows 2 year unlimited. Not much they can do on my account for next 2 years legally. Contract signed, consideration paid, device in hand and activated.
  • I want to pull the trigger and upgrade my Galaxy Nexus. In my cart it shows I will still have it, but in the Terms you agree to upon checkout it states: "We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time,but we'll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service." I don't want to lose my unlimited data. I am by no means a data hog, but regularly use around 3GB a month.
  • Going with your concern, VZW can today pull your unlimited plan if they want to. Better to get a new phone (that you can unload later) than to have nothing in hand. If VZW changes their terms you are no longer required to pay ETF. This isn't an accident (in my opinion) as VZW is well aware of the issue by now. If this was an accident they would have already fixed the "glitch". Previous "glitches" have been taken care of within an hour or two - this is now stringing on for a couple of days. Interesting timing at the end of a quarter...
  • How is this for a conspiracy theory: Verizon is seeing that iPhone C & S sales aren't going to meet projected sales goals and the 3rd fiscal quarter is ending Monday and they are going to miss their numbers and stock will tank. They don't want to change their long term plan to get rid of unlimited data. So they secretly, temporarily allow unlimited data accounts to upgrade their phone and leak it to the internet. They get a surge of orders and make their numbers. Then call it a glitch and shut it off. If this ends before Monday midnight it would support this. If it goes on longer than midnight Monday it would argue against this because those sales would be in the 4th quarter.
  • I actually considered this myself
  • Me as well....
  • Just came back from picking up my G2 from the store. No hasstles. They just activated the line and I was gone. I bought a new G2 8 days ago that I paid full price on so I'll wait a week to see if any changes will be made before i return this phone. Also, the code: Verizon30 you $60 off a G2. ;D
  • Got me a Note 3 for 300 bucks!!! I'm extremely excited.
  • Was gonna get for my wife but when I saw total of 395 I changed my mind. Too much (to me) for on-contract price.
    Not that is not worth it, though. Posted via Android Central App
  • As of 5:00pm EDT here is my latest chat with sales support: You: I was considering upgrading my phone by placing an order. It appears that if I do so, per the shopping cart screen, that the system is allowing me to keep my RTR for UNLIMITED PLANS (unlimited data). Could you confirm this please?
    VZW Rep: There is a glitch with the system and you will not keep the unlimited data.
    VZW Rep: Once you activate the phone, you will be changed to a 2GB data plan.
    You: Thank you for the information
    VZW Rep: You're welcome! I can assist you with completing your order.
    You: Oh no thank you. I won't be giving up my unlimited data. I'll just pay full price in the future. So looks like I won't be upgrading.
  • I've already activate my phone, here's what my customer agreement shows after activating the phone and signing the new 2 year contract:
    UNLIMITED $29.99 29.99 monthly Also stated in the agreement: I AGREE TO THE CURRENT VERIZON
  • For those of you who have upgraded successfully, did you keep your old sim, or accept a new one?
  • New one, it's pre-installed in the Droid Maxx's I picked up.
  • New SIM. Posted via Android Central App
  • Website updated to fix the glitch. I have a store pick up ready, so I'll we'll see.
  • Just upgraded. Still got my unlimited data. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just decided to pull the trigger, but when I added the device to my cart it took me to choose a new plan... Looks like the glitch has been fixed and I am still holding on to my Galaxy Nexus :(
  • They fixed it
  • Hi, I just talked to a verizon customer service representative.
    I ordered a new phone with my upgrade status (Droid mini) and wanted to change the phone today before it’s shipped (just phone, with keeping the same plan).
    So I called and she (the representative) said that that was a system problem and once the system realizes the upgrade, then it will automatically
    change the unlimited data plan to 2 Gb plan. That sucks. She asked me if I wanted to cancel my order.
    But having undying hope I am, I decided to receive the item through mail first and see what's going to happen and then later, if really the unlimited data plan is gone, then
    cancel this order through a local verizon store. Interesting how things are happening and if what she told me is true, then surely there will be countless people that are going to cry in anger and despair.
    I am still hoping that all the people may keep their unlimited data plan as they wish.
  • .... And why are people calling Verizon. It's like hey gonna take advantage of your error so bust me. What did you expect them to say? ID10Ts. Posted via Android Central App
  • So they know what to expect and plan accordingly. They are not stealing but using what is available to them at the moment, so why not verify and cover your basis. Seems logical and responsible to me.
  • Yup, the website is fixed, the option of "Keep your existing plan" after clicking next is followed by "Your current unlimited data offering is no longer available. By default 76375 - DATA PACKAGE 2GB/$30 offering is selected"
  • So when toilet paper shows up on line for a bargain price you call the company to make sure. I think not. Again it's either a major mistake they need to stand behind or a real bargain. Either way they put it to us every month anyway and need to be socially responsible themselves and stand behind it. If it's a mistake its bush league for a multi billion dollar company to let it go for so long without pulling immediately. Time will tell. Posted via Android Central App
  • I can't imagine how Verizon could let this "glitch" last almost 24 hours. If this was truly a mistake, I imagine someone is going to be in trouble for letting it happen in the first place, and second, for taking so long to fix it. I also imagine this will be a bit of a headache for customer service when upgrade phones start to get activated, with customers expecting to keep their unlimited plans and the Verizon systems trying to downgrade the customer to a tiered data plan. Going to be a LOT of unhappy customers when that happens, and the front-line customer service reps will hear it, for sure. Still hoping that what the customer service rep told me yesterday morning is true, that customers moving from the $29.99 unlimited plan to a tiered plan can go to a new 6 GB/$29.99 data plan. It's not unlimited, but it's way better than some of the other "share everything" data plans. I do wonder if that's something you can only get from calling in, since it's not showing up in the web site yet...
  • One of the major airlines recently had a major "glitch" that let flights be booked online for literally just tens of dollars. When customers heard the customers took advantage of it big time, booking trips to Hawaii, Alaska, etc. The airline fixed the glitch the same day or the next, but instead of voiding all of those sales, bit the bullet and let the customers keep the tickets. That was an unexpected but honorable move by the airline. How many takers on whether or not Verizon cancels at least the preorder sales (like for the Note 3), if not all of the pending sales?
  • Exactly. Socially right thing to do but time will tell. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes, that was United Airlines. But remember: Verizon is evil...
  • It's over :( Posted via Android Central App
  • I just tried to do the upgrade on Verizon website and it still works and gives me my unlimited data and without hitting the complete order I went to Amazon wireless and tried again. After it did 2 verification on me it never asked me to change from my unlimited data and at the final compete order page it listed unlimited data still as my data package. This isn't a glitch cause if it is it's a glitch that is affecting all web sites that take Verizon wireless orders.
  • wish i knew i couldve upgraded at amazon prices. I assumed this was only thru Also missed out on the 30% -__- because i didnt come across it until AFTER i placed the order. couldve saved me another 100$
  • I ordered a Moto X last night and choose store pickup. Got my phone at noon today, the rep checked and said I still have unlimited data. Activated my phone, got home, checked my account online.. STILL UNLIMITED DATA!!!
  • Did the same thing but didn't make it to the store. I hope they will activate it tomorrow.with no changes. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just got home with a G2. Although the glitch has been fixed, a website check verifies I still have unlimited data for the time being.
  • So it is not fixed. Here is proof from my order on Amazon I just took a screenshot.
  • Guess it is closed. Just tried and the first step it gives me is to choose a new plan.
  • So anyone recently upgraded and still kept their unlimited data? This sucks, I knew I should have paid my bill. Stupid past due is stopping me from upgrading. Lol guess that's what I get. Maybe it will keep going till Thursday. Posted via Android Central App
  • Did Verizon fix the glitch yet to get phones and keep their unlimted data plan?
  • So I hear everyone talking about keeping the unlimited plan because they previously had it, but what about current verIzon customers who are upgrading for the first time to a data plan? Help us out, what is the best option for us? Contract or this verizon edge thing?