Verizon users -- are you getting the Galaxy Nexus? [from the forums]

A Nexus phone on the Verizon network is a pretty big deal.  Plenty of people never thought it would happen (guilty), as Verizon has the muscle to have a bit more control over their network than most, and the Galaxy Nexus may take a bit of that away.  We're all happy to be mistaken about it though, trust me.  You guys deserve this phone, and have been waiting for this phone since the day everyone realized that Verizon wouldn't be carrying the Nexus One after all.

So now that it's official, how many of you are going to storm the gates and grab one ASAP?  There's other options of course -- the Motorola RAZR looks like a hell of a phone in it's own right, and HTC's Rezound will turn a lot of heads with it's sexy look.  And heaven only knows what's coming around the corner.  We couldn't make an easy decision ourselves in this case. 

It's a lot to think about.  It's also an interesting metric, and we all love interesting metrics.  Take a minute, hit the forums, and tell the world what you plan on doing once the GNex hits the shelves. 

Android Central forums poll: Now that it's official, what are you doing?

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  • I simply cannot wait. Even thought about switching carriers if I couldn't get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus!
  • Ice Cream Sandwhich look pretty amazing to me I see elements of HTC SENSE in this update/ IE.. the unlocking ring is definately like sense 3.0. the people's application resembles htc no question android has come a long way and I am very proud of that. I was new to android in Janurary of 2010 I researched which platform I wanted and decided on android and htc brought that easy learning curve and brought beauty to android at a time when pure android was very ugly now pure android has caught up and is no longer ugly. I will be purchasing this device day one on verizon my very first pure android google device and I look forward to that 100%. Meanwhile I will have the best of both worlds with my HTC EVO 3D ON SPRINT and my new GALAXY NEXUS ON VERIZON what a great world I live in
  • I'll wait with my Rooted Evo 3D on Sprint. Sprint LTE comes out next year, so I look forward to a Galaxy Nexus 4G being in the pipeline.
    Until Sprint totally cancels unlimited data I'll stay, after it's over I most likely will give Verizon a call.
  • Yea, that's my main reason for staying with Sprint (for now). The unlimited data (and unlimited mobile to mobile calling) can not be beat. Pricing is not a big issue to me whether it be Sprint or Verizon seeing as how the company I work for gets discounted plans for both carriers. I'm hoping Sprint will be getting this device, but it is tempting enough to make me consider switching.
  • Really? Are you kidding me? With CES only 77 days away? And 2nd Generation 28 nm Exynos Processors ready to Debut and Revolutionize the Mobile World with "Quad-Core" 1,800 - 2,000 mhz processors with 1.5 Gigs of Ram.. Why would I pay $836.41 for this phone (Tax & Accessories..) or $586.41 with a 2 Year Committment for 2011 Technology when "True" 2012 - 2013 Technology is only 77 days away.. Just Imagine what Perfromance you will be able to have by next summer with Custom Roms powering Cool Running 2nd Gen Exynos phones overclocked to 2,200 - 2,400 mhz.. Not to mention the increased battery life these New - Tech processors will bring.. My 1,300 mhz Droid Charge is more than enough to run today's apps..
  • Why do you keep spamming this all over AC? Yes Really, really really... People are going to buy this phone. By your logic you should never upgrade because the next best thing is coming soon... one word RIDICULOUS.
  • Then Stop Reading It A-HOLE !
  • Yes!
  • Absolutely. I'll be very curious to learn the cash,, no contact price as I'll be replacing my work-provided D2G.
  • Me too! I'm switching from Sprint. Gonna be off contract...
  • You going to say goodbye to your Unlimited data plan.
  • They would have soon anyway. Sprint isn't going to keep unlimited forever. I have unlimited with Verizon, but it will probably go away in the near future, grandfathered in or not.
  • Ill be getting this for me and razr for my gf and ill compare both and return the one i dont like.....
  • Are you talking about the phones or you gf? :)
  • I'm getting it as soon as I can get my hands on it that's for sure! So long Thunderbolt it has been fun!
  • I wish, I still have a year on my contract (ends 10/18/12), so I can only hope the Droid X gets ICS.
  • you may be in luck, verizon had a one year early upgrade. they stopped it last spring , but they allowed people one last upgrade . you may have to pay an additional $50 or something . i did it in may when i got the thunderbolt , i only had to pay $20. give them a call .
  • Yep! OG Droid and G Nexus.. only vanilla Android phones ever on VZW...
  • Same here.
  • Xperia Play is vanilla
  • I have the Thunderbolt. I'm eligible for an upgrade now. I will be picking up the Galaxy Nexus. Even if it means camping out the night before. #OccupyVerizonWireless
  • Eligible for an upgrade on a phone that is 7 months old?
  • Depends how he purchased the TB. I purchased my Droid Charge and am eligible for update in November, plan does not alter if you purchase phone outright.
  • I'm not sure. I'm undecided between the Nexus and the Rezound. I'll have to compare them both at the store.
  • are you serious? dude get the prime . thats a no brainer
  • Does a bear shit in the woods?
  • If he's a Chicago Bear, No!
  • Not if it lives in the zoo. :P
  • I would like to, not eligible for an upgrade, but I won a bionic, hopefully I can sell that and put the funds towards it.
  • I sold my Bionic for $450 on Ebay. You might wanna hop on it before the new stuff is released and the unwashed masses find out about it.
  • Motorola hasn't shipped it yet. :-/
  • Had such a bad experience with the Fascinate that I'll probably pass on this Nexus simply because it's built by Samsung. I still have about 8 months on my contract anyway, so we'll see what the reports are. I know it'll be running stock Android 4, but the Samsung's meddling with the Fascinate's OS wasn't the only issue I had - terrible battery life, weak antenna and a totally dysfunctional GPS are all indicators of lousy hardware. Samsung makes nice screens, I'll grant them that, otherwise I honestly have no idea why they're so praised for their hardware.
  • thats one phone, i dint like the fascinate when they came out , i petty much didnt like any of the original galaxy phones . i currently have the droid charge , this phone is sick . better then my og droid , incredible and the thunderbolt . those galaxy s2 phones are sick. i know how the whole bad taste in the mouth thing can be, but their the number one android phone to get right now
  • Samsung is the #2 phone maker in the world behind apple. The og gs phones were not a good representation of what they do. I have an og evo but bought my mom a nexus s 4g and i have a tab 10.1. Both have been awesome. I must have the prime! And i didnt think verizon would passup this nexus. Its not like they had to put v cast on the iphone before they would sell it.
  • I keep reading about the same issues with the Charge as I was having with the Fascinate - flaky GPS, weak antenna, and it's still running FroYo, isn't it? To me, it seems Samsung's commitment to their phones is still pretty lacking. Yea, the Nexus will get updates faster, but I'd rather not support a company who doesn't support their products.
  • I'll pick up a Nexus device when it's built with quality hardware. Sorry, I refuse to pay that much for subpar quality just for the software loaded on it. Hopefully Moto will have the next Nexus :)
  • This guys ridiculous. Samsung is top notch
  • If subpar radios and gps make a device top notch then I guess you are right my friend. Have fun with your Sammy :)
  • I have had Samsung phones before and I have never had a problem with quality.
  • i suspect the next nexus will be motorola since google has acquired motorola. it was just too late to use them for this nexus since i'm sure they had a deal with the samsung before the acquisition was even in full gear.
  • still have my og droid, grabbed a tbolt, & I will get the galaxy nexus for sure. (even if I pay full price)
  • I hope this phone outshines the razr expecially in the battery life department because I don't want to regret my decision. Motorola makes amazing hardware. I hope the nexus isn't plastic again.
  • I honestly know its not a tough decision but since the Gnex will have a swappable battery and Razr wont that was pretty much the reason im motivated for the Gnex...I have a bionic now and can't tell u how much I loved buying it at Costco for 2 reasons...
    #1. Value pack that came with phone extra battery and charger comes in big time handy
    #2. 90 day return policy so Gnex wont cost me a penny!!!!
  • Sorry to tell ya but costco will not be gettin the galaxy nexus for a few months if at all, its already been stated they wont get the razor or gnexus, gues they didnt want all those bionics coming back.
  • Gotta love the math kids are using these days. Unless you got the bionic free at Costco, the Gnex will "cost" you plenty of pennies.........if they even carry the Gnex.
  • I will also purchase mine at CostCo first day. If for some reason it does not measure up i till look at the Razr. Options are unlimited right now. I wonder what options will come with the Nexus at CostCo? I will still have my DX as backup just in case. So it is a win, win for all of us...
  • Costco will not be offering the gnexus, I have a ckose friend who is a manager and talks with the wireless advocate associates, wont be there untill around december 10th-14th just out of the 90 days for the bionic.
  • Wish I could - nothing about it that I don't like beyond the lack of an SD slot. Not due for upgrade do another year. Not a ton of expendable cash atm. I know the Fascinate had its issues, but once you get the right firmware on there it really sings. Also, I was a bit concerned over the plastic feel, but throw a case on and who would know? VZW/LTE + Vanilla 4.0 + SAMOLED = shut up and take money! Now to find the money.
  • I have had a Thunderbolt and currently a DX2. Both phones were great but I would trade them both plus a body part to ensure a GN on launch. I will deff be getting one.
  • I'm getting this bad boy day 1! See you later Droid Charge.
  • Yes, replacing my HTC Incredible.
  • yep me too. hopefully this time i get more than 6 hours of battery life. lol
  • If Sprint doesn't pick up this phone in the next few months, then I think I'm gonna give VZW a shot. I need to take a look at their plans first. Does VZW have that "any mobile to any mobile" feature like Sprint?
  • As a college student and owner of a 1-year-old Droid X, I am trying to scrounge together every cent possible to get this guy. This phone is going to be so amazing, ICS is going to be so amazing, and I want to be able to look at my phone and say that I have the best one that money can buy
  • That's a great plan, you had better plan on doing that same thing every six months. Happy scrounging......and good luck in school, I hope you have time (in between scrounging and admiring your phone) to study.
  • I would, if I could sell my Bionic
  • Tossup for me right now. I won't touch a Moto device with a 9 foot pole, so it's a tossup between Galaxy Nexus and Rezound for me -- mostly because I have two other HTC devices and know Sense like the back of my hand. I'm leaning Nexus at this point, though.
  • Not unless it is better build with a better radio than the fascinate, and it has to be Gorilla Glass. If not, next would be the Rezound and last would be the Razr.
  • I took my SGS2 back to AT&T today in the hopes that the Galaxy Nexus will be coming to AT&T. Looks like it's back to my Nexus One...for now.
  • My contract isn't up for renewal till 12/13 which gives both phones to be out for a little to hear all the reviews. :)
  • I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon 2 years ago when my G1 started shutting off on it's own even after a full charge. They refused to give me a new one, and all the refurbished ones I got had the exact same problem. I loved that phone, but I went through 5 of them. When I switched from Verizon I was stuck between the Eris and the OG Droid. I really liked HTC Sense so I went with the Eris. Holy crap was that one of the biggest mistakes I have made. I have had this phone for 2 god awful years and I cannot wait to be rid of it and get my hands on the Nexus. I'm going to use the beautiful camera to record me taking a hammer to my Eris (I'll recycle the pieces).
  • If I pay a retail price, can I upgrade my phone even before my contract is up?
  • If you pay full price, you can add the phone any time. The upgrade/contract windows are to get MAP prices (i.e. $300 instead of $650)
  • I can't wait for this phone. I don't care what it costs. I'm getting it one way or another, lol.
  • Luckily I have three upgrades on my plan. So I plan on getting the Nexus to replace my DX and then just enjoy it for a while. There will always be a "Better" phone coming, but I really think the Nexus will be sufficient for the next 2 years
  • I'm a patient person, and I enjoy the carrier that I'm with (Sprint), so I'm just gonna wait and see what happens. If the Galaxy Nexus comes to Sprint (and there are speculations that it will), I'll get it. If it doesn't, and the Galaxy S3, with its proposed specs (including ICS), fills my desire, I'll get that. If both come to Sprint, I'll weigh my options then, and make my decision at that point. Money's not an issue, I still have my phone upgrade option, and I'm not trigger happy. I'm in a good position. ;)
  • I'm only 5 weeks Away from an upgrade. The Galaxy Nexus truely appears to be my ultimate dream phone. Only questions are 1- fixed memory 16 or 32 gb. 2- call quality 3- GPS connectivity. If they are ok then its a done deal for me. Currently have original Motorola Droid. Love it, but its getting slow. Lol
  • Yes. Day one. Hopefully.
  • Omg I'm the biggest Android fan but am I the only one completely disgusted with the galaxy nexus? 5 Mega pixel camera, 1.2 ghz processor, an the screen is the older super amaloid. The Droid razor blows this thing out of the water with its zumo cast an Moto cast being able to access your computer from anywhere. I used it on the bionic an its incredible. Not to mention most of its stats are better and its also getting ice cream sandwich in January. The Droid razor is so much more bad ass.
  • I am not sure what you mean by older super amoled. I am sure you know that RAZR is also super amoled, and you also know that there is only 1 company who has rights for super amoled trade mark. Samsung manufactures both the screens. It's the same tech they have in RAZR and in Nexus (AMOLED). Only difference is that RAZR is qHD and nexus is HD. Both use Pentile arrangement. Whatever way you look at it, Nexus has more pixels/sub-pixels compared to RAZR and will be a better screen. Actually RAZR will have fewer sub-pixels compared to GS2 as GS2 uses RGB matrix. RAZR screen will be very good, but not as good as Nexus for sure. You also know for sure that they both have TI OMAP 4 SoC. Difference is that Moto uses 4430 and Nexus has 4460. They both use same GPU, but 4460 is faster compared to 4430 (SGX 540 running at 384 MHz vs 300Mhz in Moto). Battery is slightly bigger in Moto - 1780 vs 1750 in Nexus. The camera in RAZR is exactly same as Bionic. I am taking about camera sensor, not MP count. How many times people should shout about MP. AC already did a article on MP count, they mean nothing in terms of camera quality. Also remember, RAZR does not have zero shutter lag feature. Also some people may need to consider that RAZR does not have a removable battery, and no NFC. So, you can't use the beam feature in ICS.
  • Yes, I am getting this phone and selling my Thunderbolt ebay.
  • I will get the Gnex if it comes with 32GB memory. With no microSD expansion, I won't settle for measly 16GB. I will also take a serious look at HTC Rezound (wish they had kept the Vigor name) as my second choice. The Droid Razr will be my third choice. I like the Kevlar body and SAMOLED display. Not liking non-removable battery and lack of NFC. Even if it gets ICS update, the Razr won't be able to use features that require NFC.
  • Yes! Day 1
  • Verizon better not screw this up! If they only offer it through Verizon stores or they will fail.
  • No Best buy is supposed to offer it too. Which is what I'm waiting for.
  • I got the OG Incredible the day it came out. I'm running the latest SkyRaider rom on it instead of the recently released Gingerbread. But since I go off contract the end of the year, I'll probably be picking this up, as I need to feel some 4G connection love.
  • I've got a crappy old flip phone, and my VZW contract ran out last spring, or maybe before that. I was planning to get the Bionic as my very first smartphone, and I would have gotten it if it had come in say July, but after waiting all summer for it, it just didn't seem good enough when it finally came out in September. By then the Galaxy Nexus was right around the corner, and I decided to wait for it. I'm really psyched about Vanilla ICS with no bloatware. I've been waiting for like 7 months to upgrade, and can't wait!
  • does any one here know if its possible to have you post relies emailed to you ?
  • Other than cut & paste - no.
  • does any one here know if its possible to have you post relies emailed to you ?
  • I just got the bionic in september!!! I really want the DROID razr. I would get the nexus if it was built by Motorola. Samsungs build quality leaves something to be desired, that's the only reason I don't buy samsungs devices. Moto needs to build nexus device, that would be sweet.
  • I was planning on getting the Galaxy Nexus until I found out it doesn't have SDCard support. So, I will be waiting to see what HTC brings to the table...
  • I ABSOLUTELY hate the power on/off on the side of the phone. As much as a lot of people have stupid Deal Breakers, this is mine.
  • verizon has had utter junk up untill these phones release, i dont know y people say verzion has all the best phones...they finnaly relweased a 4g dual core phone with the bionic and its trash with its motoblur and .3 ff camera. pentile screen was horrific. Finnaly theyll have some viable options, hurry the fck up and release some god damn phones worth gettin fcked in the a$$ with that 2 year contract damnnn...i just want to renew my 2 year with unlimtied 4g before they toss that out the window... Id be super pissed to see them not honor the unlimitd to those who buy the leave for sure.
  • Yep! I am going tobtrade my Droid Charge in at Radio Shack, I was tokd I can get $118 for it towards the Galaxy Nexus. ICS is going to take a lot of getting used to.
  • No. I just got a new phone in March. The Galaxy Nexus will be considered (by the people who buy every new phone that hits the market) an out dated piece of junk by New Years anyway.
  • people are taking the meaning of "outdated" way too far these days. i think as long as the hardware does its job and runs all the current software it isn't out dated (which would prob include phones made in the past year and a half or so). yeah, it may not be the best out there, but by no means are phones over a year old outdated yet. The Sammy Moment, HTC Hero, and HTC G1 are outdated smart phones for example. I have a duel-core 2.3 GHz PC running Windows 7. It runs all the programs i need it to just fine. it powers a 24 inch monitor and a 40 LCD tv just fine. it plays all the games i like to play and multitasks without a hitch. So is is considered outdated? by many serious techies it would be, they would say it's a dinosaur. i considered upgrading but i thought about it and i was like, why? i would be paying money for something i wouldn't even really be taking advantage of, i am not rendering video over here... i understand its different with phones. its something we always have on us and want to show off. being techies we want to have the latest and greatest so we have that edge. being people that know more than the average bear about the subject, we don't want to get into a convo with another techie about phone tech and whip out a LG instinct, understandable. but always needing the newest phone, especially when seemingly way better ones come out every few months, can get a bit overwhelming... whatever happened to being happy with what you have? My EVO 3D will do just fine for now. i still enjoy using it. i will be upgrading late next summer to a quad-core phone. a yearly upgrade plan is reasonable :)
  • I really need a new phone and my Vibrant has been giving me intermittent issues. No sd card slot is a deal breaker though, so I'm hoping we get the Galaxy note here. I really want the large HD screen, so I'll probably wait until then. I have a Samsung Omnia as a backup phone (and for Zune) that I will use when having issues which should be able to hold me until there is a phone out with an HD screen and no pointless BS restrictions.
  • I've been waiting for this phone for so long it's not funny. I'm fully prepared to camp outside a Verizon outlet overnight if needs be in order to get one as soon as humanly possible.
  • I am a die-hard HTC fan. I didn't think I would ever let HTC Sense leave my hands, but this phone is changing me. I am just blown away by the enhancements of Ice Cream Sandwich and I think I'll be saying goodbye to HTC, hopefully just for 2 years.