Droid Turbo 2

One of the big guarantees that came with the Droid Turbo 2 was software updates, which was a big deal after so many Droid Turbo owners felt left out when all of the other phones released at the same time were updated so quickly. Verizon's Turbo 2 push was a big deal in stores, but it's been a long time in smartphone years since those days and Motorola isn't exactly its own company anymore.

All the same, it looks like Nougat is officially rolling out for the Droid Turbo 2!

...and of course Google Assistant is nowhere to be found.

Verizon includes all of the usual warnings for a big update on their landing page for this announcement, but also includes some new information on how Nougat-specific features will work on the Turbo 2. Bundled notifications, multi-windows, and improves notification shade features all work the way you'd expect if you've used a Nexus or Pixel with Nougat.

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It's not a surprise that Lenovorola would keep the software on this phone as close to the Google experience as possible given the way that UI was touted as a feature at launch, and of course Google Assistant is nowhere to be found. The big things for Droid Turbo 2 owners to look out for will be better battery life through enhanced Doze features, better data saving features in Settings, and of course more emoji than anyone will ever know what to do with.

This update will be rolling out to Droid Turbo 2 owners over the next couple of days, so be sure to hit up our Turbo 2 forums if you run into any update issues!

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