Verizon raises price of grandfathered unlimited data

Verizon may soon be raising the price of its unlimited data plan for those who are grandfathered in if they are not under contract anymore. This report, which comes from The Verge, states that Verizon will be hiking the cost of the plan up to $49 a month, up $20 from the current $30 a month fee. The new $50 a month fee is just $5 more than the equivalent of having only 3GB of data on Verizon's current plans.

The change will only affect those who are paying month-to-month for their service, and the change will only affect less than one percent of Verizon's customers. With the price hike, Verizon will now be allowing those customers with unlimited data on the new pricing to take advantage of its device payment plans to purchase new smartphones. The change is apparently set to take place at the beginning of November.

Source: The Verge