Verizon Prepaid is getting cheaper, now supports tablets and larger families

Pixel 3 XL with Verizon SIM card
Pixel 3 XL with Verizon SIM card (Image credit: Android Central)

You don't have to run a credit check or sign up for an expensive plan to try out the largest carrier in the U.S. Starting today, Verizon's prepaid plans are getting more affordable with a $5 auto pay discount per line. You can get unlimited talk, text, and data with 500MB of LTE for $30 a month, though most people will want more than half a gigabyte of high-speed data on their plan.

$35 will get 3GB of data each month, and you can add up to nine additional lines to your prepaid plan (10 total, up from 5 previously) for $25 each on the 3GB plan. For $45, you'll get 8GB, with additional lines costing $30 each, and the $65 plan offers unlimited LTE data with $45 additional lines.

Each plan supports sharing your data allotment to other devices with mobile hotspot, save for the unlimited LTE plan, and both the 8GB and unlimited plans include free unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico. You can mix and match plans to best suit everyone's needs on the account, and of course, each line gets it own data allotment rather than pulling from a shared amount.

Those lines don't necessarily have to be phones, either; Verizon Prepaid now supports tablets and Jetpacks (Verizon's dedicated mobile hotspots) with the same pricing.

Hayato Huseman

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.