Verizon: No specific date for ThunderBolt update

We've said it before, and apparently we need to say it again: Updates happen when they happen. We know you've been sitting at home, hitting the "Check new" button on your HTC ThunderBolt's Software Update menu, waiting for that upgrade that's hopefully going to end the blasted reboots (and fix a few other things, too). We're waiting for it, too. But despite what you might have heard, Verizon in its community forums says that there's no specific date set for the update to be pushed. Specifically, we're told:

I know that you are eager to take advantage of a software update to resolve the reboot issue. At this time we do not have a specific date an update will be available. Please rest assure we will communicate with our customers as soon as an update is available.

It's coming, folks. Might not be today, but it's certainly coming. And Verizon's actually been pretty good of giving us a heads up when updates are on the way.

Source: Verizon Community Forums; via Android Central Forums

  • I wonder if this is linked to the end of the free hotspot feature. It wouldn't surprise me that this update has the disable hotspot baked in to it. This phone really needs an update.
  • I don't know why they wouldn't release that leaked MR2 update?? It has been pretty great for me. No more reboots at least. That was driving me insane.
  • I agree. I was having the reboots and also bad 3G/4G handoff issues even after the last OTA. I put MR2 on and man what a difference it makes! Phone no longer gets super hot either.
  • Bullshit
  • I am fairly new to android, do you need to be rooted to apply the leaked MR2 update?
  • Yes, and if you're gonna root, you might as well look right past that MR2 update and flash a custom ROM. Believe me, you will be happy you did. With the right software this phone soars. I get 20-24 hrs on a charge, NO reboots, and overclocked to 1400MHZ.
  • You don't need to be rooted. You can apply the full RUU, only downside is it will wipe all of the data on your phone. I installed it on my girl's unrooted bolt and she loves it. I choose to root my phone, i'm running Plain Jane and it works great.
  • Heh. There's always one, right? Phil, thanks for your fairness to VZW. Any Goliath is gonna get slammed, but I think they're terrific on every front. Spoke to support today on a separate issue and not only got 10 minutes of the woman's time thinking over the questions I'd brought, but she even offered me a tip that never once occurred to me - and could end up saving me a TON of time and frustration. Yup, it'll take me a lot more than the trials and tribulations of my beloved Tbolt to make me abandon the Verizon Wireless ship. Besides. I think they own my house now.
  • I also have had great customer service with VZW. Although, I have to admit I'm rooted and am running a custom ROM on my TB, most of my tech info comes from forums such as Android Central. I just have to ask, what was the "tip" they gave you?
  • I had a firmware update when I checked this morning. I assume it was the MR2.
  • This is what VZW is upto, frustrating users with its software updates...release one, break many and don't release anything to fix the mess it sucks...verizon, grow up...having a strong network is not everything, you should keep the remaining small things like this also upto date...wish someone from VZW reads this...
  • Yeah, as I watch the latest debacle unfold related to the TB and LTE network I have to wonder how and why a company like Verizon can make the same mistakes over and over. You know it ultimately costs them tons of money and gets plenty of customers' panties in a bunch, so where the heck is quality control? Is it really so competitive that they have to ship a phone that is so clearly lacking on a network that is also lacking? How many people are walking around with TB's saying "I love Verizon"? OK, so there's one.
  • Need to call may mom and see how the TBOLT I gave her is doing. It was no exception but the reboots were ridiculous. May have them exchange it for the Charge. Seems like the charge is getting more support from VZW anyway.
  • Oh of course. Anything with that "Droid" branding gets top notch support and backing from VZW. Take one small example. The Charge already has a mulitmedia dock meanwhile the Thunderbolt and other previous HTC phones such as the Incredible never got one. Can't believe im still bitter about that one lol. I had to order a Seidio dock today for my Bolt.
  • Funny how my reboot problem disappeared the same day my 4G came on (Mon) ...Zero reboots !!! I agree...Happens when it Happens. Doesn't everyone remember waiting for the TBolts actual release ?!!!
  • i have no such issues with my thunderbolt??? Phone is fine just as is
  • Downloading new update for my ThunderBolt right now. 146mb