Verizon HTC Rezound price slashed to $49

We might be focusing on a couple of other HTC phones this week, but if you don't mind settling for a device that's a few months old you could take home another high-end HTC for next to nothing, starting today. The Verizon HTC Rezound, which launched last year at an eye-watering $299 on-contract, has just had its price slashed to $49 with a two-year plan.

The Rezound is notable for its 720p display, Beats Audio support and dual-core processor. As you'd expect from a leading Verizon phone, there's 4G LTE connectivity included too. We reviewed  the Rezound last year, and found it to be a worth competitor to Samsung's Galaxy Nexus. And with an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich imminent, the Rezound offers good value at this price point.

Source: Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab); via: Droid-Life

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Now that's a good deal.
  • Sure the heck is!! I know my best would spaz because he paid full price because his LG Vortex broke lol
  • Seriously thinking about this from the x. Don't want to spend 200 a piece to upgrade wife and I. People like this phone?
  • Wife has one and loves it. Unlocked the bootloader and loaded ICS on it. Screen is better than the Galaxy Nexus (which I have) IMO
  • I dont like this phone. I **LOVE** this phone. Great camera. Great display (especially gradients). It will use 64 gig SD cards. Awesome 4G connection and great GPS. I love the rubberized back....the phone is a pleasure to hold. I got the extended battery and can now go 24 hours without charging. It is REALLY nice to be able to leave the display on full brightness and 4G on all the time.
  • This will be worth it if the device gets Sence 4.0. I don'tthink I could take 2 years stuck on Sence 3.6.
  • That's even cheaper than the LG Lucid lol
  • On its way out...
  • Man. That is a good deal. The beat buds alone are more expensive.
    Then again, there are easily better in ear buds that are far less expensive. I do love my rezound though. Best out of box experience with an android ever. The bloat is a bit much though. P.S. GET THE EXTENDED BATTERY!
  • Ugh. Bought my Rezound late last year for full pop. And now this. But you know what? It's been one helluva phone, no issues with it whatsoever. I still don't understand why Verizon didn't advertise this thing. It should be awarded outstanding sleeper phone of the year. Specs are still on the high end and the 720p screen is gorgeous.
  • They did advertise it. Didn't you see the ads around Christmas with the whole Black family going in and picking it up and then all of them take turns dancing to different types of music....nice stereotypical merchandising there.
  • Never saw that. I did see tons of ads for the RAZR.
  • LOL I did see that. I think it is also because of the "beats by Dre" branding.
  • Clearing out inventory? Is the Incredible HD coming soon?
  • Not for $50 its not.
  • Wow. I just bought this YESTERDAY for $169 at Costco. I'm actually still waiting for it to arrive in the mail (they didn't have it in inventory). Actually, this is why I like buying my phones from Costco. If there is a price drop within 90 days (an eternity for cell phones) they refund the difference.
  • this and the Galaxy S2 I think are the bargains of the year. Refurbished Galaxy S2 can be had for $9.99 online from AT&T lol. New it's still $99 but better than $199. I personally find these two phones to be my favorites. :)
  • HTC Rezound is getting the "boot"
  • The official ICS release will come with 3.6. Apparently HTC is putting extra hardware (separate image processor) that they say is optimized for 4.0. Hey, with ICS you can disable most of the apps (VZW Bloatware) you don't want and use an alternate launcher to get rid of Sense. Quite frankly, I've been quite happy with Sense 2.1 on my Dinc 2 and am looking forward to ICS some time this year. The Rezound is a great deal at $49 for a phone that launched 4 mos. ago at $299. Personally, I'm looking toward something this fall (maybe the Dinc 4G will have S4 processor on 28 nm process with integrated LTE plus a decent sized battery. Rumor has it out this month (maybe it's a VZW One S?).
  • I paid $299 for HTC Rezound when it was just released. I upgraded from Droid X. My Droid X was rooted and modded as much as I could with a phone with a locked bootloader. I also used ADW Launcher because I just could not stand Motoblur.I have not done any rooting on the HTC Rezound and I use HTC Sense. I have not felt a need to root the phone because it just works great as is. I also like HTC Sense 3.5. That being said, the HTC Rezound was not promoted like it should have been by Verizon. It was overshadowed by the Droid Razr and iphone 4S which were promoted heavily. I had to convince the Verizon saleswoman that I really wanted the HTC Rezound and not a iphone 4S. She kept trying to get me to try other phones (which I had before I went to the Sales desk). Bottom line at $49.99, the price is hard to beat. With the money you save you get the extended battery, car dock and desktop dock. I have the car dock which works great with Google maps.
  • i hate it when they do this. but oh well. i still love my rezound. never swapped it for the Nexus even tho that was the original plan haha. only complaint is (with all HTC phones) the battery life. but im doing well with it now. just had to adjust my habits a bit. IMO if you are considering, just go for it. its well worth the cash.
  • Get the extended battery dude. It totally changes the experience.
  • Never understood what set this phone apart to make it a "sleeper"?
  • Simple. The Rezound at the time of release was a top of the line, high-end phone with awesome specs, 4G LTE, 720p screen, dual-core processor, etc. that Verizon never aggressively promoted or advertised. The only way I knew about it was because of Android Central. The Rezound is a fantastic phone hidden from general view by lack of aggressive marketing. A sleeper, if you will.
  • It is arguably the best phone on Verizon right now. It is one of only three with a 720p display. And one of only two with both SD and removable battery. It also has the best Camera of any Android phone on Verizon right now (and IMO, it is better than the iPhone's as well) and has the best front facing camera. It is a sleeper because, spec-wise, this phone is right at the top right now.
  • Yep... been on the fence the past month, and this is the deal that sealed it for me -- I'll have my Rezound in hand on Wednesday!
  • A steal for such a good phone. Very under-promoted by Verizon. Still impressed with how fast, smooth, and stable the phone is since I got it last year.
  • Not cool at all. Less than 2 weeks has gone by since I paid 200 for mine. #$%%&&*???&%$#@@!!!!@#$$&&$#!!#$%&&**
  • If only I had waited just a couple of weeks LOL. Oh well. I got it for $100 bones so I have little to complain about. Frankly I was never a fan of Sense either. I bought into the hate from the community. But after using this phone stock for 2 weeks & unlocking the bootloader I confess I actually like it. It handles so many functions that I had multiple apps to do. This is one hell of a bargain!
  • Is it worth upgrading from my Dinc2 knowing ICS is coming at some point?
  • I would say yes. The screen alone is a major upgrade. Beats Audio is gimmicky but with the included headphones (valued at $99) it does actually enhance sound. The hardware itself is plenty capable & can handle most anything thrown at for the duration of a 2 yr contract. I must be honest & tell you the battery is disappointing however. I bought the extended battery at half price & problem solved. At only $49 you can't do much better IMO.
  • ...and I'll be picking up this little beauty next week. That's just too good of a price for such a fine piece of hardware. Dual core...that screen...pick up an extended battery and I'm still out the door for under $100.
  • This was either a promotion or Verizon caught on. It's priced today at $199.