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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the HTC DLX for Verizon, since officially named the Droid DNA. A few rumored details recently emerged about this upcoming (and as yet unannounced Android smartphone, and tonight we're able to bring you the first pictures.

The codenamed HTC DLX (pronounced like "deluxe," we're told) is notable for several reasons. For one, it will (assuming it comes to market; that's not always a given) be Verizon's first HTC One smartphone since the line was announced at Mobile World Congress way back in February in Barcelona. That the United States' largest carrier didn't pick up any of the three devices announced then has been a sore spot for months. 

Then there's the size. Along with the Japan-exclusive HTC J Butterfly, the Droid DNA marks the manufacturer's first foray into the 5-inch display category, known to some as "ridiculously large." But consider our curiosity piqued, our appetite whetted. We -- and you folks as well, we know - have been waiting on Verizon to sport new HTC kit for the better part of a year now.

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Enough preamble. We've got more pictures, specs and a few thoughts after the break.

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To recap: We recently saw some specs tweeted by fan favorite Football, and we're looking at a full 1080p HD display, apparently confirmed by another of our pics below. No surprise as to the screen resolution. Anything less would be laughed out of the room. Our source says the display is beautiful, so we'll presume Super LCD 2, which HTC's been using in a number of phones.

The camera specs we have listed on our picture don't quite match up though -- ours says 8 megapixels, Football's leaked specs note 12 megapixels out back. (HTC's 8MP camera on the One X is so damn good, though, we might not care about one over the other.) The leaked specs and our pic align at 2 megapixels on the rear camera.

Verizon HTC DLX.

Football's leak of a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (running at 1.5 GHz) appears solid, though our pic only says "quadcore." That's a fairly safe tech bet though. Our pic shows 2 gigabytes of "memory," which we'll consider to be RAM.

Our source notes 16 gigabytes of on-board storage (same as the leak), and the rumored 2500 mAh battery is not removable. (No surprise there, either.)

Our source also says the back is reminiscent of the Droid Incredible 2, so figure soft-touch over polycarbonate. Visually, we're seeing the same dark red highlights Verizon has used for years, including on the camera housing, bezel and volume rocker. The rear speaker has the same design as the One X. Also of note: We're told the power button is centered on the top bezel, not off to one side like on most HTC phones. (It's not visible in our photos.)

The Verizon HTC DLX has physical buttons. If you were hoping otherwise, it's not happening. HTC has them in its usual back-home-recent apps configuration.

Verizon HTC DLX.

Software wise, this guy's got Android 4.1.1, with Sense 4+ (see our hands-on), same as what was just announced on the HTC One X+, and what are scheduled to hit existing HTC One devices this month. Note that Beats Audio is on board, as you'd expect. Note the 4G LTE logo as well, not that it's a surprise.

So there's that. Nothing official from Verizon or HTC on this one yet, so keep that in the back of your heads, but we're told this may see a launch around Thanksgiving. One way or another, this one's got us a wee bit excited.

Thanks, anon!