Verizon Galaxy Nexus date of Dec. 15 looking likely according to this Costco document

We got this gem from a Costco Ninja, and when added to the rest of the leaks and pictures pointing to a December 15 release date of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the evidence is getting pretty strong.  Maybe not strong enough for a certain editor who want's an officially official announcement from Big Red, but enough that we want to pass it all along.  Engadget also got in some new leaked docs which point to Dec. 15, from Verizon corporate and Costco, you can check those out at the source link.  Our tipster also stated that the Galaxy Unicorn has a price of $289 with a new contract at Costco.

Will Dec. 15 be the day?  Heck, I dunno.  It's as good a day as any to release a phone, and it is before the end of the year.  We just want the damn thing released so we all can play with it, then maybe other carriers here in the states can get a version of their own. 

Thanks Anon!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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