U.S. unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ currently $100 off at Samsung and Best Buy

The U.S. unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ haven't even been out of pre-order status for more than a couple weeks, but already have their first notable sale. Both Best Buy (opens in new tab) and Samsung's own online store (opens in new tab) have knocked $100 off the unlocked models, dropping the Galaxy S8's price to $625 and the Galaxy S8+ to $725.

This is a really great deal, particularly as the carrier-branded versions from all of the major U.S. operators are still pegged at $750 and $850 for the GS8 and GS8+. These prices are even cheaper than Best Buy's "open box" phones that were on sale last week.

You may not be entirely sold on getting the U.S. unlocked model ... but big savings like this could sway your thinking. We have no idea how long the sales will last, so give 'em a look now.

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See at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • If you don't care about regular security and OS updates relative to carrier models this is a good deal. Trade off much cleaner software compared to the crippled carrier versions.
  • The unlocked version received the June security patch a couple of days ago. FYI none of the carrier versions have received it yet.
  • Really? That's good to hear.. Just to make sure US unlocked versions received the update and we are not talking about international version right?
  • I doubt he has the US unlocked version. Probably dual SIM Exynos version.
  • Exactly. I can accept this for what it is and not worry about getting the quickest update to the OS. As long as it works. Heck, maybe this is the route to go for tinkering and flashing custom ROMS on the S8 and S8+.
  • This version still has a locked bootloader so you can't flash custom ROMS. If you want to do that you'll have to buy the Exynos version.
  • Anyone know if these bypass the subscription check on Verizon for hotspot?
  • Kind of want to pick this up for Father's day. To anyone using stock currently is TouchWiz too much of a jump?
  • I would say that overall Samsung's software is the best it's ever been. But how good it is to you is a really personal question — I'd recommend heading to a carrier store or Best Buy and checking it out before buying.
  • It's not as bad on the S8. I came from the pixel and it's not horrible . However I have installed Nova and I'm really liking it so far.
    I purchased an unlocked S8 from Best buy and I'm really glad I went this route so far. Zero bloat..
  • sweet! I got my unlocked S8 from Best Buy on May 31 for $725. Called Best Buy yesterday and they credited me this $100 difference! Thanks, Best Buy!
  • Boom!
  • Yep, saw the sale happening over the weekend and picked up an unlocked S8+ for $724.....damn good deal and too good to pass up.
  • 8 plus being shipped as I type. with the hundred off and a Note 5 credit, it came out to $425. Not a bad Father's gift!
  • Ordered mine online yesterday, arriving Friday. My unlocked S6 gets os updates regularly so I have trust in Samsung.
  • I bought the unlocked S8 tonight. Been admiring it at the AT&T store but struggled w/going back to a carrier-branded phone. Glad I waited!