An upgraded Oppo Find X will be the first smartphone with 10GB RAM

OPPO Find X (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Oppo Find X — one of the most gorgeous phones to ever hit the market. The Find X already stands out on its own thanks to its nearly bezel-less design and pop-out cameras, and now according to a new TENNA listing, it'll soon be the world's first phone to ship with 10GB of RAM.

Ice universe on Twitter shared the TENNA page (China's version of the FCC here in the U.S.), and sure enough, this model of the Find X clearly states it as having 10GB of RAM with 256GB of storage.

We aren't sure when this 10GB RAM monster will be available for purchase or how much it'll cost, but if it's already passing through the TENNA, those are details we should be getting soon.

Releasing the first phone with 10GB of RAM is likely a monument Oppo is thrilled to achieve, and while it's certainly exciting to think that we can cram so much power into a smartphone, we've still yet to see the true potential of phones with 6 or 8GB. This is more of a bragging right than offering anything substantial to the user, but in any case, it looks like 2018 will be the year of the 10GB RAM phone.

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Joe Maring

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