UK Xoom price

UK retailer PC World opened its Motorola Xoom promotional page today, which for a brief time showed the Wi-Fi version of the tablet priced at a shockingly reasonable £449.99 (~$720). The price has since been removed, but not before Eurodroid managed to grab some photographic evidence (see above).

If accurate, this is a very competitive price for a high-end tablet in the UK market -- though still a good $120 more expensive than Wi-Fi Xooms sold across the pond. The £449.99 price point would place the Xoom within £20 of the cheapest iPad model, and see it more or less matching the current RRP of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Motorola Xoom is due to launch in the UK sometime in the second quarter of the year, with the Wi-Fi version being sold exclusively by PC World's parent company Dixons Retail, and the 3G version being exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse. [PC World, Eurodroid]