The UK 'queues' up for the T-Mobile G1

Today is the the launch of the T-Mobile G1 for our friends across the pond, the G1 will be available in T-Mobile stores throughout the United Kingdom. Looking at the pictures (posted on, it looks like a line, er 'queue', has built up in anticipation. Unlike our clear path to the G1, it looks like our UK brethren have to brave the rain as well (when does it not rain over there?) luckily T-Mobile offered some snazzy umbrellas for customers waiting in line.

We've also received word that some UK customers who signed up for news regarding the T-Mobile G1 got a "first dibs" of sorts on the G1. According to our tipster, T-Mobile sent out an e-mail that offered instructions on how to order a G1 before launch day. We're unsure of the shipping process, but hey if you can stay in and avoid the rain, why not?

Enjoy the G1 folks!

Thanks Duncan for the tip!

Casey Chan