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In 2017, Ubisoft announced a collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment, Massive Entertainment, and FoxNext Games that would result in a new game set in the world of James Cameron's Avatar. It's been a while since then, and we haven't learned much about it since, but here's what we know.

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What is The Avatar Project?

The Avatar Project is the working title for a game being developed by Ubisoft, with Massive Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment, and FoxNext Games all collaborating. The game was announced back in February 2017, with the tagline that players would "Experience Pandora like never before." We also know that it will run on Ubisoft's proprietary Snowdrop engine, which has been used for The Division, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and The Division 2.

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Beyond that, and the obvious fact that the game is set on the harsh, alien moon of Pandora, there's not much we know at this time. In the announcement video below, you can listen to James Cameron and several developers at Massive Entertainment talk about why they came together for the project.

Ubisoft's Avatar gameplay and features

Right now, we know next to nothing about the gameplay. Given that it is using the Snowdrop engine and is being primarily developed by Massive Entertainment, we can probably make a safe guess that it is a third-person shooter of sorts. Will you play as humans or Navi, or both? Operate vehicles or ride the massive creatures of Pandora? We have no clue. It'll presumably release on PS5, but this hasn't been confirmed.

Will Ubisoft's Avatar have multiplayer?

Maybe? We don't know right now. Given the game's size and scope and the collaboration working on it, the chances are good for some form of multiplayer, be it co-op or online combat. We'll update this when we learn more.

Is Ubisoft's Avatar an open world game?

We don't technically know if this game will be open world, although the answer is almost certainly yes. Ubisoft specializes in providing massive open world games. The very setting itself, the moon of Pandora, seems far better suited for an open world game than a more narrow, linear one.

Is Ubisoft's Avatar canceled?

No, the game hasn't been canceled. Massive Entertainment, while a large studio, has been very busy with The Division 2 while also working on this project. The studio is still actively hiring for some roles directly related to The Avatar Project.

Ubisoft's Avatar release date

We don't know the release date; however, we do have a vague release window. Per Ubisoft's latest financials, the game is slated to arrive sometime between April 2022 and March 2023. During a recent earnings call from Ubisoft, however, the studio revealed that the game had been delayed. The reason for the delay seems to be an effort by the company to ensure that the game launches along with the sequel to the original Avatar, which is now scheduled to land in theaters sometime in 2022. When Ubisoft eventually reveals more details about the game, we'll start having a better picture of when it could release. When it's eventually revealed, it will likely be confirmed as a PS5 game.

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