Twitter starts rolling out autoplay videos on the web, coming to Android soon

Twitter has announced that video ads, Vines, and GIFs will now be able to play automatically inside tweets. The feature is currently rolling out on both the web, and will make its way to the company's official Android app soon. While videos will automatically play, they will do so silently, requiring a tap to turn on sound.

From Twitter:

Once you tap the video, sound will turn on and the video will continue to play in an expanded view. If you turn the video to landscape mode, the sound will automatically turn on and the video will expand to fill the screen.

Users will be able to turn off autoplay videos in their Twitter settings. You can choose to turn them off entirely, or only when you're disconnected from a Wi-Fi network. If you have low bandwidth on your device, Twitter will automatically opt you out of the feature.

Source: Twitter

  • I realize we have the option to disable this, but autoplay anything needs to stop.
  • THIS! THis really needs to happen. Auto-Play sucks, it sucks bandwidth, it plays too loud or too soft. Just needs to be turned off
  • Autoplay is great, on sites and apps with the specific purpose of videos like youtube and vine, anywhere else it's a waste.
  • I never understand why companies do this. Sure, it's a convenience factor in the big picture, but if someone who isn't very tech-oriented scrolls through their twitter feed watching vines/gifs/videos all day on mobile data, it's going to use up a ton of their cap over the course of a month. Carriers are selling us capped data, yet app-making companies put in useless features that eat up a ton of data
  • "I never understand why companies do this" Really? Is it that hard to understand? They want to count you in the view count they provide their advertisers, even if you never asked for the content.
  • There's going to be an option to turn it off, so no harm no foul. Twitter is free and they have to make money. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The whole autoplay nonsense is really annoying and it needs to stop. I don't want videos autoplaying. If I want to watch them, I'll click on them.
  • I wish companies would get on the same page. Comcast only gives me 350GB of data a month before they start charging me. All these sites that are using auto-play are eating up my data for a video where I'll click play if I want to watch it. It wouldn't bother me if I had a much higher (or unlimited) data cap.
  • I could not imagine having a data cap on comcast being enforced my household uses nearly 1 TB of data monthly at home and about another 50 GB or so on T-mobile.
  • They certainly enforce it at my house. I'm in a "trial area" where they are testing out data caps. If you go over your limit, they charge you $10/50GB. Normally, I keep under the limit, but this month I'll be over due to some massive uploading early in the month (I'm at 351GB right now). On the plus side, they allow you to go over 3 times in a 12 month period without charge for customers "to get accustomed to managing the new data plan." I hate it because they call it a trial but they don't seem to care about how it affects me as the customer. Unfortunately, there are no other high speed options in my area. It makes me want to move just to get away from them. Edited to add: I went over in January so I'll only have one month left. I actually don't know how I hit the limit half way through the month, but once I did, I said screw it and proceeded to download a ton of large files I had been waiting on (episodes of a web show I got in a Kickstarter). Every episode I downloaded then got backed up to my backup service. That ended up being about 160 GB right there (~80GB down and then back up). I hit ~750GB that month. On a normal month, I usually don't go above ~300GB.
  • Autoplaying videos are the reason I know use the chrome setting, let me choose when to allow plugins to launch content.
  • Fortunately, I don't use the official Twitter client and never will.
  • Glad to see they allow the user to turn this off.