Moto Xs

Motorola wants you to trade in your old phone for a new Moto X

Motorola has a nifty little trade-in program all set-up for buyers of a new Moto X from the Moto Maker site. When you buy a new custom Moto X, you can send in your old phone and get a Motorola Visa Prepaid Card back in the mail.

Depending on the phone, you can get up to $300 back. I'm sure we'll know more details on this one as the day progresses, and Motorola says you'll be able to find out the details at their Trade In site.

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While we imagine you'll only get the full $300 if your phone is worth more than that, the convenience of selling this way can't be beat. I get too attached to sell off my old phones, but I have a feeling more than a few others will take advantage of this program.

Will you?