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If you didn't grab that perfect new smartwatch during the holiday sales, good news. Samsung's still got a Black Friday-worthy deal on its newest Galaxy Watch 3, well, actually it's two deals in one: Samsung will give you up to $200 off for trading in a Samsung smartwatch, and Samsung will also throw in a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, giving you a potential $400 savings.

Free buds and half off

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung's latest and greatest smartwatch may seem a bit steep at $400-$600, but the Galaxy Watch 3 offers stunning hardware and a variety of health-focused features, including an ECG and blood pressure sensor. And if you've got an original Galaxy Watch kicking around, you can get the new model for half-price.

Get a $200 trade-in with the Galaxy Watch and a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live

Our Galaxy Watch 3 review called the Galaxy Watch 3 the new best smartwatch, and if you can afford the $400 price tag, it really offers a complete and premium smartwatch experience between Samsung's Tizen software and the bevy of fitness prowess the Watch 3 borrowed from the Galaxy Watch Active line. If you've been debating upgrading from your Galaxy Watch, now is the best time as Samsung will give you a $200 trade-in value for an original Galaxy Watch — which is pretty generous for a two-year-old watch — or even give you $160 trade-in value for a Gear S3, if you've still got one of those kicking around somewhere,

Galaxy Watch Trade In ValuesSource: Android Central $30 trade-in for the Galaxy Watch Active is just insulting.

The Galaxy Buds Live have amazing sound and great comfort, even if the shape and the look of them spawned so many memes last summer, and while they normally run $140-$160, getting them for free is amazing. There's active noise canceling that's okay but not mind-blowing, the battery life is great for buds this small and the case is wireless charging so you can just throw it on the charging pad next to your watch.

While there might be some other deals for the Galaxy Watch 3 after Samsung's event next week, those deals would likely center around you buying a new Galaxy S21 and getting the watch discounted or free, so this will likely be your best watch-focused deal for the foreseeable future. And getting a Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Buds live for the price of a Galaxy Watch Active is not a deal you should sleep on.

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