TouchWiz tablet UI will be separate download says Samsung

To settle all the confusion about the TouchWiz interface and whether or not it will be included on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, we reached out to Samsung.  They let us know that the TouchWiz UI will not be available at launch, but will come via a separate OTA download for all Wifi Tab 10.1 users.  We'll certainly let you know when this happens.

This begs the question -- if you buy a Galaxy Tab 10.1, will you update to the new TouchWiz UI?  From everything we've seen and used, it's a beautiful interface that takes full advantage of the real estate of a tablet's screen.  Personally, I'll be sure to check it out, then make my final decision.  What say you?  Sound off in the comments and discuss further in the forums!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • as long as I can remove it if I don't like it
  • That's what I was wondering. If this is an "update" to the existing UI, will it be an optional feature? I can easily see this becoming a required update to further update the tablet in the future.
  • How? That'd be like LauncherPro getting in the way of an OS update. Also, Samsung would be getting themselves into a bigger debacle than any OEM has with skinning thus far.
  • Yeah, it's all well and good making it a separate download, but will there be non-TouchWiz versions of future OTA updates?
  • i have a feeling it will be part of any OS updates in the future, so unless you never want to recieve those feature giving OS updates, ur going to have touchwiz on there at some point. But it shouldnt worry you that much. 5 minutes after the update, the patch to put it back to stock look will be on XDA. :) But give it a chance, who knows, it might be really good.
  • Even if it is a mandatory update, I imagine that the fact that it comes without it at first will make it that much easier for xda to keep it off if that's what you want. Still, looks worth a look.
  • Assuming its optional, this is yet another PLUS the Samsung is doing here. BUT.. Still NO MicroSD...
  • Yeah the micro sd card thing was never going to be added since by the time the tablet was anouncedbthe design was already set and the assembly line configured. The engineers have since been assigned new projects. Why people think this Retro active redesign was possible is beyond me.
  • I will definitely upgrade to TouchWiz for my 10.1 when it comes out. I like it better then stock Android on my Galaxy S, and I think it adds a lot of value with Samsung's own apps, which I do use often. Their AllShare app alone makes the download worth it, not to mention their built in task manager which a lot of other manufacturers seemed reluctant to include.
  • FIRST OF ALL THIS GETS CAPS! STOP WITH THE DROP DOWN ADS! Second we need to get away from these skins over android. Stock honeycomb is awesome! I want this device. I think its the best one coming. I was not going to root it. but i will if touchwiz comes mandatory over the air.
  • Plus one. These drop down ads are often impossible to clear on a small screen. And we're all about small screens here
  • Make it optional! Wouldn't it be nice if device makers let you choose between vanilla and their customizations? When Samsung gets a new version of Android, they probably have a set of mandatory changes that they need to make just to ensure that the os can communicate with the hardware and a set of non essential customizations like TouchWiz. If they keep them separate, just merging the necessary core changes into the TouchWiz version as necessary, they could let us use the minimally customized version. They could get newer versions of Android out to their users faster and everyone wins. Sure, if you install one version of the OS and then decide to switch to the other one, you may have to start from scratch, but that is a small price to pay considering the benefits of keeping the OS current.
  • My concern is that if you choose to not upgrade to TouchWiz will they have two paths for newer Android versions? So for instance will they have Ice Cream with and without TouchWiz? And Jellybean? And so forth? Or to get the latest version will I be stuck with TouchWiz?
  • This is how all android devices should've been sold. Initially with the stock android UI and have the manufacturer's skin/UI as an optional download, that is, if this is an optional download from samsung.
  • If their UI overlay really is sooooo awesome, I will want to have it installed. If, for some reason, it is mndatory, all that says to me is they don't believe people will voluntarily keep it on the device. I hope they distribute this thing as an optional add-on. They can even say, "Samsung recommends this for an optimal Galaxy Tab experience." (or whatever). Just let ME decide if I want to fundamentally change the user experience, that's all.
  • I am very happy with the stock Honeycomb on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 right now. I think it's OK for Samsung to offer TouchWiz as an option for their customers, but not a mandatory upgrade. And the upgrade should be fully removable if you want to step back to stock. Maybe they can even offer TouchWiz simply in the Android Market (with a restriction that it only applies to Samsung devices). Personally, I think Google is headed in the right direction with the UI right now, and I want to maintain the momentum. Manufacturer's should delay most of their customizations until users become familiar with new layout. Otherwise, it will be confusing to new adopters who will be confused when faced with a variety of interfaces all claiming to be 'Android'.
  • Of course I will check it out. You never know if you like it until you try both: stock launcher and touchwiz UI.
  • All manufactures should do this. I remember with the EVO when it 1st came out you were able to "disable" Sense. Don't see why it is such a huge problem to allow the person that buys your product to make the decision on if they want to run a vanilla or skinned version of the OS.
  • You were never able to disable sense, you were just allowed to use the vanilla launcher... not any different from being able to use launcher pro or another replacement home app.
  • l2grammar noob. You are incorrectly using the phrase "begs the question."
  • Alone, I like Android. But with Samsung I love Android.
  • I would only buy this with TouchWiz.
    Vanilla HC is horrendous!
  • Now I will buy it Touch wiz is a POS its the only reason that I was hesitant to buy it.