Toucan's Smart Wireless Security Camera and LED light bulb set drops to a new low price

Toucan's Wireless Outdoor Smart Security Cameras are some of the most unique out there with quite an interesting way of integrating into your life at home, while still being nearly hassle-free when it comes to installation. Right now, you can save up to 30% on either the single Toucan Wireless Outdoor Smart Security Camera or a two-pack thanks to a price drop at Amazon and a clippable coupon that scores you an extra $10 off the cost. With the opportunity of snagging the single camera for $69.95 or the two-pack for $139.95, today's deal marks the best discounts to reach these cameras on Amazon so far.

With today's purchase, you can even score this Smart LED Wall Sconce Light for free when you add it to your cart separately.

Each Toucan Smart Security Camera comes with an LED dusk-to-dawn bulb as well as a Toucan smart socket. The cameras are powered up solely by an exisiting light fixture you have at home, such as a porch light, so there's no hardwiring required and no batteries to continually replace.

Toucan's Smart Wireless Security Cameras come with a dusk-to-dawn bulb that turns on automatically when night falls. You can score a single set or a two-pack as low as $70 today using the on-page coupon at Amazon.

Setting up is easy. You simply screw the Toucan smart socket into your outdoor light fixture first, then you can screw the included dusk-to-dawn bulb into it. There's a USB port on the smart socket where you plug in the security camera. It sits just below the light fixture while using the USB port to stay powered on; as such, turning the light fixture off would cut power to the camera so you'll want to keep that in mind. The light bulb turns on automatically at night with its dusk-to-dawn sensor, and off automatically during the day, so you don't need to worry about powering it on and off yourself. It can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well.

The security camera is compatible with the free Kuna App so you can watch its live video feed from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet. You'll even be able to hear and speak with visitors, record and save video, and receive motion alerts straight to your phone. It has a 120-degree field-of-view and comes with a one-year warranty.

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