HTC Sensation Accessories

Upon getting your HTC Sensation you might wonder what additional accessories may be beneficial for you and your device. What style case? Replacement or extended battery? Car charger or wall charger?  These are all pretty common questions, and we're here to help you make those decisions on accessories for the HTC Sensation a breeze.

Before we begin, let's look at the top four best selling HTC Sensation accessories:

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Our top accessories for the HTC Sensation

With so many choices of accessories to choose from, you may be wanting to know what are the most popular, longest lasting or most reliable accessories for the HTC Sensation. Those of us here at Android Central as well as our loyal shoppers have chosen the most popular accessories for the HTC Sensation. Whether it's a hard case for outdoor user, a dual-port car charger for the avid traveler or even extended batteries for those who just can't get enough juice out of the stock battery-- it's all here at Android Central. And without any further delay, let's get started shall we?

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Best HTC Sensation cases

Mobi Products Crystal Case
Mobi Products
Crystal Case

Seidio ACTIVE Case
Incipio NGP SoftShell Case
Incipio NGP
Skin Case

Every user is different in terms of what level of protection is needed for their HTC Sensation.  For instance, the active user who is always outdoors may find the dual-layer protection of the Seidio ACTIVE Case to be a great choice against drops.  The Mobi Crystal Case also offers solid protection with it's hard plastic molding while providing a completely transparent look allowing the original design of the HTC Sensation to shine through.

The more casual Sensation owner may opt for a simple skin case such as the Incipio NGP Skin.  These skin cases are perfectly molded to the shape of the HTC Sensation, leaving the the screen exposed for full functionality and features cut-outs for all of the Sensation's features.  While these skin cases may not offer the same level of protection as hard cases, they do still absorb a significant amount of shock when the device is dropped.

Best HTC Sensation Chargers

Mobi Cradle w/ Battery Slot
Mobi Cradle w/
Battery Slot

HTC Dual Car Charger
Dual Car Charger
HTC Wall Charger
HTC Wall Charger

Let's face it-- if your HTC Sensation isn't lasting through the entire day then there's only one way to solve the problem. When it comes to the basics, you'll definitely need a wall and car charger to ensure you're charged up at all times. The HTC Dual Car Charger is great while traveling in your vehicle because you can charge two devices at the same time off of the one car adapter.  For other occasions you might find that having a couple extra HTC Wall Chargers around may save you in a desperate situation.

The Mobi Cradle is an awesome addition to any HTC Sensation owners accessory arsenal.  You can set this cradle on your nightstand at home or your desk at the office and charge your HTC Sensation while charging a spare battery at the same time.

Best HTC Sensation batteries

HTC Standard Battery
HTC 1560mAh
Standard Battery

Seidio Extended Battery
Seidio 1750mAh
Extended Battery

Ventev PowerCell
Ventev PowerCell
Backup Battery

No matter which way you look at it, battery life is the most important factor when owning a smartphone.  Many people opt to carry around more than one at a time in case they don't have access to a charger.  The standard HTC 1560mAh battery is the same size as the stock cell that comes with your HTC Sensation.  It's a perfect replacement to carry with you. 

The Seidio 1750mAh Extended Battery offers an extra boost in battery life but still features the same form factor as the original HTC battery.  No extra battery doors, just pop it right in and you get the extra battery life you need to get through your day.

For emergency situations you can't go wrong having a backup battery for your HTC Sensation.  The Ventev PowerCell has a capacity of 1700mAh and is great to use when on weekend getaways when there's nowhere to plug in your charger. 

Best HTC Sensation car accessories

Clingo Windshield Mount
Windshield Mount

Jabra Cruiser II Bluetooth Car Kit
Jabra Cruiser II
Bluetooth Car Kit

iGrip Cigarette Lighter Mount
iGrip Cigarette
Lighter Mount

You'll be doing quite a bit of traveling with your new HTC Sensation, so why not make the trip more convenient by using a car mount or car kit for your smartphone?  The Clingo Windshield Mount is great for mounting your HTC Sensation with or without a case on.  Simply apply pressure to the mount with your device and it will hold it safely and securely through bumps and sharp turns.

A more low-profile car mount would be the iGrip Cigarette Lighter Mount.  This is simply inserted into your cigarette lighter port and then adjusted according to your preferred viewing angle.  Although this mount does not charge through the port, it's a unique mounting solution that is very popular.

The Jabra Cruiser II is a sweet addition to any vehicle.  Not only can you use this car kit as a speakerphone, but you can also use it as an FM transmitter-- managing your music and calls through your cars stereo system.

Other HTC Sensation accessories

BodyGuardz Screen Protectors
Screen Protectors

SanDisk 32GB Memory Card
SanDisk 32GB 
Micro-SD Card
eScreen Cleaner
Cleaning Solution

Let's not forget about the little things which are often overlooked.  Accessories such as BodyGuardz Screen Protectors are extremely important in keeping your screen from scratches and nicks.  Fingerprints can also become an issue over time on your HTC Sensation's display, and the eScreen Cleaning Solution is a safe and effective way to take care of any of those nasty smudges that can accumulate.

Lastly, you'll need plenty of space to save all of your movies, music and apps on your device, and cramming it all on the Sensation's internal memory can begin to bog it down.  That's where having a memory card for the HTC Sensation can expand your space and overall productivity.

Wrapping up the Roundup

This should give you a big head-start in terms of shopping for any accessories for your new HTC Sensation. You've got an idea of what's out there and what is most popular so now it's up to you to make the ultimate decision. 

Remember, we're continuously adding new products to the Android Central Store-- not only for the HTC Sensation, but for all of the latest and greatest devices that are emerging from every carrier.