The Tomzon U48A Motorcycle RC Nano mini quadcopter for kids is down to $9.99 with code R2MFRNM8 on Amazon. Without the code, the drone is going for $20, and it was selling for around $26 until a few days ago. The code brings it down to the best price we've seen and makes this a great early holiday present for any kids in your life.

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Tomzon U48A Motorcycle RC Nano mini quadcopter for kids

Launch this remote controlled motorcycle into the sky where it belongs. Has a little action pilot riding it. Has several flying modes including aerobics like 720-degree rotations and circle flying. Uses a rechargeable battery. Great for kids.

$9.99 $26.00 $16 off

With coupon: R2MFRNM8

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

This mini drone is shaped like a motorcycle so you can send the bike to its natural habitat in the sky. It's a great toy and makes the flying and other actions super simple so even kids can do it. You only need to take one action for takeoffs and landings. You can also turn right and left, fly to the side, and do demo flights that include aeroboic modes. While in demo flight, the motorcycle can do 720-degree rotations and fly in circles. Start low on the adjustable speed controls and switch up to medium or high as you get used to the drone's capabilities.

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The mini drone is designed to fly up to a certain height. The drone uses a hovering chip and other sensors, like a barometer and gyroscope, to hover precisely with a stable flight path. It caps out so it's easy to control and manipulate. All you have to do is turn it on and let it do a lot of the work. It also has built-in alarms for things like low voltage or a stuck motor. Play with it indoors or out without worrying too much about breaking or losing it.

The drone uses a rechargeable battery and comes with the mini charging cable needed to keep it juiced up. The propellers also have a safety bumper to help keep little fingers away. Children will learn to handle this one easily, and since it's so easy to recharge they can fly it themselves.

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