Control your devices anywhere with a $40 two-pack of TP-Link Smart Plugs

The TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug two-pack is now on sale at Amazon for just $39.99 (opens in new tab). Other than when it was $35 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab) on Black Friday, this looks to be the lowest price ever for these smart plugs. At just $5 above the Black Friday pricing, it's nothing to scoff at. A single one of these plugs is currently selling for $35 (opens in new tab) on its own, so this is a really smart way to save some cash.

These smart plugs come with energy monitoring, allowing you to track real-time and historical energy use.

Features include:

  • Amazon Echo voice control - Amazon Echo (opens in new tab) (sold separately) lets you control devices connected to the smart plugs just using your voice
  • Easy to use and install - Just plug a device into the Smart Plug and connect to your Wi-Fi network. No hub required
  • Scheduling - Schedule the Smart Plug to automatically power electronics on and off as needed, like setting lights to come on at dusk or turn off at sunrise
  • Remote access - control devices connected to the smart plug wherever you have internet using the free Kasa app on your smartphone
  • Away mode - turns your devices on and off at different times to give the appearance that someone is home

These plugs have a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab) with over 1,600 reviews.

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Alex Smith
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  • I have the hs100 and within 5 minutes it was up and running and connected to my echo. Unfortunately the size prohibits you from using the second plug in your outlet. Otherwise these are a steal at 20.00 apiece. I wish the switches would have a deal like this!!
  • Give me an idea of what you can connect to this.
    I wanted to connect my air conditioner to one of these but the AC only turns on when you press the ON key on the remote... Am I missing something?
  • Christmas tree lights. Lamps, etc. Anything that doesn't have a rocker switch really. For instance, it won't work with my Keurig coffee machine. You leave switch to on and let these devices control them.
  • Kids' reading lamps at bedtime?
  • They work great but the fact that they do not allow you to utilize both plugs due to size, is ridiculous. Get the TPLink minis. You can use both sockets with those.