Amazon announced an all-new lineup of Echo devices recently, and as expected we are now seeing some great deals on the original. Right now you can pick up the first-generation Amazon Echo for $79.99 at Woot. The smart speaker itself is selling for $74.99, but Woot charges an unavoidable $5 shipping fee, so it's easier to think of the item cost just being $79.99.

This is the same price we've seen refurbished versions hit in the past, but this time around you get a brand new one. Woot has both black and white versions in stock as of right now, though that will likely change during the day.

With the Amazon Echo, you can not only play your favorite tunes through the great-sounding speaker, but also control your smart home gadgets, find answers to your questions, and much more. If you've been on the edge about trying an Echo, this deal may be the one that finally pushes you over the edge and makes you try it. If you're more interested in the new Echo lineup, Amazon has some great bundles to make your purchase more affordable.

You'll get a 1-year warranty on the Echo, and Woot offers a 30-day return policy.

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