Taking advantage of Amazon's trade-in program gets the PlayStation 4 Pro back down to the deal price it was going for over Black Friday. All you have to do is trade in one of your old video games, consoles, or accessories. Amazon will give you a trade-in value for it in the form of an Amazon gift card. The value is based on the item itself, its condition, and things like that. Once your trade-in has been shipped and accepted by Amazon, you'll be able to add the PlayStation 4 Pro to your cart and see the $50 taken off automatically.

The $50 bonus promotion expires January 31.

You don't have to trade in something of equivalent value to the $400 console. Any video game, console, or accessory will do. All you have to do is make sure it meets Amazon's criteria and answer a few questions about it.

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Amazon has to receive the item before you get a trade-in value, too. So this process might take a bit. But if you can trade-in an old, but perfectly functional, $40 game controller you no longer use for a $50 discount on a brand new console, plus whatever the value you get for the controller, it's definitely worth it.

Check out Amazon's Trade-in terms and conditions, or read the FAQ at the bottom of this page for other questions you might have.

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