Sony kicks off 9 Days of Play with deals on the Gold PS4, DualShock 4 controllers, and more

June 9 marks the beginning of the PlayStation 4 "9 Days of Play," a celebration of all things PlayStation that coincides with the start of E3 and, of course, summer. Sony plans to release a whole bunch of deals on hardware and games as the campaign stretches forward, but the blog does list a few specific deals. Some of these deals will sell out over time, but the prices should be good at any retailer selling official Sony products like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and others.

Here's a break down of some of the deals available right now:

Not only is it unique because its gold, it's also being sold at a limited time price of $250, compared to $300 for normal colors. Since it was available for pre-order it has sold out at some retailers, like Amazon, but you can still find it at Best Buy, GameStop and others.

If you were looking for a normal DualShock 4 controller yesterday, you could probably find one for $44 or so. If you were looking for an odd color, like Gold or Green Camouflage, you were going to pay significantly more. With this deal all colors, even the unusual ones, are $40, and that's where the real savings are.

Amazon has sold this stereo headset at less than $80 for a long time now. It's not a deal and not worth your time. Get one for $71 from them right now if you want.

This difficult samurai fighting game was selling at $50 yesterday on Amazon.

This post-apocalyptic RPG with dinosaur robots was $55 yesterday.

This game about... you know, baseball, was selling for the full $60 yesterday.

These are the main deals Sony listed on the PlayStation blog. There will be other deals, but most of those will be visible on the PlayStation store. Many of them will only be available to PlayStation Plus members, but luckily that's also discounted by $10 during this sale!

NONE of these deals will last forever, especially the controllers. Many of these items have already sold out at some retailers. Jump on the deal you want while you can, and remember if you can't find it at Amazon you can always check Best Buy, Target, GameStop, or anyone else who sells PlayStation 4 peripherals.

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John Levite
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