Make your home efficient with this massive Philips LED bulb sale

Amazon has a variety of Philips LED Bulbs on sale. Whether you're just starting to add LED bulbs to your home, or you want to expand on a setup you already have, this sale is definitely worth checking out. It's a good idea to switch any light bulbs in your house to LED bulbs, since they use so little energy and last for so long. You'll definitely get your investment back in the form of a lower electric bill each month. They're also better for the planet than other options, so it's a win-win situation.

As one example, you could get two Philips LED 3-Way A21 Frosted Light Bulbs for $20.99. That's $4 off the usual price, which may not seem steep, but it's also the best price we've seen since early December. These three-way bulbs can produce three levels of light and fit in most screw bases. They're the perfect option to update a lamp or a couple bulbs you haven't gotten to yet.

Alternatively, to outfit your entire home with these wallet-friendly bulbs, check out this 16-pack. Today it's $29.99, making each bulb less than $2. That's an absolutely stellar deal for these frosted daylight LED bulbs. They'd also make a fantastic (and practical) housewarming gift if you don't need them for your own home. Usually this pack would cost you around $35.

Other discounts include:

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Louryn Strampe

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