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Manage your PS4 with this $15 PDP Bluetooth-Enabled Remote Control

A PS4 remote control
A PS4 remote control (Image credit: PDP)

The PlayStation 4 isn't just great for killing Paarthurnax (sorry 'bout it) or learning the latest MK11 brutalities (opens in new tab). You can also use it to stream Netflix or YouTube, play music from Spotify, and more. Take control over your console's features with this PDP Bluetooth-Enabled Remote Control (opens in new tab), which usually costs $25, on sale for $14.53 today. This deal brings it to the lowest price in its history.

This easy-to-use remote is fully compatible with most PS4 apps. There are buttons that emulate your DualShock controller (opens in new tab) options, too, so navigation is seamless. Your remote automatically enters power saving mode to preserve its batteries (opens in new tab). Simply press any button to wake it up and start using it.

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  • Great, Link to the PS4 Bluetooth remote control is actually a link for MK11. Well done.
  • Sorryyyy about that! Just updated it and the link should be working now. 🙈