The Google Clips camera is down to $212 today

The Google Clips AI-powered camera (opens in new tab) is down to $212.49 through Best Buy's eBay store with code PSPRINGTIME. It sells for $250 without the code and that's what it's going for everywhere else as well. This camera does not go on sale. Pretty sure outside of big site-wide sales like this we've never seen a deal on it.

This code comes as part of eBay's 15% off site-wide sale today. It's good for one order only, and it expires tonight at 10 p.m.

The Google Clips camera is a powerful little device meant to work autonomously from you and record everything interesting that comes within its view. You're then able to quickly discard the stuff you don't want and keep the things you do. Read more about it on Android Central.

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John Levite
J.D. Levite has been in the deals game since 2012. He has posted daily deals at Gizmodo, The Wirecutter, The Sweethome, and now for Thrifter. He was there for the first Prime Day and has braved the full force of Black Friday. If you cut him, he bleeds savings. But don't try it for real. That's a metaphor.
  • No thanks... Maybe when it hits $12 I'll be in
  • Lol same here
  • Lol, was gonna say 19.99.. But 12 sounds about right
  • I'll buy a few so the site can continue operating...if only there were more ads...
  • Are you kidding me? This thing is not even worth $10.
  • Yes🙄🙄
  • Google should talk to me before putting out products. This was a dumb product. What were they thinking. An app can do what this product does. No one was asking for this
  • I still don't know what it is and why I want it 😂😂
  • I'm still intrigued if anyone has actually paid money for one. They'll be giving them away free with the Pixel 3 soon